Things We Think We Think #258


1. It wasn’t surprising that Marco Silva elected to leave City following relegation, but it’s still saddening. He’s a manager of obvious talent, was briefly ours…and now he’s gone. We’ll all watch his career with interest, and few would be surprised if he goes a long way in management.

2. All of which made his prompt move to Watford a little odd. This isn’t a slight against Watford – though similar in stature and with a remarkable capacity for burning through managers, they’re still ran more competently than City and achieved Premier League survival with several weeks of the season remaining, something we didn’t manage at all. Swapping City for them does make a degree of sense. But was it really the best move for him? And could have he been given a more prestigious job if City hadn’t collapsed so distressingly in the final three games of the season?

3. Nonetheless, we should wish him well. Though he didn’t achieve his “miracle” of keeping City in the Premier League, his attempts were substantial and not far from successful. We appreciate the effort.

4. Which takes us onto the new managerial appointment. With no firm favourite yet, it’s fairly apparent that the bookmaking fraternity has little clue which way Ehab Allam is going to go. At the time of writing, should you be interested in free sports bets, Nigel Adkins and David Moyes are your joint 5/1 favourites. Pulses in East Yorkshire will remain studiously unquickened by this.

5. A quick note: next manager markets attract a lot of attention, but relatively little actual money. One single wager of £50 on a contender would probably cause their odds to drop rapidly and create a little burst of news. With that in mind, let’s not collectively wet our knickers if someone suddenly becomes a “red hot favourite”…

6. Let’s instead hope that Ehab Allam is properly focussing on the club in the coming months instead. In his mind-warpingly banal in-house interview last week, Ehab conceded that last summer’s clusterfuck was damaging (though naturally it wasn’t his fault). Lessons better have been learned.

7. And if only because it’s clear we’re stuck with other. Ehab’s inability to sell the club in 2016 has left him with a debt-ridden Championship club that few prospective purchasers covet, and it was clear in his comments last week that the club is effectively no longer up for sale. So we have the unhappy situation that owners who are widely and rightly scorned for their dismal comments and conduct cannot sell a club they’re incapable of running properly, when enlightened and positive new owners are the one thing we crave most.

8. It all makes 2017/18 look like a challenging season. Quite a few players who performed admirably in ultimate failure aren’t long for this parish either – Maguire obviously merits more than second tier football, while the rich promise of Robertson, Clucas and Tymon are attracting suitors (and the clunkingly inept way the latter is being dealt with hasn’t helped). Loanees are returning to parent clubs, while Grosicki presumably didn’t come to England to play outside of the top flight. Whoever takes over as the manager will have extensive surgery to perform.

9. Part of us wants to wish Huddersfield well in this afternoon’s Championship play-off final, because their fans were solidly behind us when West Yorkshire Police were acting like a bunch of toytown fascists a few years. However, two more Yorkshire derbies next season wouldn’t hurt, and Reading away is hardly the most appetising fixture.

10. We have a soft spot for the League Cup, with its potential for ground-ticks and shock results – it’s even been kind to us in recent seasons, with a quarter-final and then a semi-final. However, it’s not always the most popular or grand competition – so renaming it the “Carabao Cup” is hardly a step in the right direction…

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  1. John from Brid
    John from Brid says:

    Re 10: it will surely be called the Crappo cup by one and all unless their team wins it.
    As for next season I am going to look at things from a different perspective, no not trusting the owners to get things right, from a different stand thanks to the owners great business acumen.

  2. Michael Coates
    Michael Coates says:

    Enjoyed TWTWT this season as usual spot on, so Ehaw & Pops will have a hard job acting fast & appointing a good Manager/ head coach ( will someone explain the difference please or is it just ££££).
    They need someone in well before the season starts to sort out out team of whose staying & going.
    So far none of the names stand out yet!
    But unfortunately I still cannot see Ehaw connecting with us the supporters.

  3. JohnK
    JohnK says:

    I am as baffled by Marco’s choice of Watford as I am by City’s performance in the last 3 games of the season. When it mattered most we shipped 13 goals, scored 1 and undid pretty much all the great work in the previous 16 games. I am in agreement with Les who said on last week’s podcast that having been shown the light of survival we were then brought down to earth with a bang against Sunderland, Palace and while it didn’t matter, Spurs. Meanwhile Paul Clement galvanised his team to finish the final games of the season with a win rate that was Champions League place form. Astonishing and perhaps even shameful.
    The list of managerial candidates inspires as much excitement as a wet week in Cleethorpes and it is my hope that there is more thought given than just choosing what looks like the obvious. I would much prefer the selection of a Jaap Stam or David Wagner type than a Nigel Adkins or David Moyes. As I write this Huddersfield and Reading are playing out the final, and there probably weren’t that many more unfancied teams for a promotion this this season.

  4. Gina
    Gina says:

    If the Reading v Huddersfield Play Off Final today is any indication to the standard in the Championship then we have little to worry about. As for Silva, he buckled when it mattered and he and his coaching staff had cleared their desks before the divots had been put back after our embarrassing record home defeat v Spurs. Not a good response Marco, we deserved an explanation at least.
    He went down in my estimations after that and perhaps he wasn’t that magical at all ?
    I don’t like the haste that some posters are showing in rubbishing our chances for next season either. Obviously some players are going to leave and if they don’t want to play for us then cheerio. Harry will be a loss but remember that only 12 months ago he wasn’t even considered good enough to be in our first eleven. As for the rest rumoured to be leaving ? No loss at all as long as Big Tom isn’t one of them. Look at the ‘talent’ on show in the showcase Final today from two of the beast teams in the Championship and then those amongst you who question Huddlestones worth go and give your head a shake. Tom has more natural talent and vision in his big toe then both of todays teams put together and he plays for us.
    I have ever faith that we will attract a quality manager and along with the appointment will come some team strengthening that will see us be a force again in the Championship next season.
    This is not the time to be throwing the towel in, like Marco, but a time to show some faith, some loyalty, and get behind the club for next season. UTT!

  5. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    The Hull Daily Fail are merely replicating the bookies list. Lazy journalism as usual.
    I’d rather have Terry Dolan than Moyes or Paul Lambert. Can anyone understand a word the latter utters?

  6. sambo
    sambo says:

    Marco Silva was a completely unexpected appointment so I’m actually quite curious to see who we end up with. If City are still looking a bit further afield maybe it won’t just be one of the usuals? I always wondered if someone recommended Silva to the club and they contacted him first or whether he got in touch off his own bat.

  7. sambo
    sambo says:

    To be fair, with hindsight, one of our most important and effective managerial appointments was Nigel Pearson and he’s not exactly exotic.

  8. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    Please NOT Ostrichhead!
    The most dour manager ever! He made Dolan look positively charismatic.
    How many 0v0’s?
    Going from the dross on the bookies list, which comprises many Scottish AA members, none of them please.
    Phil Brown please or Kevin Keegan.

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