Things We Think We Think #257


1. What a truly vile, humiliating end to the season. Nobody doubts that Tottenham Hotspur are a fine side, but the way Hull City, a team of professionals supposedly to the end, rolled over and surrendered was utterly unforgivable. It was hard to not be furious with everyone who took part in that sorry, repulsive, cringeworthy shitshow in the immediate aftermath.

2. Upon reflection though…poor David Marshall. Inevitably there will be those who will allot him a large portion of blame for City’s record home defeat, but actually he had a decent enough game and can’t be held responsible for the supine attitude of those in front on him.

3. Hopefully Josh Tymon can put Saturday afternoon behind him. The young lad was given a torrid time against the Premier League’s most potent attack and such a day could have a deleterious mental impact. He is likely to have a large role to play in the Championship.

4. But the picture is always bigger, and that leads us to our foul ownership, a family that has managed to take a successful, admirable, happy football club with a united support and transmogrify it into a murky, immoral, cruel, squalid, estranged and risible outfit that gives no hoots at all to anything except its own ego. People are trampled on, politics rule, strategies are fallacious, communities forgotten or ignored, and at the very top, we have a man of narcissism and incompetence, a cocktail that is hugely dangerous as far as the well-being of the club and those who work for it or invest their feelings in it are concerned.

5. If City can start pre-season with a threadbare senior squad after a promotion, what’s going to happen after relegation and the likely loss of the entire coaching staff? There is  deep sense of foreboding about the summer ahead.

6. Consequently, the removal of the Allam family remains the most important thing on the Tiger Nation’s agenda. However, despite near-universal disapproval of them and their contemptible methods, the appetite for a sustained campaign against them isn’t easy to detect. At present, we feel a weary and disillusioned set of supporters – not beaten, because we will never be beaten by their ilk, but in need of a serious summer re-energising.

7. To accomplish that will require proper organisation. All ideas are welcome…

8. Marco Silva remains the favourite for the vacant Watford job. However, if their owners (and others) were watching City’s last three games, might he now find a return to the Premier League as easy as it’d have seemed just three weeks ago? We wonder.

9. Before we finish, we ought to make room to wish well a proper professional and a fine servant to Hull City on the announcement of his retirement from football this week. Richard Garcia was an underrated player during his five seasons with City – sometimes devastating down the right flank, scorer and provider of important and great goals during the 2007/08 promotion campaign and a hardy contributor during more difficult and less glorified times afterwards. Hopefully he’ll find cause to fly over for the Wembley Day tenth anniversary celebrations (which we suspect the club won’t acknowledge, as they don’t like history) next year.

10. Bradford cocked it up over the weekend, but next season will be a season filled with Yorkshireness – both Sheffield clubs (with the blue half no doubt clogging the M18 with their six billion fans), Leeds, Barnsley and possibly Huddersfield, depending on the outcome of the play-off final. We’ve got some great days out ahead in 2017/18, and they will remain great days out irrespective of who owns, coaches or plays for our club. A club is and should always be defined by its supporters, and we’ve got supporters who make us immensely proud. Times may be volatile and uncertain right now, but come August, we’ll be ready to do it again, because that’s who we are and what we do. It’s in the blood, isn’t it?

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  1. Bosco
    Bosco says:

    A woeful and shameful performance on Sunday, The last three games won’t have done Marco’s reputation much good. The standard of defending was unbelievable, particularly given we still had good players out there.

    I’ve been feeling down since the Sunderland game. Silva has been papering over the cracks and previous results had merely given unjustified hope (…which as we all know…kills you).

    Silva will be off on Wednesday and then melt down, or not…

    Look forward to the Podcast tonight and to staying positive for next year, worse things happen at sea…

  2. Brian Darvell
    Brian Darvell says:

    Where is the hope for next season to be found certainly not with the Allams,who once again seem to want to help revive ‘new labour’ yet again so he can influence politics.Why don’t they just go! The payment from the PL this year will be over £100 million but how much of this will find its way into re-investment in players so we don’t find ourselves in the same predicament as the start of last season.These questions will be at the forefront of everyone’s mind and answers are needed but I’m afraid none of these will be given by the owners who stated last week that more communication is needed with the supporters! It’s Unbeleivable Jeff.

  3. Chunder Monkey
    Chunder Monkey says:

    Re: 6&7, I think the appetite could be there next season, and that a drop in crowds will make it easier for anti Allam protests to be heard.

    However, how many owners in recent years have sold up due to fan pressure? Ashley didn’t, the Glazers haven’t. The Oystons continue to poison Blackpool. Charlton’s owner hasn’t bowed to the fans wishes, and all have been the subjects of more aggressive, higher profile protest than the Allams have faced.

    My point is, City are basically being used as a nice little earner; a means to extract money and reduce tax payments. The Allams couldn’t give a fuck about what the fans think, so they only way they’re going to sell the club is if they can’t make money out of it. A boycott is the only sensible way forward that is likely to achieve any real results.

  4. Ambertigerfan
    Ambertigerfan says:

    Sunderland onwards was a sickening end to the season.

    What happened to the team that bested Man Utd, Liverpool and Watford (with 10 men)?

    It’s baffling. “They bottled it” is the only explanation I’ve heard. That is surely an over simplified generalization; there has to be more to it.

  5. John from Brid
    John from Brid says:

    Expected a thumping by Spurs, surprised they didn’t get to double figures.Looked like zonal marking again in defence, Silva has at least broken some record in his short time here, 7-1 has there ever been a bigger defeat ( I am sure some anorak will know ) and his home record destroyed not once but twice, agree with the comment about his future prospects and Watford use managers like toilet paper so he should think long and hard about that one. Now looking forward to next season and whatever shenanigans the owners get up to, it’s entertainment but very brutal at times, COMEONUUULLLL!!

  6. Keysersoze_69
    Keysersoze_69 says:

    Chunder Monkey is spot on. The only way to drive out the Allams is to hit them where it hurts the most…in their pocket.

    The statement on point 10 is the crux of the problem: ‘Times may be volatile and uncertain right now, but come August, we’ll be ready to do it again, because that’s who we are and what we do. It’s in the blood, isn’t it?’ The problem is they know this and therefore know they can do what they like and people will keep paying their membership fee/ticket price and come back for more.

    Not a penny more has to be adopted by Hull City fans. Starve them of income, which is a much bigger percentage of turnover in the Championship. That means tough decisions and short term pain for the City fan base who are prepared to do this, but long term it would get it’s rewards.

    Every time you pay money into the Club, regardless of it being membership, tickets, merchandise or food/drink in the Stadium you are feeding the beast and giving them no incentive to sell. Starve the beast of what it craves the most (money) and see what happens then. Short term pain, for long term gain!

  7. Officer Crabtree
    Officer Crabtree says:

    “A boycott is the only sensible way forward that is likely to achieve any real results.”

    This has been my philosophy for some time now. The Allams don’t care about protesting. If they did they’d be gone now. They don’t like losing money and they don’t like being humiliated. A boycott would do that. Crowds of 2,000 in the Championship would do that.

    However, at the same time no one should feel as if they shouldn’t be able to support their team in person. And if it were to work it would need a concerted effort that would include those who aren’t really bothered about much off the pitch as long as they’ve got some football to watch every other afternoon. So, all in all, nothing’s really going to work.

  8. TigerPhil
    TigerPhil says:

    I think the announced accounts last week show up everything you need to know…

    Last accounts £15M LOSS

    These accounts £29M PROFIT

    Including with that:
    £6M in ‘dividends’
    £17M in ‘loan repayments’

    So when you look at it that’s, essentially, a £67M profit!!

    There is no way we can hit them in the pocket. £45M in parachute payments this season.
    A reduced wage bill to around £15-20M They are laughing all the way to the Grand Cayman bank….

    I agree the only way we can do anything is massive protests and try and hit them in the pocket.. but that will be tough….

  9. Skippy
    Skippy says:

    #9 Richard Garcia. Will remember him for two things in particular – scoring City’s first ever Premier League away goal, and a superb diving-header away at West Ham (his former club) that was wrongly chalked off for offside.

  10. Bosco
    Bosco says:

    It would be good to understand what percentage the ticket receipts are as part of the revenue for City, particularly going forward in the Championship.

    If ticket sales are a minimal percentage, I think embarrassing them in the media is the best policy, via the billboards, posters, the press coverage, etc.

    It is difficult to understand the Allam’s business logic as the time to sell was last summer and will be again next summer, if promoted. Assuming they ever wanted to sell, you have to hope they will do right by City, appoint a good successor to Marco and back him….and then sell next year, then pigs fly….

  11. Chunder Monkey
    Chunder Monkey says:

    I agree it won’t happen Crabbers. It’s just a real shame that many can’t, or won’t, see the bigger picture and suffer, as Mr Soze rightly points out, what would hopefully only be short-term personal inconvenience for a long-term greater good.

  12. WSM
    WSM says:

    Looks like I’m the only one, but I didn’t think we played so very badly. I’ve seen us play much the same this season and win. Spurs were unstoppable.

    I agree that local negative publicity is the best route to getting rid of the Allams, plus a pre-agreed schedule (say every fifth home game) for boycotts. I’d contribute to a pot for billboards etc.. Protests in the stadium divide the fans.

    As bad as the result for me was being surrounded in UPP10 by non-City supporters. I know the West Stand is not popular here anyway, but I’ve never known anything like it. There were three of us. The four guys immediately in front of us were Spurs supporters (discrete, but Spurs); the same with the guy on our left; the guys behind us were Liverpool supporters hoping to see us win but they spent most of the game talking loudly about the other PL scorelines; and there must have been half a dozen young kids (with adults I presume) in the immediate vicinity wearing Spurs shirts and cheering whenever they scored. What a state of affairs. I guess it’s what happens when you can’t sell 22,000 seats to your own supporters.

    I like the Championship. You can aspire to winning it, not just surviving.

    But having said all of this, if Marco Silva stays then we will go straight back up. I say this for two reasons. First, he’s as good a manager as you can ever expect in that league. Second, he will only even consider staying if he gets commitment to the right level of investment.

  13. Blackadder
    Blackadder says:

    Ticket sales are peanuts these days unless a club can pack in 50-60-70 thousand like the big clubs do, the brutal truth is that Ehaw doesn’t care if there are 23,800 fans attending or 2,380. He has raked in PL money from promotion and relegation, his cynical pocketing of parachute money has called for a reevaluation of how it can be used, preferably on players and not the Allam bank account! Staying away or attending and protesting will not have the slighted affect on his decisions, he’ll be around as long as there is money to be made from raping Hull City.

  14. Keysersoze_69
    Keysersoze_69 says:

    Blackadder I totally disagree. Believe me he cares. Our last accounts, which cover the 15/16 season, show we had a turnover of just short of £42m. Roughly 25% of that turnover came from ‘attendance, other match day and retail revenues.’ During that particular season we made a pre tax loss of £20.6m. This was based on an average attendance of 14,676 and obviously included a trip to Wembley and subsequent promotion which will have boosted retail revenues. The majority of adults who made up that 14,676 average attendance were paying a lot more then they will next season. Granted kids and OAPs were paying a lot less. The wage bill for 15/16 was £30m so over 71% of turnover.

    I fully expect the wage bill to be much less this time around in the Championship (based on the high player turnover we have seen this season and when the loan players leave, plus how the coaching staff have been radically reduced compared to under Bruce). Also the parachute payments are likely to be higher this time around.

    Regardless, taking over £10m income away from the Allams would hurt them. Problem is not enough are prepared to sacrifice their own needs for the greater good!

  15. Bill Baxter
    Bill Baxter says:

    I don’t know what pissed me off more yesterday, the total “couldn’t give a shit” attitude of the players on the pitch or the total “couldn’t give a shit” Allam Out protests off it!
    What happened there then?
    Not one single sign of any protests or “Allam Out” chants.
    Those who want those 2 out of the club should be just as ashamed as those players who did fuck all yesterday.
    I’m guessing by yesterday’s “non-protests” that we’ve all given in & the Allams can do as they like now?

    City can fuck off, I’m off train spotting or something.

  16. Bosco
    Bosco says:

    Bill, unfortunately apathy rules in today’s society.

    Sadly the passionate ones are largely based in the North Stand or comprise some of City’s away following. Getting even the East Stand engaged in songs is typical of this.

    It seems that folk have enough crap to deal with in every day life, to take action against malevolent owners would appear to need something close to a heinous crime, before the Tiger Nation took engaged. That said, City fans heartily contributed to the name change defeat.

    Maybe a series of boycotts would focus the minds, though given previous efforts, I don’t think the fans have the appetite for it.

    Trainspotting it is.

  17. Ross Man
    Ross Man says:

    Good luck next season nice city and really down to earth friendly people i wish you well next season.

  18. Blackadder
    Blackadder says:

    @Keysersoze_69 oh yes Ehaw cares, he showed his caring side when he scrapped concessions for children and pensioners, he showed it again when he kicked thousands out of the seats they’d held for years. All he cares about is putting money in the bank, the Allam bank, not the Hull City bank. He cares not one fucking jot about the club and its supporters.

  19. gjhdurham
    gjhdurham says:

    Tend to agree with WSM comment above, but do think team selection…and whatever tactics there were…put another question mark against Silva. Did he watch the Leicester/Spurs game? For me he went off the boil after the Portugal training stint…for whatever reason…. Away form not really at the races…Still having said that…beat Sunderland twice and we probably stay up and with an improved goal difference. Fine margins even with such a rotten close season. Ifs and buts…please don’t mention refs or WHU away….
    What happens next…..?

  20. Dr Seuss
    Dr Seuss says:

    Boycotting the matches is a serious option and is very difficult to maintain but it can be done. I did it all this season after 51 years of supporting them. I live near the KC and I was sat in the garden on that first match of the season, trying to listen to the test match on the radio and hearing cheers coming from the ground. Probably the worst 90 mins of my life. I was sat in the garden on Sunday chatting with friends and the cheers and groans were coming thick and fast. You know what? Another bad 90 mins but what is interesting is that it wasn’t as bad as that first game. Probably a bit like coming off heroin, small but sure steps to freedom. But you’ve got to want it, and, if like me, you don’t want freedom from supporting your team but don’t want to support the regime in any way, then that’s the hard choice you have to make. Until they eventually go that is. Not for one match but until they go. I won’t be back next season even though I enjoy watching us kick the arses of other yorkshire clubs. Unless the Allams go that is. As I said, hard choices but sometimes you’ve got to do what you, personally, feel is the right thing. I’m not making out that I’m “purer” than anyone else or a better fan, it’s just that I felt I couldn’t support the regime financially anymore without feeling I was colluding with it. A personal decision not a template for others. Other people who hate the Allams put supporting the team first. I found that I no longer could. That’s why I’m saying boycotting City, if it is to have an effect, has to be undertaken with the long view in sight and that may not be right for everyone’s circumstances or feelings.
    As for Garcia. What a top bloke he was, even though I remember him getting tackled by Glenn Johnson (i think) when we were playing Portsmouth with only a couple of minutes to go and they equalized and then went on to score the winner right at the end. We lost 3-2 and eventually went down with Pompey that season. Still he did come out much later and say that he didn’t agree with the name change to Hull City Tigers. I wish him all the best.

  21. Audacious Chip
    Audacious Chip says:

    Richard Garcia’s speed of thought and delicious cross set up one of the most memorable and least deserved goals in City’s history. Scored by Manucho. Yes, that one! Thanks for another season if great Amber Nectar insight. No doubt you’ll have more to report soon enough.

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