Odds on the next City manager


With Marco Silva’s departure this week, out of work managers will by vying with ambitious lower league bosses for a crack at overseeing a club that’s just left the Premier League. While offering no firm opinions, here’s how the bookmaking fraternity currently sees it:

Nigel Adkins 10/1
Leonid Slutsky 10/1
Aitor Karanka 12/1
Alex Neill 12/1
David Moyes 12/1
Nigel Pearson 12/1
Uwe Rosler 12/1
Alan Pardew 16/1
Gary Monk 16/1
Steve McClaren 16/1
Gus Poyet 16/1

No clear favourite, no thrilling new names, no-one has much of an idea (including you, Ehab).

But if for some reason none of those names fill you with excitement, take a look at the top of the page and remember that it’s been worse. A lot worse…

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  1. Jimmy Weekly
    Jimmy Weekly says:

    Just been watching the Ehab interview.

    He doesn’t think that there will be many potential buyers for the club in the Championship, but insists that they want to sell up.
    Apparently we have a ‘club playing philosophy’ that has served us well and will be retained. Who knew?
    He accepts that last summer’s transfer fiasco didn’t help us.

    This must be part of the new communication with the fans strategy. I suggest that the club gets an interviewer who is not so obviously reading out the questions.

  2. richard pearson
    richard pearson says:

    Some really frightening names here. Please can you make up a list that doesn’t ruin my weekend!

  3. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    Here’s a name Andrea Stramacionni
    currently available at 20/1.
    CV bears similarities with Marco Silva’s.
    He isn’t part of the tired old merry go round.
    So at 20/1 is worth a punt.
    Despised as Dolan is / was, at least he inspired the sensational “he’s gonna take us to the Vauxhall conference” Pulp style.

  4. gjhdurham
    gjhdurham says:

    Silva to Watford it seems… Doesn’t seem a great career move to me, but it is the PL I suppose. Be interesting to see if he can get them consistent away from home next year, as they weren’t/aren’t the most convincing travellers. Who will he poach….?
    Some rubbish on the bookies list. Pearson wouldn’t come back, Moyes looked knacked, and has no promotions on his CV, and, after Karanka’s curious goings on at Bro’, I wouldn’t want him. Who the hell is Slutsky? Need someone who can attract some decent players. Silva certainly found some interesting loanees! Who leaves will also be key… After Silva we need someone with a forward looking training/tactics approach…not a dinosaur.
    On the way home from the Spurs disaster got talking to a journo on the train, who cast an interesting new light on Steve Maclaran…bit off putting to me, but maybe not to some… Twt.

  5. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    GJH you need to do your homework and Maclaran??? He played for us for 178 games, its McClaren.
    Listen to the clues from Ehab and Andrea Stramaccioni is a decent bet at 20/1.
    Adkins – failed at Sheff Utd,
    Pearson – despised his negative football, no thank you,
    Karanka – makes Pearsons football look exciting, no chance.
    Ranieri??? Maybe.
    Monk – maybe.
    Phil Brown – still a legend in my eyes and certainly worth an interview.
    Moyes – Definitely not. His opening statement “we’ll struggle this season, expect relegation”.
    Can’t see Slutski working well with Ehab.
    So back to Andrea or Phil Brown?

  6. Steviebaby
    Steviebaby says:

    Phil Brown with Big Sam kicking Ehab in the bollocks every now and again – Dream team

  7. thefidiot
    thefidiot says:

    Andrea Stramaccioni has now gone to Sparta Prague. The trouble is, we are vying for a new manager with Boro. Who would most sensible managers be drawn to working for: Steve Gibson or Ehab Allam? :(

  8. Baby Chaos
    Baby Chaos says:

    Slutsky was forced to retire after falling out of a tree whilst rescuing a cat.

    He’s a shoe-in.

  9. geoff thomas
    geoff thomas says:

    Cant see why Silva went to Watford. Surprised at his apparent can’t do no wrong status! Apart from 6 home matches his record was’nt good! Has’nt anyone twigged Mike Phelan had a better away record than Silva, and he did’nt have the loan players. And another thing who thought the loan players he signed were the Bees Knees, from my point of view the only one I would have kept was the Italian Centre Half who I thought was class. Silva’s tactics in the last 3 matches, with his team selection, was appalling, that’s what sent us down. the Sunderland result was pathetic, C.P. shameful and the least said about the Tottenham score the better. This being the swan song from the team under no pressure, in front of a very forgiving home crowd, who did’nt have the class or desire or pride to leave the Premiership with grace. If you want to replace Silva then try to get Paul Clements he certainly showed Silva the way to manage(without half a team full of loanees)

  10. geoff thomas
    geoff thomas says:

    By the way before the vitriol pours in, I am 81 years old, first started watching Hull City in 1947 as an 11year old, saw all the City greats, not so greats, the poor and the downright ordinary. Watched Raich Carter, Viggo Jensen, Don Revie through to Waggy Chris Chilton and beyond so I believe I have earned the right to air my views

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