“it is not the policy of the Club to not use Hull City”


Hull City held its awards ceremony last night, and our congratulations to those who received recognition for their efforts throughout 2016/17: Brandon Fleming, Josh Tymon, Sam Clucas and Harry Maguire, the latter picking up a pair of awards each. Congratulations to all.

But what’s this on the trophies themselves?

HullCityTigersawardsIt’s “Hull City Tigers”!

Which is very strange, because a fans’ committee was told, with a straight face last week, there “it is not the policy of the Club to not use Hull City”.

It’s tempting to get angry at the club, yet again, for their gratuitously awful conduct. However on this occasion, it seems more appropriate to feel sympathy for players who’ve worked hard this season and seen their efforts rewarded, only to be have it devalued by trophies bearing the name of a non-existant club designed purely to wind up the people who cheer for them every week.

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  1. Josh
    Josh says:

    Why do we need to focus on the negative all the time. Last night I spoke with a number of players at these awards. To a man they are focused on the job of winning our last matches.

    The awards are a celebration of players achievements throughout the season. And, oh yes, an excuse for every woman (and a lot of guys) to get a selfie with Marco Silva.

    it was a great night watching our Herod being rewarded. Let it be what it was.

  2. Brian Darvell
    Brian Darvell says:

    This is typical Allam double-speak and not even correct,grammatically speaking.The blame lies with the Premier League who are toothless Tigers when it comes to decision making when in fact they should be ripping the Allams a new orifice for their deliberate non-compliance of the rules.It will be a long hot summer( metaphorically speaking).

  3. Dave
    Dave says:

    Don’t worry about it for now, main thing is the game on Sunday. Lets relegate Palace.

  4. Rob
    Rob says:

    Yes the Allams have a lot to answer for but they have only used the clubs name and its nickname, for a start its underneath Hull City just what is wrong with that, the way you show it in the article is not as it is on the award.

  5. Ben
    Ben says:

    Totally agree with Dave/Rob. None of this is important at the minute – the name change hasn’t happened they are just using the official name and the official nickname. I really don’t see what the big deal is?

  6. rachael downing
    rachael downing says:

    Although I agree Sundays match is top priority at the minute..i do feel as though if the allams can get away with there little digs they will. Its our club we shall and can do as we please..the club needs to be a unity and once again they are trying to divide fans..do I honestly think they put it on the trophies for people to notice and argue over yes I do because there desperate need to be in the spotlight will never cease

  7. Bill Baxter
    Bill Baxter says:

    If they were using the official nickname it would say Hull City “The Tigers”, not Hull City Tigers.
    Stop being so fucking naive.

  8. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    Good point Bill Baxter.
    Just a subtle yet huge difference.
    1. Why isn’t there a beam back to the KCom on Sunday?
    Given that changing this fixture to 12noon on a Sunday has ruled this out for many loyal fans.
    2. Adult away tickets capped at £30 (still too much in my opinion) but kids tickets £20 @ Palace!! Clubs have compensated for the reduction in adult tickets by increasing kids tickets for away fans. Yet everyone seems oblivious to this!
    3. Could both Newcastle and West Ham be docked points IF found guilty of financial irregularities?
    4. Shouldn’t Amber Nectar received a richly deserved award for best Hull City fans forum? :)
    #UTT #KeepTheFaith #InMarcoWeTrust

  9. Rob
    Rob says:

    Ok Bill but you are splitting hairs there if you want it to be absolutely correct it should read Hull City AFC with The Tigers underneath,
    but just look at the size of ther trophy there isn’t enough space to put the full titles on and make it look reasonable, but i don’t want to get into an arguement about it, so lets leave it there. There are far more worrying things going on at the club i.e. can we pull a rabbit out of the hat and escape what now seems to be near enough certain relegation.

  10. Matt
    Matt says:

    I’m stunned that given the Allams’ record over this, there are some people who actually think the way ‘Hull City Tigers’ looks on the awards might be accidental.

  11. Baby Chaos
    Baby Chaos says:

    It’s his club, he can do what he wants.

    Without him we’d be in League 8.

  12. Snaggletooth
    Snaggletooth says:

    Regarding the first poster’s comment about “our Herod being rewarded”, I assume that this refers to our lord & master who will be getting rid of every first team son just after Christmas?

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