PODCAST: TWTWT Podcast 142

Good heavens, an entire podcast about winning a game! But it was stylish, eventful, pivotal, wonderful… anyway, before we sound too much more like Supertramp, click on the link above and enjoy it as we did.

May also include a healthy mention of Kevin Ellison.

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  1. Michael Lamb
    Michael Lamb says:

    “IF” we escape the drop and the Great Escape is already in place, could this be the Greater Escape?

  2. Chunder Monkey
    Chunder Monkey says:

    Matt, that bit about Moses and Elmo was total bollocks. They were in no way suited to play with each other – not a natural pairing at all! Odubajo was much better when he had Snodgrass infront of him on the right wing, as he cut inside to give him room to overlap. Elmo just kept getting in this way, which is why they used to argue on the pitch regularly.

  3. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    Unrelated to the podcast but relevant to Hull City:
    Newcastle and West Ham with their fine upstanding Chairmen, raided by HMRC!
    If both are found guilty of transfer irregularities, what punishment could they face? 10 points deduction?
    West Ham relegated?
    Newcastle not promoted?

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