Happy “No to Hull Tigers” Day


Three years ago today, the Football Association saw fit to rubber stamp the decision of their Membership Committee and reject Hull City AFC’s preposterous idea of changing their name to “Hull Tigers”.

The Allam family were to try again with the idea that would have surely destroyed the club, with an identical lack of success – however, it was on 9th April 2014 that the first formal rejection came.

It already feels as though it’s fading into history, with the abolition of concessions and closure of a stand more recent acts of spite. However, the name change was the first serious rupture with the owners and its repercussions continue to this date, both at City and in the game more widely.

It also represents a colossal and inspiring victory that City fans should forever be proud of.

A very Happy No to Hull Tigers Day!

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  1. Bevtiger
    Bevtiger says:

    Don’t you know when to let sleeping dogs lie?
    Get behind the team and manager, or are you frightened that you become insignificant?

  2. Matt
    Matt says:

    Bevtiger, don’t you know the difference between supporting a team and manager, and not supporting a malevolent, bitter, dishonest, spiteful owner?

    You don’t?


  3. Pat M
    Pat M says:

    Bevtiger, since when has the name change been a ‘ sleeping Dog ‘ ? It’s wrong , unfair and against FA rules. We support the team and manager NOT the owners. They have let us all down …the ‘insignificant comment’ you make is just rude and unjust but is typical of our owners and their very few supporters which obviously include you !!

  4. Bevtiger
    Bevtiger says:

    Matt and Pat
    Clearly the name change issue is old news, unless you know otherwise?
    Therefore, it’s time to move on and get behind Marco Silva and his team, as the fans inside the stadium have done for the last few games because there’s been more excitement on the pitch than off it at last.
    Pouring salt on old wounds has never done any good.
    Stay in the past if you want but I’m behind the team and their amazing efforts to stay up – the rest is irrelevant.

  5. Matt
    Matt says:

    Yes, because hating the owners and supporting the manager and the team are incompatible, aren’t they Bevtiger? That’s twice you’ve skated over that somewhat moot point now.

    Ah, that word ‘irrelevant’ – only someone hugely lacking in self-awareness would use it in a thread like this…

  6. Baby Chaos
    Baby Chaos says:

    Yes Bev Tiger, it’s his money and he can do what he wants.

    Get to fuck, you fucking fuck.

  7. Ambertigerfan
    Ambertigerfan says:

    Bevtiger: the subtle point of separating “…team and manager” from “owners”is clearly beyond your limited view in your Allam sycophantic tinted glasses.

    Some of us value the heritage that is Hull City AFC, you clearly don’t. Defeating despotism should always be celebrated.

  8. Pat M
    Pat M says:

    Bevtiger, just because, as you put it, it’s old news, does not make it any less important or relevant. The name change, membership scheme, lies, false promises and everything else, according to you give it a while and we can forget them !! As some one who has followed City home and away since the mid 70’s I have got behind the team, it’a shame the owners don’t. I echo Ambertigerfan’s comments – take your rose coloured specs off, get into the real world and see life as a true City supporter, as it really is…

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