Things We Think We Think #246


1. Given our Premier League form against Burnley at home, perhaps we should just be happy that we didn’t lose on Saturday, but still a draw felt like a disappointment. Losses for Sunderland, Middlesbrough, Swansea and Bournemouth meant that a point, though useful, represented an opportunity missed against a side whose away form is stinkier than a fishmonger’s apron.

2. It could be down to enforced changes, as three players who featured at Arsenal (Lazar Marković, Evandro and Sam Clucas) were unavailable on Saturday, but this was the first time that Marco Silva’s Tigers looked unfocused and lacking in purpose. Silva himself put it down to nerves, though it’s odd that City can play at Old Trafford and the Emirates with Vince McMahon-ian swagger and then seem psychologically undone by Sean Dyche’s Clarets.

3. Dieumerci Mbokani has waited a while for a chance to show Marco Silva what he can do, and frankly he blew it. Impressive when played as a lone frontman by Mike Phelan, the Congolese striker was unavailable when Silva arrived, called up for international duty at the Africa Cup of Nations. Against Burnley though, he gave the Portuguese head coach no reason to consider him for the Leicester game whatsoever, and he may find himself pencilled in with the kids and stiffs against a Sportpesa XI.

4. Shaun Maloney is another one who hasn’t had much of a look in under Silva, but he didn’t just fail to impress given a start against Burnley, he was near anonymous. Back to bench duty for him, most likely.

5. If we’re to extract positives from Burnley – and it’s hard, given the game’s remarkably uneventful nature – it’s that City rarely looking like losing. The visitors did flay a few shots wide, but concerted pressure on the City goal materialised infrequently. Given our ability to haemorrhage both goals and points in the 2016 bit of the 2016/17 season, that’s a plus point. Even if, two days on, it still doesn’t quite feel like it.

6. Leicester, then. They’ve been in the news lately after sacking the man who created a miracle for following it up with the expected. Since undertaking the sporting equivalent of butchering Bambi and violently dismembering its cervine remains, they’ve slipped into the bottom three, a position the horrified world probably hopes they remain in. They’re next for City, and it’s a game we cannot afford to lose.

7. That’s assuming they lose tonight, while we’re recording the Amber Nectar podcast (which we’re sure you’ll be watching instead of the football itself). It’d be handy – if they start their next home game in the relegation zone having just committed heroicide, it’ll be a febrile atmosphere at the King Power stadium. One that City can hopefully capitalise upon.

8. We’ve noticed that the Hull City twitter account, while still resolutely declining to use the club’s name as per the instructions of the owner’s dismal offspring, has become a little more interactive of late. We congratulate them on this and for finally realising that the owner’s view of City fans as “militant hooligans” is slanderous rubbish – however, our query about the restoration of concessions next season went ominously unanswered. It’s getting close to the point at which clubs begin to annouce their pricing for the following campaign, and you’d have to be an idiot of unfathomable proportions to look at the membership scheme and conclude anything other than that it’s been an act of colossal, avoidable self-harm. So why aren’t the club eagerly promising to ditch it and end the ludicrous practice of punishing seniors, the disabled and the next generation? Unless…

9. Paul Merson has now, unbelievably, suggested that Leicester should chase Marco Silva up as their new manager. Where do you begin? In Merson’s world a few weeks back, Silva was a know-nowt foreigner who had no place taking a job that was tailor-made for the numerous out-of-work English coaches (who, at the time if you remember, included that well known English gent Thierry Henry) that deserved an opportunity at a Premier League club despite their various previous failings. Now, apparently, Silva is worthy of being headhunted by the reigning Premier League champions. Just shut your face Merson, you are clearly as thick and entirely unaware of yourself as you come across.

10. Concessions, City, will achieve more than five games for the price of four offers, and make you Premier League rules compliant.

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  1. Evie
    Evie says:

    Well written as always guys. As for Mersons comments, I still remember the burger van outside the Riverside selling Merson burgers with “Free Coke” says it all really!

  2. Michael Coates
    Michael Coates says:

    Good read again, if numbnuts Ehab still pursues his membership scheme with no consessions then I’m afraid the gates are going to plunge again whatever league we are in.
    I have been very impressed withAndrea Ranocchia performances so far.Maguire, Huddleston both had decent performances on Saturday.
    Couldn’t weigh up why “Alfred” played so deep when he looks better further up just off the striker who should have been Niasse from the start.
    BUT in my opinion 2 points dropped against Burnley.
    I’m afraid Merson is regarded as a joke, but he did forecast a 1-1 draw for this match.

  3. Jonty
    Jonty says:

    For additional Merson fun apparently he said on Saturday of West Brom ‘If you take away the top seven they’d be top’ regarding their league position. Not sure where to start with that, really!

  4. John from Brid
    John from Brid says:

    A very scrappy game to watch as basically Burnley are rubbish but they have done well being rubbish. City seemed a different team to the pre warm weather training team, perhaps it suited Rannochia but the others should have trained in conditions more like the English winter, you don’t train for Antarctica hike in the Sahara imo. Leicester hmmm! wasn’t it Hull that started them in their way to safety a couple of years ago, sure Silva has a plan COMEONUUUULLLL!

  5. JohnK
    JohnK says:

    Against Burnley Marco was never going to be able to field his strongest side, given injuries and a suspension, which is why his decision to start with Mbokani and Maloney was weird to say the least, with Niasse and Hernandez on the bench. You would have thought that given a lack of options in other positions he would have fielded what on paper would have been our most potent attacking threat.
    I hope this first sign of tinkering has taught him a lesson and he spent Saturday night kicking himself.
    Having said that, given the weakness of the starting 11, we did control the game as a whole and while it was in my view a needless 2 points to drop, in the not so distant past I think we would have dropped all 3. Still frustrating especially as the prize was 16th place and the chance to make Palace feel less good about their own win.

  6. Eastmidstiger
    Eastmidstiger says:

    Having read the post late I know that Leista (as it is said in these parts) won those “lovable” thieving toe rags, therefore they will be buzzing on sat after their “managerial change” up surge, nothing seems to be going our way this season does it. I was disappointed on Sat, may be my expectation was too high after the Silva impact, but I thought great he has had all this time with his apparently flawless planning and discipline to show what a well drilled team can produce, but although there where glimpses of well groomed practised moves we still played the ball in our own half and the middle of the field with seemingly no way to cut through on goal, a bit Bruce like. .We really needed 3 points on Sat and now with the Leista situation my survival hope optimism is now back to reality. Oh well, as the wise men say, only fools….

  7. Paul B
    Paul B says:

    I didn’t think a point against Burnley was a disaster although with Leicester winning so convincingly last night the Burnley result looks more and more like 2 points dropped. We’ll do well to pick up anything on Saturday if Leicester play like that again.

  8. gjhdurham
    gjhdurham says:

    Tend to agree with the two posts above. Was always wary of those bigging up a win v Burnley, but the injuries and suspensions were a problem…and frankly back to a team selection puzzler. Do things ever change at City? Leicester did over a feeble Liverpool…will they be so potent on Sat? Got to fear the worst after their previous great escape.
    One thing’s sure, we need to do a whole lot better than v Burnley, who could have won. Gray is misfiring, whereas Vardy seems to be hitting form. Hope Silva’s got more idea on this one. We do need to score some goals if we’re to stay up. That task looks a whole more difficult after Sat! There was a post from a West Ham fan I saw, that said he had no idea how they beat us, but thought we’d
    go down because we were just plain unlucky. I’ve posted before that I hope those 3 robbed points didn’t prove fatal at end of season, but now thinking again that it could be the case… Now I don’t expect a win at Leic, but still…COYH. It’s all to play for, but the spirit/effort/quality v Man U needs to be recaptured, as teams like Sunderland and Bro won’t just hand over the points!

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