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  1. Bosco
    Bosco says:

    Re Matt’s rant on Snodgrass, neither Snodgrass or the Allams come out of it well.

    The Allam’s should have handled a star player better, particularly with his contract, but this is one of their many shortfalls in running a business and nobody tells them how to run their business.

    Snodgrass ‘appears’ to have pushed for a move. Maybe we needed the money, as the Allam’s were not prepared to spend in the transfer market. City did pay for his salary, which they should do, but also assisted with his recuperation.

    My view is he should have stayed and played out the season and assisted with keeping us up. Silva is working hard to that goal and a proven player should have been kept.. He could have left in May, and still gone for good money.

    Hope the back is better today.

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