Things We Think We Think #240


1. An unfathomable amount has happened since we last wrote one of these, most of it in the past week. It’s hard to know where to start: Mike Phelan’s dismissal, the appointment of a largely unknown foreign coach, Cup progress and the first ever organised boycott of a City home game. If stability is one of the key ingredients of footballing success, City are sorely lacking it.

2. Let’s start with the sacking of Mike Phelan six days ago. Taken in isolation, there’s a real stench of shabbiness about it. Phelan did a job few others would have taken on, and kept the show if not quite wholly on the road, then at least mostly out of the steep ditches on either side. We’re bottom, but we’re not as hopelessly adrift as Ehab’s summer sabotage might have left us, and we’re League Cup semi-finalists.

3. It’s easy to pick holes in what Phelan did, and he was far from perfect – sometimes too negative, erratic in the deployment of personnel and tactically limited. Nonetheless, he kept our miserably thin squad together, won more games than we expected and actually had City playing some attractive football towards the end. His status as a decent and respected football man will hopefully not suffer from his experience with the Allam family, we thank him for doing his best and wish him well for the future.

4. Marco Silva then. We are supposed to believe that Ehab Allam has suddenly become massively knowledgeable about football and wanted a manager, sorry head coach, with a sports science background (which is odd, because the owners had a purge of sports science staff a few years ago, deeming them a waste of money). It has been suggested that the appointment was made on the suggestion of a party interested in buying the club, but whether that’s the case or not, it seems implausible that Ehab identified Silva as a candidate by himself.

5. Nonetheless, Silva’s CV is impressive: Near miraculous achievements with a small club (Estoril) followed by delivering the first silverware in a while to a well known club (Sporting Lisbon) and a league championship in another country (Olympiacos). He showed himself to be very articulate in his first club interview and called us Hull City several times for good measure. His appointment has breathed new life into the club, and we wish him the best of luck as a Premier League manager and in dealing with the buffoon(s) currently running the club.

6. It was quite unfortunate for Silva’s first game in charge to coincide with an organised boycott. Some opportunists claimed that boycotting the game was the action of fans who ‘don’t have the club at heart’, which is quite disingenuous. The boycott was never, ever about the club’s manager, its players or league position, but rather to highlight malcontent with the owners, something that hadn’t previously penetrated the football supporting collective consciousness on a national level. We would argue that wanting rid of the Allams is absolutely the default position of those who truly have the club at heart.

7. The attendance was 6,608. That’s essentially 10,000 down on when we faced Swansea in the League Cup last season, suggesting the boycott was a ‘success’. No one should be celebrating it as such though, that’s we’ve gotten to this point is a cause for great sadness.

8. Ehab Allam thinks ‘two or three’ signings will be enough to save Hull City’s Premier League status, so ahead of the deals being done we look forward to welcoming Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Robert Lewandowski to the Circle very soon.

9. The prospect of Robert Snodgrass leaving before the month is out is a genuine concern, even after the club activated a contract extension without attempting to negotiate a proper, long term deal. West Ham’s bid of £3m might seem insulting, but frankly City have insulted the player more by leaving it until just days before he was permitted to field free agency offers before indicating we’d maybe like to retain him. Well run clubs tie up players they want to keep a year (sometimes more) before their current deal expires, but we are not a well run club, which may encourage Snodgrass, who has been at the heart of anything and everything good that has happened this season, to take his chances elsewhere. If Snodgrass has his head turned by West Ham’s interest, then a lowball first offer puts them in a good position to get him for less than his true worth.

10. We won’t be podcasting tonight – we boycotted Swansea and we can’t therefore offer a reliable view of the game.

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  1. ChelmTiger
    ChelmTiger says:

    Shame no podcast. Thought you would have enough to talk about (Silva, no defenders, Tymon etc) and preview (FA Cup draw, League Cup, Bournemouth) without needing to go to the Swansea game

  2. Michael Coates
    Michael Coates says:

    Very good assesment, whilst reading this I’ve just seen it looks like our first January loan signing is coming from Everton.
    A player who they paid quite a bit of money for (£13.5 mill), although it’s probably “Ehaws”signing rather than our new managers.
    Due to unforeseen circumstances I am extending my boycott for the Bournemouth game.
    After reading an “accountants” view of Hull City circumstances on Twitter which seemed to suggest what many fans feared, that these two twats are hanging on to the club for as long as possible, I fear the club is going to be just run down rather than sold in the near future so they can carry on raiding the coffers.

  3. Brian
    Brian says:

    Another excellent précis of the situation at the KC.What is annoying to most stay always is the attitude of those who wholly support the allams by saying ‘it’s their money,they’re entitled to do as they like’.Maybe so but wait until the end of season to see if they are still saying this.The allams continued boycott of the stadium is a curious one as they have driven the dissenters away yet still are conspicuous by their absence.For gods sake get the club sold and let’s hope for a miracle.

  4. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    Nice summary, especially re: MP’s reign.
    I boycotted the game but I respect those who (for whatever reason) chose to attend.
    I doubt Ehab will have cared one iota but it had to be done.

  5. gjhdurham
    gjhdurham says:

    Re 7: “gotten to”= reached …for those still using English. We’re not a US state yet, although Fox, Boris, etc are working on it.
    Re 9: According to reports, Snodders has turned down one offer of a contract, so not true that no efforts on contracts are going on? Understandable that players are delaying decisions due to the team’s position and future…
    In big trouble now wrt injuries to centre backs at our first semi final in the League Cup stage. Very unfortunate. Thudd tends to give fouls away around the box and Meyler at right back will need help with the pace and craft of Man U wingers! Can’t see any changes/ subs from them helping us much! Their res side probably cost 4 times our main squad! Really need that siege mentality of early season back, and it was good to see Jak and Meyler get a clean sheet on Sat! Some great saves showing a lot of spring from Jak. Will need a lot of luck to still be in with a chance in the return leg…but…it’s football and maybe Silva is a lucky manager! Have that nasty feeling that the bad luck and ref at West Ham may have been the final nail, and we’re left with a step too far for escape. Time will tell… and a few good signings quickly would help! COYH!

  6. Rottenborough
    Rottenborough says:

    The final nail is the Allams.

    Not bad luck, or the ref, at West Ham.

    The Allams.

    Nothing else.


  7. Eastmidstiger
    Eastmidstiger says:

    So was the first ever boycott a success do we think or was it us cutting our nose off to spite our face? What would success look like, the Allams leaving of course, but did all those empty seats result in the Allams moving any nearer the door? Maybe the best way to get rid of the Allams would be sing their name and tell them they must stay we need them badly, after all no one tells them what to do with their business and they love to prove that point.

  8. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    Well said GJHDurham.
    Just returned from Old Trafford proud of the team and yes we have a siege mentality.
    4 signings in the right areas and who knows?
    Would love to think Lopez was about to takeover.
    Great support tonight too, reminds me of the Great Escape season and Warren Joyce.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward says:

    I hope Snodders doesn’t depart in January (or in the next transfer window for that matter). He would be a great loss to the club. Not that Ehab gives a monkey’s left bollock about the club.

    Even a new coach/manager won’t drag me back to the KC(om). No chance of me returning until Assem & Ehab have departed.

    BTW, cap doffed to all who boycotted the Swansea game. A pity the reasons for the boycott are not fully understood by all the media and particularly the TV pundits.

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