PODCAST: TWTWT Podcast 129

We didn’t do a Things We Think We Think this week just because of the timings over New Year, but there are still plenty of things for us to think in the form of a podcast.

Sadly, irritatingly, the issue of Mike Phelan’s sacking isn’t among them, as it was announced about half an hour after we stopped recording. So we talk about the man’s future, as opposed to the lack of it.

Still, the stuff about the three games over the holiday period hold up, as does the preview of this weekend’s FA Cup tie and adjacent boycott.

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  1. Chunder Monkey
    Chunder Monkey says:

    There’s a bit of this that really hits the nail on the head about Dawson. He looks brilliant in a lot of games making last-ditch challenges, but that’s because he’s often made an error prior to that which he has to desperately make amends for.

  2. Ambertigerfan
    Ambertigerfan says:

    More excuse making in the podcast for Marshall punching the ball into his own net. Had Jakupovic done this he’d be heavily castigated, and it would be revisited weekly. Where are the same standards for Marshall?

    Hopefully he new manager should see goalkeeper selection objectively and without Phelan’s “I paid 3.5 million for him, so I’d better play him regardless of how crap he is” rose tinted glasses.

    On penalty saves alone it’s a no brainier: Marshall can’t save a penalty and Javupovic can.

  3. Paul
    Paul says:

    I suspect the Allams deliberately waited for the podcast to finish before they announced MPs departure, just to spite you.

  4. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    Personally I’d offload Marshall the minute anyone offers even half of what we squandered in him. Likewise for Mason, Henrikkson and Keane.
    New manager has a decent track record.
    Rumour is the takeover could be imminent???
    Shame it’s his first game but the boycott is essential!

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