Things We Think We Think #238


1. After the dull mediocrity served up at Middlesbrough…where did THAT come from? Six goals equally shared, terrific football from City, heart, desire and skill – it all served up to make Saturday’s 3-3 draw with Crystal Palace the most uplifting afternoon at the Circle in months.

2. That was despite not winning, too. That late equaliser could return to hurt us, assuming we manage to come anywhere near to avoiding relegation, but it still doesn’t feel much like two points dropped – rather, it feels like one gained, in scintillating circumstances amid a plethora of positives. It was wonderful to see City set up to attack and playing in the way they did. Never mind the wider picture, this was a superbly entertaining football match.

3. Adama Diomandé was magnificent. Charged with leading the line in the complete absence of fellow forwards, he did brilliantly, with a performance of character, determination and no little skill. Tom Huddlestone was awarded the official man of the match, and he did indeed have a influential afternoon, but Diomandé was a revelation. After almost single-handedly transforming the West Brom game sixteen days ago, he commanded this one throughout. A hugely impressive display.

4. Huddlestone, afforded space by a ragged Crystal Palace side, dictated the pace of the game and produced a silken display of passing that was all the better for occurring closer to the visitors’ penalty area than ours, rendering it as effective as it was aesthetically pleasing. He’s probably secured a starting berth over Christmas.

5. Mike Phelan had attracted warranted criticism over recent weeks, but it was refreshing to see him rectify recent errors by changing both personnel, formation and attitude. 3-5-2 worked splendidly, the reversion to many of the men who got us off to a flying start this season was vindicated and the positivity was a delight.

6. As was the character shown after going 2-1 down.

7. We have to be realistic, relegation is still a distinct possibility, but if it comes it will be much easier to stomach if City battle the drop with positivity displayed over 90 minutes in games, as it was on Saturday, rather than only going for it for 45 minutes as we’ve done in previous home games. The Southampton and West Brom games yielded good results, but the Tigers were still needlessly submissive for a whole half in both. You can’t ease into a street fight, and avoiding relegation will need us to cease being timid. Positivity pays off.

8. But…Robert Snodgrass. That was an ugly piece of cheating, and even deflecting things towards Zaha and Palace in general, who’ve been notably collectively unsteady on their feet for a few years now is only a whatabouting distraction. It was particularly boneheaded given that he’d just been rightly cautioned – had City been reduced to ten men inside half an hour, as ought to have occurred, none of the stuff we’ve enthused about above would have happened. Don’t do it again, please. There are kids watching who’ll try this on a Sunday morning, and remember that you play for Hull City – it’s supposedly okay for the Sky Sports Super Clubs (or inexplicably fashionable London teams) to do it, but given the response it’s had, your every tumble from now on had better be legitimate.

9. Brian Bulless was born and raised in Hull, played more than 350 senior games for Hull City, didn’t play for anyone else, stayed in the city all his life and supported the club he served so magnificently until the day he passed away, earlier this week. He supported the ‘CITY TILL WE DIE’ campaign with a photograph of himself holding one of the scarves emblazoned with the mantra and epitomised the literal meaning of the phrase that fans uphold so readily in a way no member of the Allam family could ever begin to understand. The tribute to him pre-match on Saturday was superb and while we again extend our sympathies to his family, we feel his is the kind of long life that should principally be celebrated.

10. Our admiration for John Oxley, who paid £2,500 to engineer an opportunity to protest on the pitch at the Allams’ savage, venal destruction of our future support, is limitless. We hope he got his banner back, we hope (though don’t expect) City don’t ban him and trust he feels his money was well spent. He shouldn’t have to buy himself another beer this year.

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  1. Ambertigerfan
    Ambertigerfan says:

    Point 5: Yes, but Jakupovic needs to be in goal on form. I suspect he’d have saved that penalty after doing his research on Benteke.

    Les: you’re way off on the goalie situation (podcast), if a player is off form (Marshall) he should be dropped, period.

  2. Grimlock
    Grimlock says:

    What sort of business does John Oxley run? And what business is it?

    I’m sure a few of us wouldn’t mind sending some business his way if we need the services he offers.

  3. Richard Ollett
    Richard Ollett says:

    Power Transmission Engineers based in Pocklington – Well done Oxo!!! Keep up the good work we need the Allams’ out of the K Com Stadium.

  4. Mike Coates
    Mike Coates says:

    A lot better formation & 90 minute effort last Saturday,
    Who were the Chinese Contingent?
    Well done to the match sponsor for his protest.
    Sorry but Marshall’s penalty effort was lacking after Jakupovic penalty display.
    Also I thought he was slow getting down to one shot that went in.
    Poor crowd attendance again but that’s what’s the two numbnuts have brought on themselves.
    For business men !! ?? I wonder IF they finally sell up then sit back and think what we could have achieved for the fans & their own family name which is now tainted by so many, despite doing so much for hospitals & charity’s.

  5. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    Superb report, well done!
    RIP Brian Bulless, City Legend!
    Dio – His effort and determination is paying dividends now.
    Thanks for condemning Snodgrass, no true supporter wants to see diving.
    Jak for Marshall please.
    John Oxley, lifelong and loyal City fan, home and away, buy him a beer or support his business Wolds Engineering Ltd :)

  6. ann guy
    ann guy says:

    Many, many heartfelt thanks to John Oxley on behalf of pensioners and children. Also to Hull City Supporters’ Trust for organizing and creating the brilliant billboard and… to you, Amber Nectar for always being so incredibly informative. So much positivity here, fantastic.

  7. Ambertigerfan
    Ambertigerfan says:

    Marshall is not on form in penalties, or even regular play. He’s also slow to react and get down to shots.

  8. Shuffle
    Shuffle says:

    A bit early to comment maybe, but Henriksen < Mason < Marshall < Jarrod Bowen.

    Have a think about the money each cost and you could say that our transfer window was not well spent….

  9. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    Shuffle – as things stand, I’d like our money back on Marshall, Mason and Henrikkson.
    Marshall is slow to react and clearly doesn’t organise his defence as well as the Jak.
    Henrikkson – seems to keep out of the action as best he can.
    Might be harsh but that is my initial assessment.

  10. gjhdurham
    gjhdurham says:

    At last a formation that seems to work with seemingly some enthusiasm from the players to match. Can it work away? Will Phelan revert? Will 3 at the back stop Spurs wing backs getting forward… by our wing backs facing them up? Still think Marshall looks a bit static in spite of some very good saves. His penalty save effort was almost comical…not. Also can Huddlestone give us consistent good performances? Those praising him seem to have missed the near penalty give away tackle. He’s awful tackling near the box! Therefore, I’d consider Meyler and Jako for Spurs away. Curtis…awful positioning for their equaliser…tragic in view of our second two brilliant goals. Now at the tipping point for the season. No more room for Middlesbrough performances!! COYH!

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