Things We Think We Think #237


1. God, what a dreadful display that was at Middlesbrough. The negativity that has surrounded City as a club of late took full hold of the team, with the first shot on target coming in injury time, a multitude of misplaced passes, a single goal conceded from a set-piece and a general absence of interest that bordered on the unprofessional.

2. Why does Mike Phelan persist with the 4-4-2 that evidently does not work? He has two attack-minded wide players who simply cannot make the contributions they are geared to make when playing deep and whose defensive frailties are exposed in the current formation. He has enough centre backs and central midfielders to account for the spaces in the middle of the park, and Robert Snodgrass can play behind whoever our fit striker happens to be.

3. That we lost to a hopelessly marked header from a corner was disgraceful. That the header in question was butted in by the foppish-haired, knuckle-kissing showpony Gastón Ramírez was beyond words. There was more wrong that just conceding from a set piece (again!) of course, Middlesbrough, with just a point more than us before kick off, looked superior in every way, their possession was purposeful, their movement quick and insightful, their creation of shooting chances was clinical even if the final effort on goal was not. This is Middlesbrough we’re talking about by the way, not Real frigging Madrid, but the way we stand and watch in a servile manner as teams enjoy long periods of unchallenged possession is really, really dispiriting.

4. We’re at peace with blaming everything on the Allams as, ultimately, they are culpable for everything that is cancerous within our club. They appointed Phelan (eventually) and starved him of proper support, both emotionally and financially, and their bullying, cowardly, oppressive, spiteful, selfish ways have seeped into all crucial aspects of the club. We can now imagine them allowing the situation to fester even more, especially if the takeover deadline of January passes without a sale agreed. There is nothing, literally nothing, within the club that says we have any kind of future worth looking forward to.

5. However. Pointing a finger at the ultimate cause for the toxic miasma emanating from the shambling zombie of a football club does not mean that Mike Phelan is himself exempt from blame. His stubborn persistence with woeful tactical choices, and then saying he thought it was all going to plan before conceding, when it clearly wasn’t, is rapidly depleting any good goodwill he gained when earning the (caretaker) manager of the month award.

6. The FA Cup draw. Swansea, the only team in the Premier League currently worse than us, at home? An unfathomably crap tie, that. The first four-figure crowd at the Circle in aeons awaits. And yet, having popped out of the hat just under an hour before kick off at the Riverside, it was still the highlight of City’s day. That’s how bad it was. It’s why we firmly believe it must be boycotted, because a message must be sent out that what’s been done to this football club is wrong, and will be fought. It could easily be arranged – after all, just who on earth is going to want to go and see it? We’ll probably take a lead from the Supporters’ Trust – but talk of match boycotts won’t go away, and if we’re going to do it, this is the match.

7. The received wisdom is that a fish rots from its head. We shan’t be bestowing upon the Allam family the honour of cranial analogy, and beside which, as good little Biology students we recall that piscine decomposition begins in the guts. That’s more satisfyingly appropriate. Think of that hateful family more as a foul, vestigial organ of the viscera, whose only purpose is to spread decay and rottenness. Then think carefully about how to extract that organ without killing the host.

8. Yes, there’s progress into the last four of the League Cup. This is to be celebrated for what it is – a club first. It was done in the hardest way possible, of course, on penalties, with ten men, against a side who were evidently better than us despite being a division lower, in front of a crowd suspiciously totted up by the faulty abacus in the accounts office. Yes, celebrate it. Then look at the semi-final draw – Manchester United, two legs, the first at Old Trafford. Whatever noises we may have initially made about its minimal but actual winnability, more recent events on Teesside suggest otherwise.

9. Kudos to the Supporters’ Trust for their forensic analysis of Ehabian malfeasance with ticket price proclamations and actions with the billboard that defiantly displays his venality on Anlaby Road. Ask yourself this: if you were a businessman thinking of entering into an arrangement with Allam Marine, given their record of untrustworthiness connected to Hull City AFC, can you be sure they won’t act similarly with you? Well, can you?

10. So, in summary, just fuck off, both of you. While there’s still a Hull City left.

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  1. Ambertigerfan
    Ambertigerfan says:

    Surely time for the highly objective “Tomb Rater” to be dropped to 0/10.

    Why does Phelan persist with out of form players such as Mason and Marshal? If Jakupovic hasn’t earned his chance then something is seriously wrong with Phelan’s head. Just because you bought a player doesn’t give that player a free pass every into the team every week! Places should be earned on form. Jakupovic is on form and Marshall isn’t.

    Also, 3-5-2 from now on, and no, this isn’t “gung ho”. It’s the best formation for the available squad.

  2. Mike Coates
    Mike Coates says:

    Spot on with your article, I have to agree with “ambertiigerfan” it’s time for Mason & Marshall to be ” rested”.
    If most of the fans could see Jakupovic deservered a recall what are Phelan & his assistants dithering about at.
    I am sure the majority of fans would prefer the team to at least have a go at the opposition, rather than just sit back in the first half let them score then chase a game which we seem to be doing.
    Hats off to the supporters trust regarding the billboard.
    But again the Allan’s seem to want to hang on & make money from interest on the loans they have made to City.
    It really beggers believe that they haven’t sold when surely they had the chance to achieve a larger fee with city in the Premiership rather than with relegation threatening!

  3. John from Brid
    John from Brid says:

    I watched this so called football match on Sky, 90 + minutes of painful viewing. Today I read Curtis Davies saying we cannot expect ” Gung Ho “football as the team are not good enough either in numbers or quality, so why just boycott the Swansea game.
    Abel Hernandez now out 3 weeks longer, nicely in to the January transfer window, doom and gloom persists.

  4. Bill Baxter
    Bill Baxter says:

    Mike, it doesn’t “begger belief” that they haven’t sold yet because in reality they don’t really want to sell.
    It’s all a charade by the old man who’s tried to save face after his “I go in 24 hours” shite after the F.A. rejected his name change nonsense.

    Andy’s the betting man on here, maybe he can give us the odds on what will come first, Brexit or the Allams fucking off?

  5. WSM
    WSM says:

    I have no inside knowledge at all, but from everything that’s in the public domain I can only conjecture the following re. the Allams.

    The whole country knows that Assem Allan hates the name Hull City. Because of this he has come to hate the football club itself and its supporters in particular (who, he believes, prevented him from changing the name).

    He’s an astute and highly capable man who will have realised that peak valuation of the club was likely to be at the beginning of this season. He could have sold during that window if he had truly wanted to. The fact that he didn’t is probably because he has another agenda.

    What might that agenda be? He’s not invested significantly in the team so it’s hard to believe he is interested in building its long-term success. It sounds like a nightmare, but I would say that it would make him happier to break the club while taking out what he can. He then gets back what he put in (or maybe more, I have no proper understanding of the club’s finances) while spiting the club, the city, the FA, and the supporters he has so come to despise.

    If even half of this is true, what chance does the club stand.

  6. Dr Seuss
    Dr Seuss says:

    point 6. I’ve boycotted every game this season and although hard at first it is starting to get easier. The only way that the Allams will ever accept that the “silent majority” are against them is if there is no one in the whole stadium for a game. Now that would be a sight to see. Unfortunately I subscribe to WSM’s view. The Allam’s desire nothing more than to rub the fan’s faces in the dust and if that means breaking the club and screwing his investment somewhat then I’m pretty sure he will do it. He’s donated a large amount of money to various health and research institutions. I would suggest he uses the facilities to check up on his mental state.Just saying like.

  7. gjhdurham
    gjhdurham says:

    Totally ignoring the crap around a takeover, but considering the football…
    Many express contempt for armchair managers, but our recent managers give this breed every chance. Sorry Curtis, but the early matches give a lie to your comments IMO. Phelan’s post match comments may have matched the Sunderland game to an extent, as before they scored, we had some decent play and chances, but there have been other bottle less displays and this was one. Most armchair managers forecast the score from past experience, and seeing the team sheet we were lucky to get nil!!
    IMO, Mason and Henricksen should not appear in the same midfield…too light weight…bring back Meyler…if you haven’t wrecked his confidence!…and go 3 at the back. A major concern is the lack of grip on a game midfield is delivering!
    Considering the situation, I’d play Tymon with Robertson down the left in front of him. Pick the same team again Phelan, and Snodgrass will be gone, as he doesn’t bother when you set up like Mon! The reaction of some players is becoming rather obvious…no matter how Curtis does a papering over job! Edwards should be on the bench after he showed how to shoot v Man City. We need to bring these kids on for the Championship if so it be…

  8. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    Never wanted Phelan and I wasn’t part of the campaign to get him appointed. Why can we all see where it is going wrong and yet, he picks the same team, week after week???
    Swansea FA Cup would be perfect for a mass boycott. EVERYONE is now completely sick of the fog of depression, which is slowly smothering our beloved club.
    The boycott needs to be absolute so that there can be no way of masking what it is. The reason for it needs to be clear too Allams OUT!

  9. Bond
    Bond says:

    Re: The sale of the club.
    I did some back of a fag packet maths a while ago suspecting the Allams would not be selling the club.
    Forgive ball park figures but this is reasonably close to the reality as I see things.
    The club was pretending to be interested in an offer of circa £100m for the club, Ehab, it is well known, did not show up in London to meet the buyers and then withdrew the stadium management co. as part of the sale etc. etc.hence no sale.
    I think this is their plan.
    If we end up bottom of The Premier League we get around £100m on top of that we get a one off parachute payment almost immediately of around £80m.
    Add on the standard £3-4m interest payment drawn by the family, add on any further income from cup runs, extra t.v. money,
    then watch a few players sold in January, replaced if we are lucky by loans, then you start to see what the Allam’s see, circa £200m
    and still a club with some value to sell in the championship.
    I reckon if we are lucky we might be rid of them by next summer at the earliest, when we are relegated, and probably after the summer transfer window has closed to rub salt in!!
    They will probably sell for £50m assuming we are in the championship at that point and come out with a total of circa £250m,
    the loan to the club has been reduced since the last accounts also.
    Why would Ehab give a toss about fucking the club over for such a massive payout???
    We could have an empty stadium for every game but that would only affect the players, they really could not give a flying fuck.

  10. Tiger Pete
    Tiger Pete says:

    Another idea for a protest at the Swansea game in the FA Cup or even better at the next home game live on Sky, could be that all those (including me) who have been boycotting home games attend. We then spend the whole game chanting Allam out. We celebrate any goals as normal (if we can remember how to celebrate a goal!) and show our support for the players before and after the game.

    90 mins of “Allam out” on live tv should get some attention and IF the Allam family do watch games at home on a private feed they would have that beamed live to their living room.

  11. WSM
    WSM says:

    Bond’s maths and analysis wraps this up for me. It’s hard to see why the Allam’s would take the financial risk of investing in the future of the club when they will make good money from the club by hanging around and doing pretty much nothing at all. Double win for them – make money in their sleep while happily seeing the supporters going to hell.

    As per last night’s podcast, the only way to influence them is to make a link between their behaviour at the club and their broader business reputation, which they will not want to tarnish. All power to the HCST and their poster campaign as one way of doing this.

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