NEWS: City draw Swansea in FA Cup


With the excitement of a League Cup semi-final still all-consuming, it’s time for City to begin focussing on another knockout tournament – the Football Association Challenge Cup.

Automatic third round entrants for the twelfth season in a row and the 2013/14 runners-up, our century-old quest for the competition will begin its latest attempt with a tie against our Premier League relegation rivals Swansea City.

It couldn’t have been less inspiring if it tried, really, though the consolation for City, assuming progress in the FA Cup is of interest to manager and club, is that Swansea are likely to be even less bothered by the tie due to the thankless long journey in the midst of a relegation scrap.

The game will occur anytime between January 6th and 9th, though you can bet everything that television companies will not be wanting to alter the kick off time of this one, so be prepared for a standard Saturday afternoon occasion.

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  1. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    Our season descends into a monotonous and inevitable fall back into the Championship. The stands half empty, the football turgid, the team selections baffling and with zero communication from the estranged Chairman.
    The Jak inexplicably left on the sidelines in favour of a keeper who is on course to concede three figures.
    Henrikkson who is brilliant at evading the ball and any action. You can hear Daniel Levy laughing about receiving £13M for Mason, on Anlaby Road.
    What a total shambles!!!!
    Can anyone see Ehab going anytime soon?
    How many games does Phelan have to turn this around?
    Is he capable?
    Or is our squad so devoid of talent that he has no chance?

  2. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    Anyone noticed how other clubs are off setting the £30 cap by massively hiking up kids tickets?
    West Ham away 2 years ago – U-16’s tickets £1.00
    This season £25.00!!!
    Other clubs are equally guilty.

  3. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    £12 for this match, meaning £24 for me and my son. No thanks! Ideal game for a mass boycott.
    Why do I pay £42 a month?
    Surely it should include the occasional Cup game?

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