REVEALED: the cost of football (under the Allams)

While employees of Hull City Tigers Ltd nauseatingly gloat about having fooled an ineptly-researched “survey” about the cost of football that failed to take into account its £84 joining fee or the fact that concessions have been spitefully eliminated, let’s take a look at some real evidence of the cost of football under the Allam family:

costoffootballLeicesterversus Leicester (13th August 2016)

costoffootballArsenal(versus Arsenal, 17th September 2016)

costoffootballChelsea(versus Chelsea, 1st October 2016)

costoffootballStoke(versus Stoke, 22nd October 2016)

costoffootballSouthampton(versus Southampton, 6th November 2006)

The Hull City Supporters’ Trust’s withering assessment of City’s vengeful, damaging pricing policy says it all. One thing is absolutely impossible for the club to answer: if the membership scheme is so great and the prices so great – why all the empty seats?

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  1. Mike Coates
    Mike Coates says:

    Yes, that’s what happens when two numbnuts who obviously don’t know anything about running a football club buy one!!
    No ticket office, back room staff & playing staff all heading for the door.
    Just sell up

  2. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    Embarrassing and detrimental to the atmosphere and the team. I had economics as part of my degree course and was overjoyed when one of the projects was to maximise revenue from a football club.
    The first priority should be to try and fill the stadium, to build support and income from other streams, food drink and merchandise.
    I actually pay less this season than I did last season for me and my son. Although I did have to move into a dark corner to benefit.
    However this scheme isn’t sustainable because of both the perception that children / oaps have to pay full price (against Premier League rules) and because if you have two or more children, you’ve probably just been priced out. Likewise for pensioners and for youths.
    The result is there for all to see in waves of empty seats.

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