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  1. Ambertigerfan
    Ambertigerfan says:

    On the goalkeeper issue it should be accepted that Jakupovic is FAR better than he was when he first arrived. Even Bruce is rumored to want to buy him, so there’s an endorsement.

    Phelan is stuck in the mentality of “I bought Marshall, so I have to play him” (much like Mason). This is plain bollocks; form should be the only criterion to judge by. Jakupovic did nothing wrong prior to being dropped and definitely fired up the defense with his chest/badge beating style. Marshall is too slow to get down and can’t save a penalty. He’s dour and there’s zero chest/badge beating Jakupovic is fast to get down and has proven he can save a penalty!

    It’s a no brainer: Jakupovic deserves a recall as Marshall is crap. Mason needs a rest also, bring Meyler back in to get some fight back in the midfield with Livermore.

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