Things We Think We Think #231


1. What a ghastly afternoon that was. City were convincingly second best in every conceivable aspect against Stoke. It may not have quite plumbed the unpardonably subterranean depths of the Bournemouth debacle, but sadly that’s only because Stoke aren’t as impressive an outfit as the Cherries.

2. There was an air of foreboding from 2pm, when the team was announced. Mike Phelan cocked this up badly, excluding the accomplished Hernández for the willing but limited and lightweight Keane. Meanwhile, Meyler was horribly ill-deployed on both wings – it all meant the side had a gravely unbalanced feel to it.

3. To be sure, the options available to the “Head Coach” have been cruelly limited by injuries and boardroom incompetence. But this was still a shocker from Phelan.

4. He’s not alone though. Practically no-one acquitted themselves at anything approaching the necessary level. Save for Hernández, introduced only when the game was already lost, they all stank. Performance and, sadly, attitude.

5. Where on earth has the fearless tenacity of the opening weeks gone? Why have players suddenly started hiding? And why on earth are we absolutely incapable of stopping long shots? This is the Premier League, and if you’re going to constantly fanny around and give quality players time and space to shoot, they’ll score. It’s pathetic.

6. City’s Twitter feed on Saturday claimed a crowd over 18,500, which is patently untrue. Official attendance, possibly, given the means of its compilation. But there absolutely were not eighteen thousand actual people inside that stadium on Saturday. And the fact that we’re not even close to selling out games such as this shames the Allam family and their nasty, vindictive pricing policy.

7. Speaking of those utter wretches: is the time coming for them to be more proactively guided towards the exit?

8. Bristol City next. Given that dark mood that’s gathering, defeat to a Championship side will not do. We expect City to take this fixture seriously and reach the League Cup quarter finals. After all. we’ve only been there once before.

9. After that, Watford away. That feels a mighty tall order at the moment, yet sterner tests exist. Another defeat and the severity of the situation will ratchet higher. Something has to be brought back – and we don’t just mean the new third kit.

10. We welcome Tom Rowell to City, as the new marketing and communications manager, and wish him well.

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  1. John from Brid
    John from Brid says:

    Re 6. I checked the ticket website on Friday night and very roughly worked out there was around 15000 seats taken, looking at the crowd on Saturday quite a few of the empty seats had been taken but there could not have been more than 17000 in attendance, 1700 Joke fans easily outnoised the depressed home crowd. As for the game, absolute sh!te

  2. Jon
    Jon says:

    The tactical ineptitude on display was unbelievable. I honestly believe that Phelan’s days are numbered. On a brighter note, it is pleasing to see that the Allam’s reign is almost over!

  3. ann guy
    ann guy says:

    We miss it, we two pensioners who can’t pay and our two twenty something’s who won’t pay on principle. We miss travelling 30 miles to Hull in anticipation, we miss the pre- match buzz, meeting up with family and our long term football friends in E7. We miss the banter, the laughs, the arguments and the sheer joy of supporting City, through good and bad for all those years.We even miss the two loud but ill informed and opinionated dick- heads who sat directly behind us. We miss travelling home from Humberside in the cold and dark, to a pre prepared beef stew and the warming smell of it as we walked in. We are left with a massive hole in our lives and it’s desperately sad because we are so not alone in this. It’s sad for us, sad for football in general but , more importantly,incredibly sad for Hull City FC. We won’t give up hope and remain true fans.

  4. steve
    steve says:

    Ann Guy
    Don’t miss it, get yourself there.
    It was cheap on Saturday so no blame attached to ticket prices for me.
    True fans find a way

  5. Michael Coates
    Michael Coates says:

    Saturday’s team selection was too defensive, plus they couldn’t pass to each other.
    The only time they improved was when Big Harry, Abel Hernandez, Diomande came on when it was too late.
    Maybe time to swap goalie’s around?
    The Allams need to sell quick before the January window opens,so new owners came maybe address some players ins and outs.
    While I’m afraid the attendance’s are going to decline on these results.

  6. gjhdurham
    gjhdurham says:

    M Coates above has it right. Ref Nos 2 & 5 above. With Mason in, the midfield don’t seem to be doing their jobs. Everyone else has seen Spurs in action and picked it up. We’re not getting stuck in or challenging enough… As we did in the first few games. Hence these goals from distance…no pressure on the ball. Has playing cb ruined Livermore? Of course Dio and Abel were playing in the first games, so offering some forward threat. That seems a bit fundamental to me!
    You wonder if Snodders was carrying an injury or if he’s just pissed with the team selection?
    Ref No 8: Fear that unless the early fight can be revived then Bristol will go through. Maybe Bowen, Tymon and co can show how it’s done…

  7. Kevin Foster
    Kevin Foster says:

    The only time I smiled was at half time when the ‘hit the crossbar’ lady made a comment about the team but the best laugh of the game- Stoke City’s fans singing ‘Is this a library!?’ More action in the reference section in Albion Street than from City. I can’t remember being so disappointed and deflated in a long time.
    But these are the trials and joys of supporting our team-my team for 50years and I wouldn’t swap it for anything. Ups and downs highs and lows- we’ve been here before and with alot more lows than the last few weeks. Highlights are only highlights because there are plenty of low lights.Pinch yourself and reflect on the last 8 years- years we older ones could only have dreamed of when we were young. Come on city and UTT

  8. Ambertigerfan
    Ambertigerfan says:

    City have to go 3-5-2 against Bristol City, we don’t have any senior right or left backs that are fit.

    Jakupovic needs to go back in goal as Marshall just doesn’t seem as good at getting to shots. Jakupovic also has an Alamo mentality we need.

    City should play the 11 that finished the Stoke debacle (with Jakupovic in goal) and pummel Bristol 7-0. We need to get the confidence back up to where it was against Leicester, Swansea and Man U.

    Only with confidence can we defeat Watford.

  9. Steve Rodgers
    Steve Rodgers says:

    The lady at half-time was only saying what everyone was thinking. Also she is my wife. But she did score a hat trick and no one in the media wanted to interview her

  10. Ben Burgess1
    Ben Burgess1 says:

    Think the criticism of Marshall is harsh. He has been given no protection from a woeful defence and has hardly been culpable for the goals conceded. Jak let no one down but is not the answer to our problems. He should have saved Burnleys goal and was at fault for 2 against Arsenal.
    I was always wary about giving Phelan the job. We got lucky in the first couple of games and we seemed to have a siege mentality but that is long gone. To me Phelan is a decent bloke and clearly a good coach but not a Manager. He appears to be clueless about what formation to play and whilst I don’t think Hernandez would have made much difference on Saturday it was a ridiculous decision to play Keane? I don’t see him lasting until Christmas.

  11. HempholmeTigers
    HempholmeTigers says:

    couldn’t agree more with all the comments especially AmberTiger. FFS Phelan – play 3-5-2 with Abel & Diomande from the start ! Ashamed to say we left 5 minutes from the end as we simply couldn’t stomach any more, it was so depressing. I am so saddened by the gloom that’s enveloped the team, the whole club and its supporters.
    On the bright side, I enjoyed the experience last week of driving into Swanland, spotted Ehab on a street corner chatting presumably to a neighbour. He clocked the City stuff (mini-Roary on the dash, City sticker etc) and did a double take as I passed. In turn I was delighted to give him one of my speciality death-stares. I can only hope it frightened him into getting out of our club at the earliest possible opportunity….

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