Things We Think We Think #232


1. No club in the Premier League’s 24 year history has ever been as woefully unprepared for a season as City are at the moment.

2. “No communication, no manager, no engagement, no signings, no identity, no concessions, no honesty”, railed the Supporters’ Trust. To which we are tempted to add “no chance” – City’s relegation is obviously not guaranteed, but it’s highly likely. The risk of a Derbyesque embarrassment cannot be ruled out; one bookie’s quote of 100/1 on a points tally that falls short of their infamous 2007/8 total has a grisly appeal. Accumulator tips across the land this season will rarely exclude the Tigers.

3. Ehab Allam’s time in charge of City has been an unmitigated disaster. He is miserably out of his depth, combining wretched ignorance with a lethal smugness whose toxic effect may have repercussions long after his dreadful family have left whatever remains of this club. It seems astonishing that he was once regarded as the smarter, more reasonable Allam. Smart and reasonable are charges that will never again be levelled at this thoroughly inadequate individual.

4. Five days from the start of the season, and we still have no manager. Ehab apparently has no clue who to replace Steve Bruce with, or even how you go about doing it. Mike Phelan is currently the favourite, if only because the other names mentioned either don’t want to tarnish their CVs with the Hull City car crash or won’t be allowed to leave their present posts. Under ordinary circumstances, Phelan would be a distinctly underwhelming appointment. Despite being just two years Bruce’s junior he has nothing approaching his former boss’ managerial experience. However, as City have actually performed creditably in pre-season (usual caveats apply) and Curtis Davies’ amusing comments demonstrate there seems to be a gallows humour/siege mentality occuring under his stewardship, there’s probably little alternative at present.

5. That gallows humour and/or siege mentality we desperately hope exists is just about our only hope of avoiding a total calamity. Team spirit can carry you a long way, and in the absence of anything else positive, we’ll need it.

6. Absent from that team will be Mo Diamé. Sure, we know that all things being equal Newcastle are a bigger club than City. But they aren’t equal, we’re in the Premier League and they’ve just lost at Fulham in the Championship. That one of our most gifted players has chosen the second tier over life in the Premier League with City is a damning indictment on the shambles you’re presiding over, Ehab.

7. We may be soon saying the exact same things about last season’s top scorer, Abel Hernández, if Aston Villa activate the player’s buy out clause. As bewildering as it is that a player would eschew the top flight for the division we’ve just left, can anyone blame any player for wanting out of the farce Hull City have become?

8. It isn’t just players on their way out of the club either, as coaching staff are jettisoned in unsettling circumstances and front office staff are set to depart. The owners appear to be adopting a scorched earth policy as their tenure comes to an overdue end.

9. The season kicks off on Saturday, with the visit of the champions Leicester. From a footballing perspective it’s impossible to look past an away win. The Hull Daily Mail headline of “Hull City sweating on fitness of Shaun Maloney and Greg Luer”, when the latter spent last season playing in League Cup ties for us before representing Scunthorpe and Stevenage on loan tells you everything you need to know about the depth of talent available for whoever will be picking the XI for the Premier League opener.

10. There are likely to be protests on Saturday, and although there is inevitable disagreement about what form those protests should take, there are few supporters who would suggest protest is unjustified. That in itself is remarkable.

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  1. Bill Baxter
    Bill Baxter says:

    Phelan should have shown some loyalty to Bruce & walked with him & shown what cunts the Allams really are (as if we really needed reminding).
    Now he’s hovering like a vulture hoping (& it’s looking ever more likely) that none of the other hundreds of other candidates accept the job.
    I’m sure those in the frame (or their representatives) would have spoken to Bruce about what’s going on at the club & made their decisions accordingly.
    Of course he’ll also be cheaper than any of the others.

  2. Michael Coates
    Michael Coates says:

    Well that sums Ehab up!!
    It also shows the Allam family as stubborn, vindictive towards their customers the fans.
    Unfortunately I don’t think any of the Allams will turn up this Saturday for the match.
    But the fans need to get behind any organised protest

  3. Officer Crabtree
    Officer Crabtree says:

    The last time we appointed a frustrated number two keen on showing what he could do, it worked out OK in the end. But Phelan’s tenure at the club hasn’t exactly set the pulses racing, has it? A relegation and a sort-of expected promotion that was hardly convincing. The bitter truth is that we need someone, anyone, right now. And Phelan is the only candidate available who will immediately know the squad, know where it needs strengthening and know what he’s walking into.

    Please just let the Allams fuck off, however. The only positive about this summer is that it’s done something that I thought it would take years to do after the name change debacle: united pretty much 100% of the Hull City fan base, in its desire to see this family no longer have anything to do with the club.

  4. Bond
    Bond says:

    Phelan and Bruce were anything but good mates so why would Phelan leave?
    Ehab is settling a few scores with the Bruce loyalists, nothing like having a huge chip on each shoulder!!
    Has Alex been told to stay away? that’s the talk?
    Have the Allams syphoned a very very large chunk of Prem money out of the football club, that is also the talk?
    This time if your a fan, stay united, don’t get into “I am staying away so you should rubbish”, you can support the team but not the owners,
    its individual choice. No more fan splits please!

  5. gjhdurham
    gjhdurham says:

    Re 6: Diame clearly liked Bruce, but let’s not go overboard on the City shambles here. Long contract, more cash and up against poorer defenders…probably attractive when your knees aren’t what they were.
    Re 8: I assume you mean Keith B…Bruce’s buddy from Sunderland. Seem to remember some negativity from Sunderland fans wrt him…so? There certainly didn’t seem to much set piece coaching going on…or shooting practice for that matter. We could certainly do with better in these areas this season, when the odd goal or two from such may be vital. The point came home to me while watching recent PL team friendlies, the Charity Shield and even the Ch 5 games at the weekend. Our shooting from distance is/ has been very poor. Torino’s winner was typical of goals we concede from distance too! Question is…if we end up with Phelan, how complicit was he? Some saying he and Bruce didn’t get on…TWT? Could do with another centre back…as could Arsenal now!

  6. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    Looking like Phelan who really added nothing for me, in the two years hes been here. However on his own, pre season has been good, considering.
    GJHDurham makes a valid point re: Diame.
    Phelan in, players signed, taxi for Ehab,.good weeks work.
    As for a protest, given the huge TV global audience, opening game etc, some form of Allam Out cards would look great on TV and hit the headlines.

  7. Michael Coates
    Michael Coates says:

    Pre season games not up against any really good teams.
    Must admit I thought back end of last season Bruce & Phelan not exactly buddies, also he didn’t exactly shine at Norwich did he

  8. Mike from Oz
    Mike from Oz says:

    We will never get a better chance to stage a global protest than this Saturday at the opening game. Mass fan demonstration and perhaps the players stage a walkout at the way the owners have let them down. Just concede the match after the kick off…..walk off and have down with it. How else will the world know of our plight!!! We should demand an independent FA audit of the books……just where has the prize money gone??!!!

  9. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    I heard last week about the Chinese takeover. Done deal apparently.
    So with Ehab gone, does that open the way for a Steve Bruce return?
    I’d welcome him back, especially given the average list of alternatives. Coleman, Zola have achieved nothing in domestic football.

  10. Ambertigerfan
    Ambertigerfan says:

    Just when will David Burns or the Hull Daily Mail do their jobs as journalists and ask the Allam family directly where the 100 million pounds promotion money has gone? Why does no-one have the balls to ask the necessary questions?

    Has the debt been wiped out since 100 million pounds is greater than 70 million pounds? Or, is the club still in debt and the Allams have pocketed the promotion money? Clarification is needed so the fans can see how the club is really being run. Transparency is key for the health of all.

    Or, perhaps like a dirty rat infested back street sewer in Cairo, keeping the waters muddied suits Assem Allam (and no he never qualified as a doctor, only a dodgy accountant). Until the Allams leave, City are shafted.

  11. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    Therein lies the problem Ambertiger…Communication!
    We have owners who keep us in the dark, and the Hull Daily Fail cut and paste from other tabloids.
    Burnsy is the only one who tries to do his job.
    Had the Allams consulted, communicated, sought and listened to feedback from the fans, then things “might???” be different.
    Let’s hope the new owners are everything we hope for.
    For the past 40 years ww have had far too many run ins with the “custodians” of the club. Lloyd, Buchanan, Hinchcliffe, Fish, Cheetham, Chris Needler, The Allams!

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