NEWS: HCST confirm City’s concession intransigence


The Hull City Supporters’ Trust have confirmed that Hull City AFC are still refusing to comply with Premier League rules requiring member clubs to provide concessions on tickets for the forthcoming season.

HCST chairman Geoff Bielby, along with other Supporters’ Trusts, met the division’s executives yesterday and their report of that meeting states:

The Premier League confirmed however that Hull City do not accept they should have to comply with this rule. This remains an ongoing issue between the Premier League and the club.

Quite how this will be resolved is anyone’s guess. City and their wretched owners need the Premier League and its vast riches far more than the Premier League needs us, meaning that compelling the Allams to obey the rules ought to be fairly straightforward if they really wish to; and it’s hard to see why the Premier League will make an exception for City and set a dangerous precedent that clubs far more powerful than ours could exploit.

Either way, well done to HCST for continuing to press this issue on behalf of City fans, a qualifed thanks to the Premier League for at least listening, and continued shame upon Hull City AFC for their disgraceful attitude towards their own supporters.