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  1. Bryne
    Bryne says:

    To an extent, I agree with Les that Tom Huddlestone could be upgraded – particularly in terms of how much we are likely to be paying him in signing fees and wages. Someone like Joe Allen would likely be available, might not demand much higher wages, be more of a permanent solution and fit better with Jake Livermore. Huddlestone’s immobility and attitude are an ongoing issue, but there is also the case that those things may have turned the corner. Tricky.

  2. Paul
    Paul says:

    Excellent listen lads, passed away a boring train journey. Some intelligent and well made points by all. I would say though that despite how much we all dislike the egg chasing their very existence has a massive affect on our fan base. Somewhere like Sunderland (just a random example of a similar size city to us) doesn’t have 2 rugby teams with 15000 fans between them and will always have a bigger following as a result. Hull FC at home did have an impact it’s bound to, no point denying it.
    Totally agree re “old” fan base. It’s really obvious the different demographic our fan base has compared to other teams too.

  3. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    Although we don’t always see eye to eye on everything, the quality of your work can never be disputed. This is sharp contrast to the dross cut & pasted by the Hull Daily Fail.
    I am grateful for your intelligent, informative and often hilarious views on all things Hull City.
    Is there anywhere, where we can go to nominate you guys for awards – richly deserved?
    A hell of a lot of work goes into producing posts, podcasts of this standard.
    Well done Amber Nectar.

  4. peter clark
    peter clark says:

    excellent pod cast as usual have to be honest i did not go to wembley could not afford but could not afford 2008 but went lot to do with not feeling part of an unhappy club allams have destroyed a lot of passion but hopefully they will go and the passion returns to the club

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