Happy Birthday Hull City AFC


It’s 112 years to the day since a meeting of Association Football enthusiasts in Hull gave birth to Hull City AFC. The gentlemen pictured above could surely never have realised they’d be creating an institution that would enthrall, exhilarate and exasperate so many for so long.

We wouldn’t have them, and their name, any other way.

Happy Birthday, Hull City Association Football Club.

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  1. Bunkers Bill
    Bunkers Bill says:

    It’s taken a long time – far too long – but we are where we always aspired to be , playing football in the top tier. It’s been and continues to be a real rollercoaster ride, fighting ourselves as much as other clubs. But we’re there and battling to establish ourselves as a bona fide large club, that behaves and looks like a PL cub should. I’m ignoring the elephant in the room because this elephant hopefully will be gone soon.
    Look around the PL and see Tottenham, Watford, Bournemouth, Swansea, Watford, Southampton and West Ham, all clubs with a shorter league history than us. The people currently running our club seek to snuff out our long history and other clubs are ignorant of it, so let’s all make sure we celebrate it and value it as much as possible.

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