Things We Think We Think #228

1: Coo, what a performance. How unexpected. And how exquisitely timed too. To go to Derby, our prime nemesis this season, and give them a three-goal seeing-to in the first leg of the play-offs, without response, without breaking sweat, was just what the doctor ordered. Notwithstanding any ‘typical City’ circumstances that the educated in such matters will ponder ruefully over the next couple of days, the second leg should now be an excuse for a celebration.

2: And perhaps a party atmosphere at the KC(OM) is precisely what we need. It’ll be good for the soul, after some of the crap we’ve had to put up with this season. The team can do a professional job while the supporters sing, swap witticisms and make plans for the final, while following the Supporters Trust‘s suggestion that the red card protest is put on hold. And as Ehab Allam doesn’t attend home matches any more, he won’t be there to muscle in and get a staged photo taken looking happy and magisterial.

3: What’s that you say? Ehab will probably turn up now? Och, that’s very cynical. After all, he hasn’t got a history of hypocrisy or inconsistency or treachery at all.

4: It was a corking team display at the Baseball Ground Pride Park iPro Stadium, but we feel compelled to dish out individual praise. First up, Eldin Jakupović. One shot on target to save, one goal assist, one brilliant close-up bit of English swearing, one very dodgy punch, one split lip. It was like Jakupović bingo out there.

5: Moses Odubajo and (to a lesser, but by no means to his great detriment, extent) Andy Robertson. Some of the overlapping they did was from the textbook, fortunate as they are that their pace and stamina can get them into defensive mode again swiftly if possession is sacrificed. Both scored goals too (sort of) and that can’t happen often for two orthodox (in formation, if not intent) full backs. And Robertson’s goal allows us a whole barrowload of breathing space tomorrow night.

6: Abel Hernández. What a goal that was.

7: Jake Livermore. What a player he is at this level.

8: The City fans were magnificent at Derby. It’s a ground that’s rightly developed a reputation for having one of the Championship’s better atmospheres, and in the opening exchanges they were pretty loud, with noise coming at us from either side. By the end of the game, they’d completely given up trying to compete with the away end, which was given as free a run of the Ipro stadium as our team. Well done, us.

9: How do you approach a second leg at home with a three-goal cushion? It’s a nice problem to have and we doubt that Derby’s deflated caretaker manager Darren Wassall would hesitate to swap places with Steve Bruce; but that doesn’t mean the City manager doesn’t have a few things to think about it. If we do make the play-off final, an eleven day gap is more than enough time to get everyone rested – there’s no need to rest anyone here. Scoring first would kill off any lingering Derby ambitions of pulling off an epic comeback and there must be a temptation to aim for a fourth…however, conceding first will give tomorrow’s visitors just a glimmer of hope. They’ll have no choice but to throw caution to the East Yorkshire wind and come at us – setting up City to be solid at the back and pacy on the break seems the way forward. A little like Saturday, in fact…

10: Eleven seasons ago, our promotion from League One was rubberstamped by Tranmere Rovers, our nearest rivals for the runners-up spot, not winning a midweek game in hand. Next season they will be playing league games against North Ferriby United. We heartily congratulate our village neighbours on a stunning, extraordinary promotion to a division we came so close to “gracing” not a million years ago. And, as our generosity threshold is currently set to maximum, we offer pats on the back also to Grimsby Town on their return to the Football League, though obviously we’re wearing latex gloves when administering them. With luck, they can celebrate their return by being paggered by us in the League Cup next season.

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  1. Michael Coates
    Michael Coates says:

    Again a well written piece, arn’t you been a bit cynical expecting Ehab to turn up at the last home match and possibly bask in city’s expected glory!!
    He wouldn’t,would he, we’ll see !!

  2. Bill Baxter
    Bill Baxter says:

    A cracking win & agree with most of the above except:-

    6. Abel Hernandez’s goal – There’s no way a shot of that power, from such distance should have even troubled their keeper. Just about summed up how shite Derby were.

    10. A pat on the back for GRIMsby? – fuck off.

  3. Ben Burgess
    Ben Burgess says:

    Excellent to hear that the red card protest has been put on hold for tomorrow night. Exactly the right thing to do and lets hope its a party atmosphere and a full house. Cant wait for Wembley even at my age! Whatever the grievances people have I still cant believe that this will be the 4th time I have seen City at Wembley. Need to see the job through tomorrow night and clearly Wednesday (assuming its them) will be a very tough game but I cant see anything other than a return to the PL next season. Some will not relish that but if that is the case I would imagine the Allams will easily be able to sell the club for enough to see their loans repaid so hopefully everyone will be happy. As I have always said though we need to be careful what we wish for as whoever does buy the club is not likely to be a philanthropic “local”. It is more than likely to be an overseas consortium so who knows what wacky ideas they might have. I defended the Allams for a long time but think they have got it wrong on the membership scheme and do think it is best all round if they sell up. However we need to wary of thinking – “nobody could be any worse”!

  4. Chunder Monkey
    Chunder Monkey says:

    Point 10. Sorry to be a pedant but it wasn’t a midweek game Tranmere failed to win that got us promoted; we both dropped points on a Saturday to confirm City’s promotion.

  5. Jimmy Weekly
    Jimmy Weekly says:

    Fantastic match on Saturday, and you’re dead right to pick out Odubajo, Robertson and Livermore in particular. As you say, it was a team performance above all. I want to add Huddlestone to the stand-outs, but then I’d want to throw in Snodgrass and feel bad for not mentioning Hernandez. You see how it goes.

    I’m not sure that I agree with aka Ben Burgess’s comment above that stopping the red card protests on Tuesday is the right thing to do. Saturday showed us definitively that we can protest at the start, and still get behind the team, and the team can still play brilliantly. It’s daft to abandon the protests on Tuesday when they can be at their most high profile, and the nature of the game will mean that the crowd will be behind the team vociferously. At the very least, I want to be booing the stand announcements again.

  6. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    Brilliant piece again, captures the feeling from Saturday and pre Tuesday precisely.
    Fantastic atmosphere at Derby and fair play to their fans for a warm welcome.
    Tuesday (I hope) will be a re-run of the Watford home leg in 2008.
    Bill Baxter 6. He hit it early and perfectly placed?
    Thought we won, without our forward line doing too much.

  7. Officer Crabtree
    Officer Crabtree says:

    However we need to wary of thinking – “nobody could be any worse”!

    I don’t know that that’s driving anyone’s thoughts. Anyone with a knowledge of the club’s history will know that there are always the inept, petulant or downright criminal lurking around the corner to take root in the directors box.

    I do hate this ‘be careful what you wish for’ shite spouted by the likes of Sky Sports nonentity Rob Palmer, however. It hints that those wanting the Allams out are a rabid band of thickos, hell bent on protesting and unable to assess the wider situation, and only a select few super-intelligent fans can see the wider picture. I know that there’s not a unicorn-breeding billionaire living in Kirkella, about to blow his entire fortune on City. I know we could get an absolute shyster come in. But doesn’t the fact that Hull City fans know as much as anyone just how rancid football club owners can be and yet still desperately want the Allams to end their association with the club tell you all you need to know about what they’ve done to the fans?

    Regardless of who comes in after them, it will be a good day for Hull City when the Allams go. No one has done more to first split the fan base, and then alienate such a large proportion of it. I’ll take my chances on ‘someone else’. When I campaigned against Chris Needler, Lloyd and the Buchanan/Hinchliffe regimes there were those who opposed us, those who told us that we could get worse (not so much with the latter, admittedly). They might have seen themselves as being right for a time, but we eventually ended up with Adam Pearson and the modern Hull City was built. Those City fans opposing a regime that appears to hold so many fans in such contempt are, no doubt, aware that we could get someone ‘worse’ in some ways (though at times it’s difficult to imagine just how). But we could get someone better.

  8. Michael Coates
    Michael Coates says:

    Agree with one of the above comments, let’s still boo the announcer, we have the right to show some kind of protest,

  9. Rottenborough
    Rottenborough says:

    Spot on Officer Crabtree.

    As for booing the announcer, I’m not arguing against that, but an extended triple clap of “City” at full volume would be my preference.

    I desperately want the Allams to go, but I just do not believe they will sell.

    “If the fans tell me to go I will go within 24 hours” My arse.

    But they aren’t going to spoil Tuesday evening. COYU and UTT!

  10. Snaggletooth
    Snaggletooth says:

    Regarding Hernandez’s goal, it was perfectly placed in the bottom corner, but also the keeper would have been unsighted by the pair of defenders.

  11. ann guy
    ann guy says:

    Great and rightly optimistic post, brilliant effort by city. Going tomorrow night and will be right behind the team as ever. However, heard on Burnsy today, possible new owner been in city over the weekend. Does this mean I can have my east stand seat back at a reasonable price? Or that we can have families back paying child concessions? Hmmm! Brilliant times again for our team, I should be looking forward to an exciting season I could be a part of. Elated for the lads, gutted for me and all the other NON members.

  12. Dr Seuss
    Dr Seuss says:

    Still being “in a mood” so didn’t go to Derby. Watched it on TV on my own. The neighbours must have thought I was throwing a shrieking pig around the living room ( which I may do in the privacy of my own home but not this time) when that second goal went in. Oh the close up views of the Derby faithful were perfect.”0-6 You’re having a laugh.” Nice taste of revenge.
    Good positive report. Isn’t it strange that when the team plays well the world looks so much sunnier? I’m not mentioning the Allams.
    Well said Officer Crabtree. Encapsulated everything I wanted to say but did it better.
    Ann, it hadn’t hit me but, yes, I’m a non-member too. And I’m still “in a mood” and I’m not going tomorrow either or to Wembley. I feel shit.

  13. gjhdurham
    gjhdurham says:

    Wow! Great result… better than could be hoped for… by me anyway. The team should be really up for tomorrow, and hopefully the experienced players can see this through. Another goal, and Derby are finished, but don’t need to give them any encouragement…please City! This season’s had enough inconsistency.
    Jak did well to get out to Dawson’s error…a missed pass from Derby and win of a 50/50 ball, and Abel slotted. Just the effort and passion needed right there! Agree with Snaggletooth on the quality of Abel’s goal…took it early too so the gk couldn’t set himself.
    Remember the Watford night well. Let’s see it again! Stiffen the sinews, etc. COYH! UTT!

  14. Cayman Tiger
    Cayman Tiger says:

    I assume you’ll start the next TWTWT with the same first sentence from point 1 above?

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