Things We Think We Think #226


1. It’s fair to say we haven’t always enjoyed a complete concurrence of views with many West Stand patrons in recent times. However, walking into the Circle on Tuesday night for the Brentford match and seeing them already holding aloft scores of Supporters Trust-provided red cards was a terrific sight, and those same supporters booing the stand announcements into eventual submission was no less fantastic.

2. That the West Stand, considered by some to be home to less protest-minded supporters, have been successfully riled into action speaks volumes for Hull City AFC’s unerring ability to alienate people. Support for the club and its actions is virtually impossible to locate.

3. It’s the noise we’ll never forget. Or lack of it. As the team came out to undertake its pre-match rituals, the eerie silence was punctuated only by anti-Allam chants, with hands busy holding aloft red rectangles of rebuke instead of applauding the team onto the field. That’s arguably tough on the team, even though they’ve deeply and frustratingly underachieved of late – however, there are far bigger issues at the moment.

4. In any case, City won at a canter, dispelling the myth that protest have a deleterious effect upon the team. It’s a fantasy peddled by those who want everyone to toe the party line, but has no real basis in fact. As it happens, the best atmosphere we’ve been in lately was away to Crystal Palace last season, when opposition to the current owners was finally crystallised in the wake of the Airco Arena shambles – and it saw one of our best results in that season.

5. The match itself, which often reeked of friendly, was as comfortable a win as we’ve seen for a while. Brentford looked jaded and largely disinterested, and even the disruption caused by multiple changes couldn’t really stop City. Despite the half-paced nature of the game, we did still manage to play some good football and the win was a welcome one.

6. How typical of City circa 2016 that it wasn’t followed up. The performance at Bolton was an absolute disgrace. No possible excuse can be advanced for it and Steve Bruce didn’t attempt one, even if he did add to the irritation by sounding more like a victim than an architect of it. It caused significant dismay in the stands – to goad your own supporters into such observations as “top of the league, we fucked it up” and “this is embarrassing” takes some doing. This City side has done it.

7. They’ve not done it alone, of course. The Allam family has been gradually dripping poison into the club for nearly three years now, making the good work done at the beginning of their reign seem impossibly distant as this poison has slowly infected everything. The protests at Bolton were organised by the (fantastic) Supporters Trust against the membership scheme, but their execution by the fans was laced with anti-Allam sentiment.

8. They’re cowards too, aren’t they? While the club tears itself apart, where is Ehab Allam? Where is the club’s senior management? If stripping child and OAP concessions is such a great idea, why aren’t they out there promoting it, instead of cowering in their bunker while the storm rages outside? Pathetic. Utterly pathetic. We deserve better.

9. We wholly endorse the Supporters Trust’s call not to renew season tickets for now. There are issues over the legality as well as obvious problems with their morality. For the time being at least, lets stay away from this rotten scheme.

10. Finally, we wish Assem Allam a return to good health and the opportunity to make good on his promise to sell the club.

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  1. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    Excellent TTWT, captures the current sentiment, dismay, frustration and incredulaty perfectly.
    The red card protest was perfectly pitched and the result was there for all to see.
    9. Agree in point 9 about the legality (we know its immoral). There are many TBC’s in the proposed scheme, how can a contract be binding when it is so ambigious?
    Great piece and well written Andy / Les.

  2. Cumbrian Tiger
    Cumbrian Tiger says:

    4. Best atmosphere for some time was the League Cup game at Accrington.

    6. Bolton was the worst for years – the away game against Preston was scintillating compared to Saturday at Bolton.

    I’m looking forward to the biggest protest yet at The Circle on Saturday – coming from Cumbria with my red card. Seat in West Lower but I will show my disgust at the way this great club is being run.

  3. Chris Stern
    Chris Stern says:

    As one of the small band handing out the red cards I was astounded when it seemed like alnost everybody had one and everyone knew exactly what was happening and when. As an Upper West member I am glad we led from the front. It is so very sad we have been pushed that far. I will not be participating in this ludicrous scheme unless there are very significant changes and I can keep my seat. It feels better to know we are all in it together. By the way, on Thursday I got an email exhorting me to renew my seat now. I rang up and told the very helpful young lady that I wanted to do what the email asked but, of course, she said that I couldn’t. I told her very precisely and politely exactly what to tell her bosses. You couldn’t make it up!

  4. Michael Coates
    Michael Coates says:

    Spot on again, we need a 10 minute walkout next, like Liverpool did.

  5. gjhdurham
    gjhdurham says:

    Sad but understandable that football comment is minimal after the Bolton shambles.
    Tinker man Bruce fell far short of getting a performance. He’s got away with producing eccentric selections often in the past! Been riding for a fall, as they say. Many have quoted Akpom’s missed chances, but more worrying to me were the gaps in the box. They could have had 3/4 goals…this against the bottom club!
    Many are also saying it was an unimportant game. Not if Derby beat Brighton tonight!! The Bruce apologists need to engage their few brain cells! Resting players v Rotherham was more important IMO, as they’re likely to clog us off the pitch! Classic overthinking a game…we’ve seen that before! Now we may need to win it to be sure of 4th! Also the Bolton result is a worrying indicator of poor attitude/spirit in the team. All involved need to get their fingers out…and quick!

  6. Richard pearson
    Richard pearson says:

    I’m just one of many. Supporter since Carter. Seen crooks, dreamers and lunatics running the club ((except the excellent Mr Harolld Needler, R.I.P). As to this Membership, I am obliged to move as I would have to pay £168 more next season – and that , on present evidence, probably to see us play Burtin Albion. So move I have to but should I? I want to support the team but feel I’m being forced to contribute to a rotten scheme. If I don’t sign up I lose anyway. What the hell do I do?

  7. Cayman Tiger
    Cayman Tiger says:

    Mr. Pearson – to answer your question (sort of) you better wait and hope that one or more of your namesakes comes riding into town at some stage in the not too distant future. Highly unlikely, and they are both far far from perfect, but by christ they’re both miles better than the complete shower of shit we have running the club and managing the team right now.

  8. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    If I move to a corner, assuming I can, I would save £101.
    However that is irrelevant as this scheme is immoral.
    Pricing out long standing fans and children / families.
    Please, if possible, produce 15,000 red cards. Happy to donate if funds are required.
    Football is the peoples sport and we are being priced out of watching OUR team.
    If not resolved then perhaps we should look at FC United as an example?

  9. gjhdurham
    gjhdurham says:

    Bruce blushes saved by an injury time goal from 10 man Brighton! Bet we didn’t have anyone there watching…

  10. Dr Seuss
    Dr Seuss says:

    6. I only saw it on TV. I think it was David Prutton on Sky who said there was no urgency about City, no penetration and that considering the amount of possession they were not trying to hurt Bolton. And I sat there shouting “that’s how its been all season.”
    7 & 8. Owners are vile, no argument and yes, although I had never considered it before, they are cowards. Slimy chancers.
    10. I hope he doesn’t die even though he suggested I should go away and do it. Karma eh!?! Wonderful thing that isn’t?
    1, 2 & 3. What hope for a silent majority now Ehab? Even the knob behind me who was booing City Till I Die chants earlier in the season – (nothing personal, he boos his own team when they play badly – I told you he was a knob) – but even he was mouthing anti Allam words etc. If he’s gone over to the dark side then the Allams are doomed. Too late for me of course. No play offs for me. Final one is Rotherham.
    The pensioner next to me in West Stand Upper at the Brentford game said that I could renew my seat for about £200 less if we get promoted. I said I wasn’t renewing in protest and in sympathy with the way such as he has been treated. He looked at me kindly and with a tear in his eye then said, “fucking idiot” Ah, Hull! No other place on Earth like it.

  11. Rottenborough
    Rottenborough says:


    You work for someone who treats your customers as though they don’t matter
    You are managed by someone who does not know what his best plan is (assuming he has a plan at all)
    You are regularly switched between different working groups without any reason, logic or pattern
    You do not know what your manager is thinking/hoping week after week
    You are not sure what you are expected to do from one week to the next
    Your manager says you were sloppy and that places were up for grabs and he STILL does not know what his best team of employees is (after three quarters of the year)
    You are performing in front of reducing crowds who are increasingly hostile to your employer
    Your competitors are playing out of their skins, scoring goals willy nilly and having a ball
    Your manager is saying and doing all the things that managers who are about to go elsewhere say and do
    You play for a club whose name can never be spoken
    Your employer knows nothing about your job or the business he owns

    You might (only might) be forgiven for saying “Sod it, why should I bother?”


    You can recognise bullshit and hubris
    You can show the door to ignorance and stubborness
    You can give your all
    You want to give your all for fans who would follow you to the ends of the earth
    You want to retain self respect
    You want to gain promotion
    You want to earn the money you receive
    You want the glory
    You want to share the fans’ elation
    You give a shit

    If you can do all of these things, and treat false saviours as just that


  12. Bill Baxter
    Bill Baxter says:

    As someone mentioned above, let’s have 15,000 red cards on Saturday & show the Allama once & for all what cunts they are.
    Looking forward to booing the stand introductions as well.

  13. Chester Tiger
    Chester Tiger says:

    As usual I agree with most of the article.

    In my opinion Steve Bruce, and in my opinion only, will always be the successful failure; in so far as that all the clubs achievements amounted to nothing.

    The FA cup final, what an brilliant performance! Never a dull moment!

    But what happened from there?

    Signed some of the best players city has ever witnessed, but they didn’t perform.

    Europe, should have been better! Just complete lacklustre!

    And the league, with a few games to go complacency set in!

    Overall, we enjoyed some of the good times with Bruce, but it simply need up falling flat on its face!

    Good article again!

  14. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    It is incredible (although few will be surprised) that the club cannot simply meet with the fans groups and sort the membership scheme. Simple to sort, let everyone keep their seats and re-instate concessions for OAP’s and U-21’s.
    Learn from Huddersfield, Bradford or Burnley simples.
    Another protest on Saturday ala Brentford and then we all get behind the team for the play-offs. IF we can somehow get past Derby, I fancy us to beat Boro, Brighton or Wednesday.
    If we can win promotion, surely things can only improve for the supporters next season? Less reliance on gate receipts, club more attractive for new owners etc.
    If we don’t go up. I fear the worst.

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