NOSTALGIA: Taking inspiration from eight years ago…


When City made it to Wembley for the first time in their history on this day in 2008, few could have imagined that just eight years later it’d have been the first of four visits to the home of English football.

So as we wait with increasingly bated breath for Saturday’s Yorkshire derby at Wembley to decide who’ll be in the 2016/17 Premier League, let’s look back at that greatest of days for inspiration:

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  1. gjhdurham
    gjhdurham says:

    Was thinking about not going this time, but then my mother’s uncle, who took me to my first game in 1962, never got a chance at all! Plus to have 4 opportunities!!! Some wait a lifetime, as they say… So I’ll be there again. This time with more fear and trepidation than ever, as I doubt a City side with the hunger of 2008 will turn up. Let me say to this squad, that anything less than a full bloodied, up for it performance against the Owls will have my blood boiling, as this is the most talented squad we’ve taken to Wenbley. Lose and you should be tarred and feathered and run out of town! None of this slow start rubbish! UTT!

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