Things We Think We Think #224


1. The Wolves game was turgid, but the result was very welcome and effectively guarantees us a play-off spot. Nine points ahead of Cardiff (in seventh place), it seems as equally inconceivable that they could displace us from the play-off zone as City now finishing in an automatic promotion spot.

2. The challenge for Steve Bruce is to use this victory, streaky as it was, to get some badly needed form and confidence back into his team. The benign run-in we’d hope would be propel us over the line to automatic promotion will instead have to be used for collecting some reinvigorating victories. And hey, if we can pagger Leeds and at least partially right the ghastly wrong of December, perhaps we will all start to feel a little better. Win most of our remaining fixtures, ensure we have the home leg second in the play-offs, and as wretched as it all feels now, football can change rapidly and this could still be a summer of epic celebration. No, really.

3. That will require a sizeable improvement in quality and attitude, of course. Names don’t need naming, but the manager must find a way of focussing his players minds not on their summer machinations and Premier League prospects, but on getting City promoted. That’s a tall order for a manager who has cut a reduced figure of late, however he has done it before, and getting City up for a second time would restore lustre to a legacy that’s been tarnished of late.

4. The club announced the revised Membership Scheme details over the weekend. If you’re a South Stander and had been expected to move seats if you’re not in a family group, you now don’t have to move, though you do have to accept that the stand will be more kiddy filled than before. That’s a very positive and welcome change.

5. Supporters being allowed to secure use of their current seat in the West Stand upper should we get promotion to the Premier League seems a neither here nor there change. They could always go in the West upper should we go up, albeit buying tickets on a match by match basis. Either way, the people contemplating potential eviction from their seats have no influence on the outcome, and have to hope a side whose manager branded their performance against Wolves “not good enough” are going to save their seats. The whole idea of closing a part of a stand rather than attempting to fill it with reasonably priced tickets is just pathetic and defeatist.

6. Does adding 800 extra Zone 1 seats cut it when almost 40% of current passholders have concessionary tickets? “For too long, the price of football in this country has been much too high”, Ehab Allam, the man behind price hikes following relegation, is supposed to have said. If he really thinks that, why not make the entire upper West Stand Zone 1 and fill it every week?

7. A question not answered the first time round still has no answer: If you suddenly find yourself in a rather cheap Zone 1 seat and will be saving money when compared to pass prices this season, why would you move to somewhere more expensive? If people don’t move, the chances of other people being able to move to cheaper seats from seats that have now risen in price significantly will be very limited.

8.  The ‘Family Stand Guarantee’, which means ‘no group in the Family Stand will have to pay more than you did for…2015/16 Season Cards’ sounds great, but the caveat of ‘for your first year of Membership’ implies that the financial pain those who want to remain in their current seats not in the Family Stand will face soon, will merely be postponed for those who agree to move.

9. Even after the changes, many supporters are saying their overall spend may price them out of every game attendance next season. The brochure trumpets ‘adult savings’, which seems odd given there will be no distinction between adults and children any more, and ignores that most people don’t attend alone, they go with other people, some of whom will be children and/or seniors. The line stating that ‘the pride and passion of the black and amber army will never be lost’ seems remarkably hollow and mealy-mouthed doesn’t it?

10. It is clear that this scheme has been launched despite being nowhere near ready. Through our place on the Fans’ Working Group we urged the club not to proceed until the all-too-obvious issues had been satisfactorily resolved. Instead, the FWG was invited to another meeting to discuss it further. This was shelved. A proposed e-mail discussion failed to materialise. Instead, those on the FWG were notified on Thursday about the few small alterations prior to Saturday’s announcement – clearly, the club had decided to proceed by decree rather than by meaningful consultation. It’s precisely the sort of arrogant attitude that caused such serious damage over the name change fiasco, in which the fans imploring the club to think again have been proven entirely correct. A similar situation is imminent here. We despair at the club’s refusal to listen and the long-term harm could take a generation to repair.

10a. The club had previously promised us that the words “Hull City” would be used in the brochure. Predictably, you will scan it in vain for their actual FA-sanctioned name. A small thing perhaps, but indicative of the spiteful way in which the owners and management regard us all.

10b. And no, we very well may not be accepting any future invites to FWG meetings, if indeed there are any more. If they can’t be arsed to listen or make good on assurances given, why waste our time attending and being the only ones to ever produce a proper write-up of them?

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  1. Craig
    Craig says:

    The FWG is just the club’s way of satisfying the FA that it “listens” to the fans when in reality,it has no real intention to.Its a pointless waste of time for all concerned.

    With the membership scheme in its “updated” form,next season if we don’t go up will be horrendous…we’ll scrape five figure gates with a much reduced squad in terms of quality.


  2. Paul
    Paul says:

    All very sad, I don’t think there is a Football club like ours which has so much negativity and it all stems from the owner as. This membership scheme is perhaps one of the most crazy things i have seen. To make little kids pay full price when the ground is not much more than half full at the moment is mad.

  3. Evie
    Evie says:

    I have read (with a heavy heart) many comments from season ticket holders, who after 10/20/30/40 years are walking away regardless of promotion. When I moved to this area, I went to my first game at Boothferry Park in the season that saw them stay in the football league. The passion of those few thousand fans has stayed with me since. To me the East stand was never the same after moving the away fans into the corner that gave the ground its atmosphere and now I believe it will truly decimate the club with these changes. I hope I am wrong….

  4. John from Brid
    John from Brid says:

    When I read the brochure download I had a quick look and noted West upper stand pass holders can ( get f****d , sorry I am not a happy bunny st the moment ) stay in their seat UPP. 1234&5 if we get promoted and can renew from May 7th, so nobody who wrote this tosh realised we might be in the playoffs and will not know till May 28th what league we are in. Also what is this crap about lower West red zone, price on application. I am buying a pass for a game of football not looking at buying a mansion, presumably this red zone will have prices only the rich can afford so where exactly are us evicted to go, East lower get piss wet through when it rains or blinded when the sun shines, or north / south for an inferior view ( in my opinion ). I think me and my colleague will save £606 each and go somewhere more welcoming unless there is a proper rethink, the club went out and asked fans what they thought, more lies unless you can tell us someone they asked.

  5. Ambertigerfan
    Ambertigerfan says:

    Hull City in the Premier League watched in an echoey stadium by 2,650 plastic prawn sandwich eating tossers wearing Man Utd shirts.

    This will be the reality if the distorting zillion pounds a season continues to be offered up if you’re in the Premier League. The fans ARE irrelevant to the Allams because money is all that matters when you run a business. 5% annual interest is just too good of a thing on an 80 million pounds loan.The actions of the Allams are destroying generations of City fans. Who knows when we’ll ever get our club back from the Old Dictator and his toad of a son.

  6. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    Let’s not forget that the “savings” touted, are based on already excessively high prices.
    Unless I move (again) I’ll face a £217 increase. That’s if I can move.
    No wonder fans have enough. 40 years of “earning my stripes” and to be honest I couldn’t care less about next season.
    As for the FWG, is this fiasco worth a complaint to the FA?

  7. Bond
    Bond says:

    I have just waited an age to talk to one of only 4 operators dealing with new memberships, you can imagine!!
    We are Upper West stand season card holders, apparently “regardless of league”, up to upper west 5 (closing upper west 6 onwards)
    we can retain our seats?
    This conflicts with the info being given in the brochure stating only if we get promoted can we retain these seats, 2 of the 4 telephone operators told me “it is regardless of league” and they are renewing on that basis.
    If people renew in this area, will they then get told, should we fail to get promoted, that the 4 telephone operators got it wrong??
    Confusion reigns!!
    The red area’s zone 5 cannot even be given a price at this stage, what happens to those poor souls in those seats?
    After 2014 with the 30% increase then 2015 relegation and an 8% increase, as a single parent family of 4 (3 children) our tickets will be £738 more next season, my maths tell me a 62% increase for 2016 ! NO THANKS

  8. Cayman Tiger
    Cayman Tiger says:

    Outside of the parallel universe that the Allams operate in you couldn’t make this up, you really couldn’t.

    And now its pretty much certain that we’re in the play-offs, if somehow Bruce can actually do something positive to get us to the final I’ve got a big decision to make. So do I fly over for the final which happens to be on my birthday, or do I continue to adopt the almost “couldn’t give a shit anymore” feeling I’ve had for a fair while now. Thing is Hull City AFC is in my blood, but by fuck I hate you, you fuckers Allams.

  9. Officer Crabtree
    Officer Crabtree says:

    Assuming we stay down, there is a part of me that is looking forward to seeing the attendance figures for the first few home games of next season. I hate seeing Hull City reduced to this, but the spiteful, unpleasant behaviour of the Allams is finally getting the end result that it deserves.

  10. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    Have to agree Officer C.
    AND…if we do stay down, they will be desperate to sell seats.
    My advice to everyone is to wait and see where we are May 29th. The problem is IF we are promoted, we all know that a legion of Premier League tourist parasites will descend and buy tickets.

  11. gjhdurham
    gjhdurham says:

    Well as a sometime visitor to the KC these days, the hassle wrt seating hasn’t the impact currently that clearly upsets many. Next season I may find it difficult to get an Upper West ticket…? It’s a great shame that so much of the above article is about this, when City could still get promotion.
    Accordingly, I’ve decided that Allam hassle and Bruce stupidity needs to go on the back burner now…although it’s difficult with the pricing issue, and Bruce gobbing to the Mail about poor fan support.
    Of the article, Sections 2 & 3 are the important bits. The players do need support, and we do need to find the right team for a good shot at the play offs. I’d go…
    McG, Moses, Maguire, Davies(capt), Robbo/Tymon, Meyler, Livermore, Aluko, Snodgrass, Diomande, Hernandez…and go for it! Aluko wide right, with Snodders on the left with switches possible. Plenty on the bench…with Dawson to come back too. Think the best fighters are in there! With the right planning and leadership, this squad shouldn’t fear anyone in the playoffs!!

  12. Ken
    Ken says:

    There appears to be a lot of hysteria about this scheme, some of which appears to contradict what is in the clubs statement. The name is very divisive as many supporters such as myself have already earned their stripes by supporting the team both home and away for over 55 years. There are gaps in the information provided by the Club leaving it open to those who shout the loudest to exploit, the marketing department at Hull City never seem to learn from their mistakes or perhaps they get railroaded by the owners.

    I do not support the owners, I support the team. We have had worse owners such as Buchanan and Lloyd.

    If I am allowed to retain my existing seat in the South Stand as a single adult without a further significant cost increase then I will continue to support the team. Supporters need to be careful and take time to consider their response to this scheme, if too many make a knee-jerk reaction to walk away from the Club then that could lead to the Club going in to liquidation.

    I feel that after spending my hard earned money on supporting the club since the early 1960’s, I have earned the right to a concession which I would have been granted in the 2017/8 season but I will not walk away from the team because of that.

  13. Bosco
    Bosco says:

    It is heartbreaking watching City tear apart the fan base, we should be revelling in being in the playoffs, (- albeit we should be battling for top spot), yet the Allam’s are clueless about football and what it means to supporters.

  14. Rich
    Rich says:

    If there is a protest about the membership scheme…I want clear demarcation between those of us who protested against the name change and those soppy cunt west standers who care more about a few quid in their pocket than they do about the history and tradition of their football club. And can’t even begin to see the irony of this.

  15. Rottenborough
    Rottenborough says:


    I agree with some of what you say, but those deciding to walk away can hardly be said to reacting in a knee jerk fashion after 5 years of being denigrated and ignored by the Allams.

    Liquidation might not, in my opinion, be something the Allams would see as a bad thing if we don’t get promoted…….

  16. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    The club should be “earning it’s stripes” we have earned ours.
    Present situation – 15,000 when we’re 4th in the league.
    Ticket prices – season ticket and matchday too high.
    If we’re promoted, the gate receipts pale into insignificance compared to the £’Zillions from TV rights. So a chance for our owners to come true on their promise for cheap football in Hull. £10.adults and £5 kids.
    If we don’t go up then the evidence is already there for significant price cuts.
    I’d be happy with a straight forward £20 per month and £10 per month for concessions. ALA Huddersfield, first come first serve and sit anywhere.
    Ticket sales would rocket.
    Scrap the patronising “earn your stripes”.

  17. Eastmidstiger
    Eastmidstiger says:

    3 points about actual football 9 points about internal bitterness and bitching and backstabbing, this seems to have become the norm, but whatever the reason this not what we are, not what we have been, or where we need to be. Many people outside of Ull had never heard of the place before we got in the Premier League for the very first time, when people saw my shirt in my now local they asked “Does AFC mean that you are an amateur club” and is Hull a City? We have come a long long way since then, and if only we could pull together for 5 more games + 3 we could do what we do best, and stick 2 fingers up to the rest of the country, F.*ck the Allams we owe it to ourselves to get loud and proud once more, we were there before them and we will be there a long long time after they have got bored and gone. Simple ask from me guys, back our beloved team and our beloved home town (which actually is a City)

  18. John from Brid
    John from Brid says:

    Rich: I ain’t sure what is the matter with some in the East Stand but there had been quite a few snide remarks about West Stand fans, I am West Stand and thought the breaking up the East stand by the Alaams was the the action of a pig’s bastard but how do I show my support for you perhaps an act of self immolation in the centre circle might get some attention. The Alaams have in my opinion chose to divide and rule and your comment is food and drink to them, stand together. ( and anyway a cunt is useful )

  19. Dr Seuss
    Dr Seuss says:

    Let me make it clear first off that I’ve supported City for 80% of my life and I’m now 64 so I’m not one of those nasty OAPS who cost the club money by taking seats up with their miserly contributions. Secondly, I don’t care about the team getting promoted. They can rot for all I care. Why? because the club doesn’t want me. It’s shown that by taking my seat away when I was paying £600+ for it. They have made it clear they just want my money. So I too can react like a spoilt teenager. Let them spiral down the leagues. I’ll come back when the Allams go.There’s a thin line between love and hate and I’ve go beyond it now. Thirdly, the Allams are business people , Sucessful ones I”m told, and have made this decision on business principles. We, the club, are in debt to them by some £80+. Some of this was due to the last incompetent regime admittedly but the figure seems to have jumped up quite a bit under their watch too. Now was it all on transfer fees to keep us in the prem? If so how come that Burnley appear to have logged their recent accounts and they have £14 mill. in the black. Who are the better businessmen; the Allams or the owners of Burnley who want as many fans as they can get so reduce their season ticket prices? Tricky that one isn’t it? I’ve thought all along that all the fights about name change, Airco, East stand movement and now this membership scheme are just backdrops to their real aim which is to get control of the land the stadium is on plus the hull fair site, and get it for nothing. Yeah, I know, Hollywood plot line but looking at what they’ve done and are doing what else can it be? Oh, and Rich. Don’t be so divisive. Surely that’s what they want. I sit (sat) in West Stand Upper, but I had the City Till I die thingy up in my window, I voted against it in the club “ballot”, I’m a member of HCST and have just renewed even though I won’t be going back to the KC until fat bastard and his oh so slimy son fuck off. So please don’t fall for the Allam’s divisive hype. There is no silent majority for them, never was, never will be. They’re just chancers who rely on media misinformation and dividing any opposition to them. When my kids were small I always used to judge people on whether I’d let them baby sit for me. Would you let either of those near your kids? No I wouldn’t either.

  20. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    It is precisely people like you Dr. Suess who have earned your stripes. You may have a nice pension who knows BUT when every other club has concessions for OAPS and children this is madness.
    If I took over the club tomorrow I would (I did study football economics at Uni -albeit for a year) keep the membership scheme, scrap the patronising name and have a simple £20 per month adults, £10 per month over 65’s and under 21’s.
    Pretty sure THAT would fill the KC next season.

  21. Dr Seuss
    Dr Seuss says:

    You’re right Bill and I was not having a go at OAPs. Far from it. We all hope to get to that point sooner or later. The alternative is death. In fact I’d have got there in about 2 years (accident of my birth being in March would have meant I’d have to wait another year) And yes, I cannot think of any theatre, cinema, museum or such like that doesn’t offer concessions. But not for our dear Leaders! They want to be seen as BRIGHT, SHINY and NEW but really they’re just like that real silver thingy you bought in Greece or Spain that turns green and rusts after you get back home. Worthless shite. And as for good business perhaps they should look at Burnley and how they do it. I was laughing when the convicted criminal Cellino took over at Leeds. Do you know what, I’m not sure we’re any better off than them. I’m just tired of it all now.

  22. Rich
    Rich says:

    I’m not being divisive as regards people who protested against the name change…I am being divisive with regard to people who didn’t protest but are now suddenly all anti-Allam. I withdraw my “west stand” comment.

  23. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    Dr. Seuss – ref: Cellino – even L#$ds have reduced prices for next season, even they have reached out to attract their next generation of fans.
    Marketing is in many ways about perception and knowing your target audience. Our club has failed in both areas. I actually could save £101 next season, so why am I not happy about this?
    Because I don’t want to see fellow supporters, priced out.
    Imagine 3 pensioners who between them have watched City for 150 years and imagine if one is now priced out??? How wrong is that. Likewise for a Dad who has 2 children and can only afford to take one or simply not go! Wrong, wrong, wrong on every level. And could generate more revenue by filling the stadium at lower prices. Almost 10,000 empty seats vs Wolves = mismanagement!

  24. Dr Seuss
    Dr Seuss says:

    Cheers Rich. I think the best way to view things at City is, a la the great Groucho Marx, if the Allams are for it, I’m against it. I think that’s a pretty safe course to take on every decision made. Yes, Bill, I know. It really is bad when a criminal like Cellino starts looking quite reasonable in contrast to what we’ve got. What really gets my goat is stupid people ( and they must be stupid) saying that they are good businessmen and yet we’re (as a club) well and truly in the shit financially and getting further in all the time.
    Ah fuck it. I hurt inside, just like when I was teenager and the girl I was going out with said she wanted to pack me in ( yeah , looking at me now, 64 years old and as smooth as James Bond, you wouldn’t think it. I know, weird isn’t it?) but it’s just that kind of hurt. That hurt that says I love you why don’t you love me anymore. But I was 13 then! Ah fuck ’em. Shove their stripes up their skinny fucking arses!!! I think in future, as my wife has informed me on numerous occasions, I should take more water with my bedtime tonic.Good night.

  25. Chris Stern
    Chris Stern says:

    Same age, same stand, same feelings as you Dr Seuss. I’m in Y150 for a few more weeks.

    I live near Rochdale and have seen all but 6 matches this season, home and away. Haven’t missed a home game in 5 years, the last time I was in hospital. I’m going to save a lot of money, enough to go round the world for a month.

    And, oh yes, Rochdale FC have MADE ALL CHILDREN FREE FROM NEXT SEASON. According to a director I spoke to tonight, they believe that getting kids attending and supporting will safeguard the future of the club. There are 15000 children in Rochdale and they like to have to cope with all of them. He was incredulous when I explained the new approach at Allam Disunited. (Just thought of that name, quite like it). For me “my” Hull City is dead.

  26. Dr Seuss
    Dr Seuss says:

    Yes, I’ve read your previous posts Chris and if it helps, though I know it doesn’t, you have my shared sympathy. Rochdale seems like a go-ahead club, investing in the future and I think you’ve said that they play decent football. They were pretty good here in the league cup this season. Good luck to them.
    I was leafing through a few old programmes, as you do, and I found one from the 1988-9 season which said under its Hull City masthead, “the family club”. I’d forgotten that bit, and that was under another bunch of crooks, but they still wanted feet through the door unlike our present regime it seems. My wife tells me to let it go but its hard,very very hard. But I will. No more Allams for me thank you and this includes N Ferriby. I hope the pain goes away for you too Chris.

  27. Dr Seuss
    Dr Seuss says:

    I’ve just seen the “offer of a lifetime membership” to some lucky City supporter on the Hull City website.

    Ladies and gentlemen, who are the most divisive, manipulative and blatant abusers of the media.that this club have ever seen Step forward the Allams in another vain attempt to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

    Who wants my vote? At least somebody might as well gain from it. Let me know.

  28. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    They’ve dug a hole and I doubt on past performance they will simply admit they got, what could have been a good idea, completely wrong.
    Scrap the name.
    Bring in concessions (of at least 50%).
    Allow people to sit where they choose, to be next to friends, at no extra cost.
    There are many of us wondering whether we want to go up or not.
    Go up and those supporters who are priced out or choose not to renew, will see their seats filled by Premier League “tourists”. The club gets £Zillions from TV and those supporters are history.
    If we don’t go up, the fans will vote with their “bank balances” and the club will implode financially.
    A lose / lose situation.
    Sad situation.

  29. Rich
    Rich says:

    Yeah but, really, when you achully fink about it, it is his money, and he can do what he wants.Do you know what I mean?

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