PODCAST: TWTWT Podcast 108

It’s one long ramble this week, because all of the topics present for discussion tend to meld into one at the moment. So none of our jaunty commentary clips in between, no shirt discussions, and we barely talk about actual football at all (tonight’s game gets a half-mention, Bolton we didn’t bother with).

Weapons-grade profanity on occasion. Calling someone a doofus just doesn’t have the same effect.

Fill your boots…

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  1. Roy Bly
    Roy Bly says:

    Regarding the new members scheme at Hull City, never has any company made honest customers compensate financially for the activities of others who have committed fraud.
    The information pack published WHAT THE NEW MEMBERSHIP MEANS – one of the bullet points states the above ! HOW AUDACIOUS !HOW WRONG
    Our family have supported the club since 1937 when my father signed as their goalie -i first started going at the age of 10 in 1959 I could roam and be behind my dad’s goal for both halves
    A disgruntled Roy Bly

  2. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    I thoight the protest was spot on, getting the message out, whilst not detracting ftom the team. Apart from the aeroplane landing in front of Diomande as he scuffed his penalty. Good interview by Burnsy too with Steve Bruce.
    As Les has said, this scheme has the potential to be a decent idea, given proper consultation with the fans.

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