PODCAST: TWTWT Podcast 104

Oof. Bad week. Two poor results on the field and a whole new instance of fan-loathing idiocy from the Allams. The sharpest of tongues was required for this one. Please note: there is a LOT of swearing in this (and a bit of phone buzzing, bah).

No game at the weekend means no podcast next week. Have a tolerable Easter.

Right, here you go…

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  1. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    Some great analogies Les :)
    Appreciate the unselfish, united stance on the proposed ticket prices.
    Agree with the repeated theme, that if this does go through, 1,000’s loyal City fans will be lost forever.
    Thoughts on how to protest, without upsetting the team on the pitch?

  2. Les
    Les says:

    The Pastor Niemöller analogy makes me think of your attitude evolution Bill.

    “First they came for the club name, and I did not speak out because I didn’t value CITY and AFC.
    Then they came for the concessions of fans with disabilities, and I did not speak out because I have no disabilities. Then they came for the Airco Arena, and I did not speak out because I’m not a member of the High Flyers Trampoline club”

    Then they came for you Bill, and your wallet, but fortunately for you we’ll speak out, even if we personally stand to benefit from the membership scheme as previously proposed. The Allams have shown they have nothing but self interest motivating them, and the feelings of supporters old and new just do not matter to them. It started with the name change and continued, and will continue till they’ve disenfranchised supporters of every ilk. This is why the ‘it’s their business they can do what they want’ argument was always hogwash, it’s our club, and we should not be hounded out because of a megalomaniac desperate to piss us off and price us out.

  3. Chunder Monkey
    Chunder Monkey says:

    Spot on Les.

    I have to admit, part of me is amused that a lot of long-time pass holders who’ve criticised those of us for strongly opposing the name change need to be hit in the pocket before they wake up to the reality that their club is being run by cunty shysters.

    If a bully kicks you in the bollocks and you meekly put up with it, don’t be surprised if next time he comes to nick your pocket money too.

    Such a sad state of affairs, but hopefully this will be the issue that finally brings a total revolt against the Allams’ poisonous regime.

  4. Dr Seuss
    Dr Seuss says:

    Good Post Les. I’ve just seen a Red Molotov t-shirt with the same message but it starts with migrants, then the disabled etc. I’ve also just seen the HDM article about a “rethink” from the owners. Well, considering that us ex-season ticket holders were supposed to be getting our information packs this week I can’t really see much going to happen on that front do you? It falls into line along with all the other “consultations” they’ve promised. No I’ll believe it when I see it. And Chunder Monkey surely you’re making a gross over-simplification here. I have never supported the name change nor have any of my friends who sit with me in WU stand. As I said sometime ago last year or maybe even earlier, the idea that because someone does not chant Allams out therefore they are one of a silent majority supporting them doesn’t hold water and that was why they never put it to a vote. They knew that so please can you? I’ve supported CTWD, had the poster in my window, had the arguments with deluded fools wearing fezes, and I am a member of HCST – number 42 actually- in the hope that we can secure a better future for MY club. And I’m not being hit in the pocket, I’m being forcibly moved. But I do agree with you about the cunty shysters. Couldn’t have put it better myself.

  5. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    Les a bit harsh as I am genuinely more concerned for the OAPs being priced out.
    I have protested many times over the years.
    However you are right that it is OUR club and without us it is nothing.
    You are also spot on over the earn your stripes, why should we, when we have over the years.

  6. Ambertigerfan
    Ambertigerfan says:

    The sad fact is that Allam will not sell City. He makes a tidy four million a year profit from interest on the 80 million loan he furnished. This smoke screen about “offers being turned down” and “we want the club to go to good owners” is codswallop.

    If City get promoted, the obscene TV money City get for being a Premier club will make the fans even more irrelevant. The ratio of gate money to TV money will be minute and therefore its source (the City fans) is irrelevant.

    If City don’t get promoted Allam may force a sale through as parachute payments decline.

    I’d like to see a campaign to get the Allams out before there is no club or fans left. Also, Tomb Rater needs revising down big time.

  7. Bosco
    Bosco says:

    Great podcast, some superlative swearing from Mark Gretton and Les. I do love it when Les’s rants kick off.

    The Allam’s are further revealing themselves and now hitting some of the silent majority. Divide and conquer. They won’t sell till we are promoted to the promised land of milk and tv money, they are businessmen and have too much cash tied up, they want some of it back.

    As for Bruce, dust worselves off and don’t pick Aluko again and sort it!

    Lastly, good to see Huddlestone back to his best and a mini ‘fro returning… coincidence…? I think not.

  8. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    Doomsday scenario and City stick to pricing out the lifeblood of the club, OAPs and kids, we could en masse switch to Hull United? This could easily increase their gates by 2,000+.

  9. Chunder Monkey
    Chunder Monkey says:

    Dr Seuss, the people I was referring to are probably the same idiots with whom you’ve had arguments. I wasn’t suggesting that everyone who still attends home games was in favour of the name change (though it would have been nice if more had had the balls to vote against it when given the opportunity). But there are a significant amount of city fans who were critical of CTWD and others for ‘destabilising’ the club’s most successful season during the name change, who are now up in arms that they’re being fucked over by the same despot and will no doubt want the Trust’s help in opposing the changes. I could well be seeing a couple of them in the pub tonight, so i’ll be interested to hear their views.

  10. Rich
    Rich says:

    Isn’t it sad how some people seem to care more about their own finances than the history and identity of the club? I blame Andy and the Tories.

  11. Aggie
    Aggie says:

    Time for unity. All my family returned their season passes after our own fans booed the chanting of ‘City ’till we die’ and swore never to go to home games again. Then I saw how upset my 11 year old grandson was and so have been taking him to the South Stand. Its been delightful – lots of diverse family groupings – and lovely to hear the kids shouting and chanting. I was preparing to buy passes – £302 for the two of us. Now increased to £648! And even worse, many of the people (aunts/uncles/grandparents not accompanying a child) will be excluded. Madness. Have just checked Burnley website for their renewal prices – for a pensioner and 11 year old – £269. And under 10s – free!
    Basically everything Ehab Allam said in his press releases needs challenging. Lets forget the differences in the past and unite to fight to rid our club of the Allams once and for all.

  12. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    Aggie thanks for the Burnley comparison which is highly relevant and should be highlight to the Allams. Similar sized club & support, same ambition. Huddersfield are also slashing prices, again same sized stadium. Given that Assem promised £10 tickets for all, lets present a clear case for reductions FOR ALL including disabled fans.
    Or given as Les quite rightly pointed out, that the words business and customers keep being used, we’ll do the unthinkable and quit City!
    Ps. I’m not against a membership scheme and I currently pay by DD. I am vehemently against being ripped off. Even worse seeing our lifelong elderly fans priced out.

  13. Les
    Les says:

    That’s the thing, there is never any comprehension from clubs that treating it all like a business encourages fans to do the same, to view live football as a product with the feeling of community utterly removed. If you take out the social aspect of going with mates (and that may be beyond our control if there’s a pricing zone game of musical chairs), then what happens if the product is crap? City have struggled to buy a goal at home of late, should we look at the cost of each goal against entry price and decide whether to ‘consume; the next game? It’s all such a soulless way of looking at it.

  14. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    Correct Les and coupled with Sky constantly moving fixtures. After 40 years of supporting City I’m thinking why bother???
    Huddersfield Town just announced passes at £179 adults ANYWHERE in the ground. £89 kids and Oaps. £69 under 8’s.

  15. Chris Stern
    Chris Stern says:

    Can I ask that in the interests of unity and a bit of respect you stop some of the comments about the OAPs in the Upper West Stand only waking up and resisting now. that isn’t true. As you will all find out one day, things slow down as you get older. Had there been a vote on the idea of proposing a name change you would have seen a 99% rejection of the idea from our part of the stadium. The pain of those moved from the East Stand was understood too. What were we supposed to do?

    I’m an angry SENIOR with a seat in Upper 6. It’s not about the money, that’s true of virtually all of us. To put that in perspective, I’m writing this in Nashville Tennessee. i times this visit so that I didn’t miss any City matches home or away. As its Easter the airfare was about £150 more than at other times in in March/April and the car hire was an extra £10 a day, an additional £100. So even without hotels that’s two thirds of my season card cost in 10 days!

    The anger is, personally losing my seat and the friends around me. And it is the absolutely disgusting treatment of young supporters. £29 X 12 = £348. The £21 seats are supposed to be reserved for my age group (a sea of white hair) so that will be the minimum cost for the crucial younger fans. It’s outrageous.

    Why is there so little comment in the media? Also I’m a member of HCST and one of the small handful of non committee members who attended the recent meeting. As far as I know they have said nothing pending getting a view from members. That I find very disillusioning. Is it because leaders would rather take the price reduction? I’m not given to swearing but the simple message given to the owners should be FUCK OFF WITH THIS SHIT MEMBERSHIP SCHEME!b

    After 50 years I’m already planning free weekends in the autumn, I laughed when the goal went in at the Riverside, and I’m not sure if I’ll go to play off matches. As I’ve only missed 5 (away) matches this season and live 90 miles from Hull, you can tell this hurts a lot! My local club, Rochdale, going well in League 1, attractive football, friendly owner, £20 cash to get in, is very tempting now.

  16. Dr Seuss
    Dr Seuss says:

    Totally agree with all of your points Chris, although I’d modify a couple. I do believe the HCST are in the process of “doing something” but sadly cannot until the plan is unveiled to us by us receiving our membership packs. Yes, I know, what a waste of time because that means we have gone past the so-called “consultation period” but that’s the way the Allams appear to work. As underhand as you can get. The second point is I am given to swearing as above posts indicate.
    I’ll be at the KC on Saturday and I would like there to be some backlash against this scheme from the supporters in the form of banners or just simple chanting. If there isn’t, well, we deserve what we get don’t we? Rochdale sounds pretty good Chris. I’m thinking of York in their battle to remain in the football league. I couldn’t face Grimsby or the Scunts. Even North Ferriby is out due to the Allam connection.
    What a shit way for it all to end eh?

  17. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    Great post Chris and mirrors my feelings.
    I was moved from the East Stand to make way for the away fans.
    Completely agree about the “muffled” outcry. Radio Humberside (albeit with limited information) were hailing this as cheap tickets for all.
    Banners required for a protest.
    Get Radio Humberside behind us too, Burnsie will be with us.

  18. Peter Levy
    Peter Levy says:

    Burnsie won’t be with you & neither will anyone from the BBC or the Hull daily Mail as (as we saw with the name change fiasco) they’re shit scared to upset the Allams for fear of losing their access to the club & it’s players.

  19. Chunder Monkey
    Chunder Monkey says:

    Chris, there was a vote on the name change. Less than 3,000 season ticket holders voted against it.

    The only point I was making was that there was ample opportunity for the fans to mobilise and make their opposition to the Allams clearer at several opportunities previously, whether it was the shabby treatment of Barmby, the name change fiasco, the initial ticket price increases, the treatment of disabled fans, or the debacle with the Airco Arena. I just feel like the attitude of SOME fans at the time was ‘Meh, I’m alright, it doesn’t affect me’. Now they’re being hit in the pocket or being forced to move seats, SOME fans seem to more proactive in their Allam anger, and I find it a bit rich.

    I don’t think anyone on here is happy about anyone being removed from their seats in the stadium, and I hope the club take the concerns of people on board and change what could be a decent idea to make it fairer for all. Unfortunately, a fish rots from the head down, and until the Allams have sold the club, I can’t really see City’s attitude to its fanbase changing.

  20. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    Peter Levy – well we’ll force the issue with Radio Humberside, although they seem to give a disproportionate amount of time to GRIMSby Town and sCUNTHorpe United these days.
    In essence a membership scheme is fine, what is NOT is the extortionate pricing in MOST categories. Even the £41 per month is high compared with other Northern clubs. The removal of any concessions will ensure the KC is 1/2 empty next season or if we go up, full of rich plastics / tourists!. Hull United anyone? Ooooh Ian Ashbee :)

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