PODCAST: TWTWT Podcast 103

Despondent? Us? Well, perhaps a bit. After all, we have the Arsenal and MK Dons games to talk about. Still, we actually cheered up at the meltdowns of this week’s forthcoming brace of opponents and even a jolly good laugh at Ehab Allam’s latest ill-thought bit of idiocy. And then we discussed an old shirt of dubious amberness…

Below. In its glory.

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  1. joe red
    joe red says:

    This reminded me that i’ve had one of these in my loft for about 10 years! I’ve never been able to figure out the player (Short Sleeves, Official Number 7). Anyway – s’on Ebay now if anyone is interested.

  2. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    Aside from Livermore being injured, Bruce playing Diame / Clucas out of position, teams playing for a draw and M$ D@&$ timewasting and cheating for 100 minutes, can anyone pinpoint where we are going wrong just now?

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