Things We Think We Think #216


1. City’s sequence of away games concluded with a very satisfying 2-0 win at Blackburn on Saturday, and we’re back at the top of the league. Significant credit to the players for this one, because whatever the disparity in ability between City and their hosts, any away victory that’s made to look fairly routine is an accomplishment.

2. It suggests a real improvement in mentality from City. They lost three horrible games in a row on the road in December, results and performances so awful it threatened to derail the whole season. Since then we’ve played five times outside of East Yorkshire: QPR (okay, improved), Fulham (alright), Bury (good), Burnley (good, unlucky) and Blackburn (very good). We still don’t entirely trust City away from home, but that’s a solid sign of progress.

3. It means we’ve come through this ugly little patch of four successive away games with six points and progress in the Cup. We’d definitely have taken that at the start of it.

4. Who saw Tom Huddlestone being included at Blackburn? Not us, not anyway it seemed. It’s tough on Isaac Hayden, though the manager reassures us that he has the mentality to cope. It’s also remarkable to think that David Meyler, indispensible at the turn of the year, also cannot get in the side. That strength in depth thing is turning out to be real.

5. Meanwhile, as City smoothly retake top spot, at least until tonight, others are faltering. Derby’s loss of form culminated in the bizarre decision to sack their manager, accompanied by a gloriously idiotic wail about “the Derby way”. That this act of naked panic was a bad idea is proven by the delighted reaction of the other promotion-chasing clubs’ fans, and also Derby’s latest defeat at the weekend.

6. What of Middlesbrough? We’ll learn a lot about their mentality tonight when they take on Leeds. That’s a very winnable game for any side hoping to be in the top flight next season, but they’re experiencing their own sticky patch. Wouldn’t it be lovely if they too could do something as dopey as Derby?

7. No longer struggling are Brighton, City’s opponents at the Circle tomorrow evening. When they lost their third League game in a row at Rotherham, it’s safe to say that many wrote them off. Four wins later and they’re right back in it. What a glorious division. And what a recovery from them too – it’d have been easier to slide meekly out of contention, but here they come. This, the first of three away games in a row for them, will be an extremely testing game for us.

8. It’s tempting to write off City’s trip to the Emirates on Saturday. A more winnable tie than this would have us almost panting with excitement, stricken with Cup fever. As it is, it’s very hard to imagine City taking too much from this game. We wonder how seriously Steve Bruce will take it, given City’s position in the League.

9. Ehab’s been a busy boy, speaking freely in the Yorkshire Post last week about his family’s plans for the club. We still enjoy his plucky assertion that he prefers watching games at home to being there in person – courageous advocacy of armchair support, that. A pity he wasn’t pressed more on ticket prices and whether we can have the proper badge back next season, though.

10. We may be learning something more about those 2016/17 prices very soon. Given the mood in football and the failure of last year’s increased cost, we can only assume they’re coming down.

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  1. Ambertigerfan
    Ambertigerfan says:

    Point 10: Allam Senior promised 10 pounds tickets for Hull City fans. Where are they?

    City could learn a lot from Coates at Stoke: prices frozen for 7 consecutive seasons (since they were in the Championship!)

    Don’t be surprised if Allam raises prices citing Premiership football as the justification. (Presuming promotion)

  2. Paul
    Paul says:

    Delighted performance was good on Saturday, I didn’t go but did the week before. Personally I thought the game at Burnley was a poor from both sides who both lacked real quality throughout.
    Ehab Allam interview was utter tosh, it’s all about money with that family. On prices the cheapest way for me to go with my daughter tomorrow is to take a poor view from South stand and it’s still £39 for a Tuesday night match……hmmmmm. Wonder why the gates are so low despite being top.

  3. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    Birmingham £20 yet its £10 for their fans!
    Ticket prices MUST come down next season, regardless of which division we’re in.
    We shouldn’t have to pay any more than £20 a game £10 for concessions.
    Fill the ground!

  4. Ben Burgess
    Ben Burgess says:

    Even though we are top people still want to talk about the Allams. Dont expect them to be here next season so there will be the opportunity for new owners to decide about ticket prices!

  5. Paul
    Paul says:

    Burnley was £24, £7 for kids which for this level is about right. Agree Arsenal tickets are priced ok and may get there yet, they we that price in the league too as they have us as category Z I think.

    To have those prices for a midweek game with so many matches to come is mad but the club (Allam) screwed themselves on this by making season tickets such poor value with hardly any benefit cash wise to having one so cannot offer discounts. So I’ve got out of the habit a bit as it seems have a few thousand others.

  6. gjhdurham
    gjhdurham says:

    On football! Glad that the Thudd inclusion yielded a good result. However, some still saying he’s rather ponderous, plus Blackburn weren’t that good. Certainly seemed to only kick on after halftime again… Brighton are a far better side with good signings on board, and dangerous and quick out wide. A slow start is not what’s required! Await the team selection with interest…but getting stuck in from the off will be the key to success IMO. Glad to see Diame wants the Champs Title. Hope Abel hits 20 goals ASAP! Leeds to win, 3points v Brighton and a strong side out at Arsenal to rock them back! Got a replay feeling coming on for the Cup… Big week. COYH!

  7. Eastmidstiger
    Eastmidstiger says:

    8 mile to the west I have the Ipro and 8 mile to the east I have the City ground, both clubs enjoy good attendances week in week out, of which Derby have the largest home attendances, the Forrest fans go to great lengths to point out that Derby’s attendance is only high due to discounts like “kids for free”, they do however forget that the City Ground also runs discounts and kids for free (fact & Forrest fan are not words usually used in the same sentence). But the thing for me is there are always bums on seats, if “the sheep” were playing Brighton tomorrow night the attendance would be higher than the KC can actually hold, and if a large % of those bums on seats are kids how good is that for the future of the club? We all know that following your team as a kid and actually being taken to watch them regularly through thick and thin will make you far more loyal in years to come and less likely to change to Chelsea when your club hit poorer times. For a City that has always been known as a Rugby Town and is of late starting to emerge as a serious football town it is imperative that we catch them young and get them hooked, that is not going to happen if parents can not afford to take their kids. Mr Allam has repeatedly said he wants to do something for the community, well Mr A start by letting the kids watch their own football team, as a business man you must recognise an investment for the future.

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