PODCAST: TWTWT Podcast 100

Our coming of age and our centenary podcast meet. So we invited Dave Burns on, and he staggeringly said yes. Enjoy plenty of chatter about his career covering the club, plus a look back at Brighton and Arsenal and the two Championship games ahead.

As we hit our century of podcasts, we thank you greatly for downloading them each week.

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  1. Officer Crabtree
    Officer Crabtree says:

    As someone who was disappointed with Burnsy’s (and Radio Humberside’s) dealing with the whole name change saga, this was good to listen to. I don’t agree that RH got the balance right – in part because of the things that Les raised (also listen to the fawning interviews Peter Levy gave Tom Courteney and Prescott when they were supporting the name change and compare it with the grilling Mark Gretton had to take when opposing it) – but it was interesting to hear Burnsy’s take on things. Anyway, anyone who can remember a Dave Burns-less Radio Humberside – or who ever listens to local radio coverage of other football teams – will known that generally speaking we’re lucky to have him. A smashing podcast as usual. Happy birthday.

  2. Bosco
    Bosco says:

    A very enjoyable podcast, excellent as always, some good questions and answers. David Burns went up in my estimation and interesting to hear re the balancing of his position when walking the line…

    Great work lads, still the best web site. Happy Birthday.

    Oh, and still top of the league.

  3. Decomposing
    Decomposing says:

    After listening to this I would like Peter Swan to be given the boot with Andy, Les and Pat Sharpe here given alternate weeks commentating alongside Burnsy. This would need to be on a delay though due the possibility of the occasional bout of potty mouth language.

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