The Soul of Hull City #23: ‘The Tigers are back’ record.

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TAB2The football record has all but died a death, apart from every four years when some deluded ego is roped in by the FA to write something for the England team that they mistakenly believe will be a fraction as good as World in Motion. Or Vindaloo, for that matter.

The 70s and 80s were a different matter. Football records were all the rage. You couldn’t move for Nice One Cyrils, Back Homes, Anfield Raps and Ossie Ardiles’ knees going all trembly. Seeing the potential in this, a newly resurgent Hull City decided in 1981 that a seven-inch single was the best way to celebrate our ‘revival’.

We didn’t have a Chas and Dave among our fans, but we did have a soon-to-be award-winning film writer/director and a soon-to-be member of The Christians among our fans, and so schoolfriends Mark Herman and Henry Preistman were soon laying down some beats, or whatever it is that these people do.

The result is interesting. And if you think that ‘interesting’ is a euphemism for ‘a bit shit’, you’d be right. But shit in an endearing way. Lines such as “We used to roar a lot, along with 20,000 others” mixed seamlessly with crowd shouts of “Give ‘em some stick Dennis” in a deliciously low-key offering complete with a classy sounding 80s synth. Sadly, the top 40 didn’t quite beckon for this offering, but it remains the only Hull City record ever to be released. And in the general crimes against music committed by various football clubs or players, there has been much, much worse released.


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  1. Mike Suffield
    Mike Suffield says:

    Brilliant stuff. Evokes scary memories of standing on Bunkers as Don Robinson threw copies into the crowd, and they came free from their sleeves and scythed through the kids at the front, scalping a few on the way. Happy days.

  2. John C
    John C says:

    I too remember the Don Robinson throws. Careful there Don.

    What was the song played circa 1980 – 82? Had “just like the Tigers of old, we’re strong and we’re bold” (or similar) in the lyrics?

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