Things We Think We Think #208


1. City are back on track, at least in terms of the result gained on Saturday. A win and a clean sheet, it’s what we’d become greedily accustomed to prior to the most recent international break. And there’s no doubt the win was welcome. But…

2. But it wasn’t awfully convincing, was it? Bolton were as dreadful a side as you could ever wish to see at this level, a team wholly devoid of confidence and ability with ambitions extending to nothing more than hoping to stop City scoring without no apparent interest in troubling our own defence. With that in mind, a 1-0 wasn’t overly impressive, even if it was welcome.

3. There were mitigating circumstances. We’ve been off form of late, culminating in the appalling defeat at Elland Road a week earlier. The weather was terrible. Bolton were suffocatingly negative and continued to waste time even when losing. The referee (officiating his first and probably last Championship game of the season) was awful, blowing seemingly at random, losing control early on and never threatening to regain it. So perhaps it was never going to be a good game. But there’s still a feeling City could have done more.

4. Positives. David Meyler was back, and City immediately looked brisker and more businesslike as a consequence. Chuba Akpom was lively and committed. Robertson and Clucas linked up well. Robert Snodgrass finally made his home debut, and made a zesty contribution. It didn’t really click, but that wasn’t really for a want of trying.

5. We’ll bank the three points and move on. It keeps City in touch at the top, restores a little confidence and means that the visit of Reading on Wednesday evening provides the opportunity for us to start putting another little run together. They aren’t a bad side but they are playing badly, with four defeats in five (the other being a win over, ahem, Bolton). Ideally, City will win to nil again and we’ll all be able to love Paul McShane again.

6. There’s something we don’t much love right now, and that’s some of the people who work at Hull City AFC. On Saturday, for the first time, the aurally offensive garbage that is music after a goal was played at City. Its effect was remarkable. Midway through a goal celebration, supposedly the pinnacle of the Saturday afternoon experience, thousands of people suddenly stopped as they realised the ghastliness that was being directed at them, and the atmosphere never recovered. Many booed – so well done to those responsible, never in 111 years will City fans have been booing seconds after a goal, so you’ve at least created a squalid slice of history there.

7. The response has been encouragingly blistering in its condemnation. On social media, the internet forums, at the game and in the pubs afterwards, the disgust at this ridiculous practice was unanimous. That’s certainly been good to hear. James Mooney, perhaps the most high-profile City employee on Twitter, has already promised it’ll be reviewed this morning (though leave off the personal abuse towards him, yeah? Back in March he came out against this shit too). We’ll await the outcome of that review later today, though quite what there is to debate is anyone’s guess. The answer to this question, which has been raised before, is no. It has always been no. It will always be no. No, no, no.

8. We’re overreacting, being aged stick-in-the-muds, etc etc. The kidz love it, lol. And so on. As though somehow anyone under the age of 25 is so eye-wateringly stupid they don’t know the difference between an authentic football experience and cheesy Americanised nonsense and therefore need to be pathetically patronised. Well, maybe they do and football as we know it is effectively dead. But we don’t think they’re that dense. They booed too, and bear in mind that they were as vocal as anyone in protesting against the name change.

9. Part of the problem is that the club is, as usual, paying no attention to its fans, and is instead intent upon antagonising us. Again. From the (defunct?) Fans’ Working Group meetings, the club were repeatedly told that goal music would not be welcome. They knew the views of the majority, and did it anyway. It is impossible to conclude anything other than that those responsible have done this purely to anger and annoy. Which is so utterly contemptible that we long anew for the departure of the owners and their miserable gaggle of acolytes.

10. At what point should be start being worried by City’s attendances? Bolton may only have brought a few hundred, but to get under 16,000 when we’re supposed to be aiming for promotion is pretty terrible. It’s almost as those those ridiculous price rises everyone said was a bad idea was, well, a bad idea.

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  1. willo4wanderer
    willo4wanderer says:

    God…… what a bunch of negative whinges re ‘Tiger feet’…. talk about right wing dictatorship…

  2. Bunkers Bill
    Bunkers Bill says:

    Attendances: we’ve just had by far the best decade in our history (4 promotions, 3 visits to Wembley including an FA cup final, qualifying for Europe, become a feared club in the Championship, become a yo yo PL club, and now having a real national profile).

    Yet our gates were better ten years ago, against the likes of Rochdale and Walsall. How can it be that all that success has been frittered away and wasted? How have the club actually managed to shrink its fanbase in that time?

    Answers to: The Owners, Hull City AFC

  3. Officer Crabtree
    Officer Crabtree says:

    “How have the club actually managed to shrink its fanbase in that time? Answers to: The Owners, Hull City AFC”

    I think you’ll find it’s…

    “How have the club actually managed to shrink its fanbase in that time? The answer is: The Owners, Hull City AFC”

  4. Bunkers Bill
    Bunkers Bill says:

    “How have the club actually managed to shrink its fanbase in that time? The answer is: The Owners, Hull City AFC”


    After the decade we’ve just had, Hull and Rovers should both be getting 3 figure crowds as we play in our fullish 30,000 stadium.

    What a missed opportunity.

  5. John from Brid
    John from Brid says:

    The Ref was a complete arse, the flow of the game was stopped, the weather was vile. The game may have not been great, but with some of the pre mentioned it didn’t have much chance of being one. To use the old saying ” a good team plays badly and still gets the points ” is a good team. Onwards and upwards. COMEONCITY.

  6. Bunkers Bill
    Bunkers Bill says:

    Atmosphere: how about lowering prices, having a stand where folk sit/stand where they want, pay on the day?

    Crazy I know and it would cost a fortune but…..

  7. Tyneside Tiger
    Tyneside Tiger says:

    The club can’t let you stand (officially), it’s not their decision. One of the few things we can’t blame them for.

  8. Bunkers Bill
    Bunkers Bill says:

    The club enforce some rules some of the time, some rules all of the time, some rules none of the time.

    Generally, they seem to enforce rules which detract from the home fans’ enjoyment of the matchday experience, both inside and outside the ground, on a whim.

  9. Kempton Lad
    Kempton Lad says:

    As ever a good read. But when we do get large attendances you say, where have all the plastic fans come from? It is crazily expensive, but could be worse – look at the clown running the outfit at Elland Rd.

  10. gjhdurham
    gjhdurham says:

    Re 2: They hit the post so our sloppy play could have easily cost 2 points. We also lost Dawson for a month and saw Diomande for the first time…but let’s go on about goal music!
    Looking at the fixtures…Winning the next two games could be very, very useful! However, playing like we are at the moment gives the opposition every chance and I’m sure Macca will have a point to prove. Reading are a cut above Bolton! Really crunch time…for SB to raise everyone’s game! Could be the tipping point for the season this week…

  11. Bunkers Bill
    Bunkers Bill says:

    “and I’m sure Macca will have a point to prove.”

    That he can’t be as bad as we thought?

    I see he gave away the pen that cost Reading the game last weekend.


  12. Les
    Les says:

    “God…… what a bunch of negative whinges re ‘Tiger feet’…. talk about right wing dictatorship…”

    Maybe you should talk about being a stupid cunt, as it’s something you evidently know a lot about.

  13. Les
    Les says:

    You’re right that some ‘people’ can’t take a contrary opinion, and you’re one of them, which is why you made the utterly crass remark about ‘right wing dictatorships’. Fucking idiot.

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