Things We Think We Think #202


1. What a week for City. Two games, two wins, five goals for and none conceded. We thought last week that four points would be nice. For City to get all six and play so impressively while doing so bodes very well.

2. Ipswich first. By fairly common consent they’re the most useless side we’ve faced this season, but that needn’t limit the praise City deserve for cuffing them 3-0. The Tigers started sluggishly, and if you’re to grumble about anything then it’s the fact that they weren’t properly thrashed when half a dozen goals were perhaps in the offing; but that half an hour period of play either side of half-time was scintillating and far too much for the hapless Suffolkers to cope with.

3. Lovely too to see City go and get that second goal we’ve so often harped on about. Even the most abject side can steal an equaliser if only a single goal advantage is established; by quickly going 2-0 up there was never any real doubt about the outcome.

4. It frustrated some that City then visibly withdrew upon scoring the third, with players being taken off (Hernández with fitness in mind, Dawson with a booking to his name) and the players obviously taking it easy with the next game in mind. And of course, it was a pity for the paying spectator that City didn’t really go for a truly massive win. However, what a situation to be in, playing with your next game in mind with 25 minutes remaining of the present one.

5. That next performance was even better. Birmingham were touted as the best side yet to visit the Circle, they arrived with a good away record and real hopes of being the first side to win here. In the end, they left thoroughly outplayed and with a 2-0 defeat that was better than the bald scoreline suggested.

6. It’s tempo, isn’t it? City are playing so much more quickly and with much more intent than earlier in the season. Though they had the first real chance on Saturday, Birmingham barely touched the ball in the first 8-9 minutes, establishing the tone for the afternoon. And again, the second goal! It’s a glorious feeling when, still recovering from the celebrations of the first, you get another inside a minute. It completely poleaxed poor Birmingham, who went from aspirations of half-time parity to near-certain defeat inside ninety traumatic seconds. We loved that killer instinct.

7. We love David Meyler, too. It’s stretching things to say that his introduction alone has seen City take things up a gear this week, but equally it cannot be just coincidence. Two fine goals have capped two outstanding performances.

8. After a slowish (but still useful start), it feels as though the season is really underway now, and that anything is possible. City are second, with a side in form and a squad full of rare quality at this level. Derby and Middlesbrough probably remain the biggest threats and are slowly closing in on the upper reaches – it could end up being an epic three-way tussle for the top. Right now though, the title genuinely feels within our grasp.

9. Just to add to the positivity, there’s a League Cup Fourth Round tie tomorrow. City have never made the quarter-finals of this competition, and this represents a chance at making club history. Yes, there’s lots of League football at the moment. But this is a chance at genuine history, and while Leicester are rightly (though narrowly) the favourites, this is winnable. It’s not “just” the League Cup, it’s a chance to do something no Hull City side has ever done. Let’s hope it’s taken seriously, and let’s hope we can do it. Wonder whether City will do the funky disco floodlights too…?

10. At long last, months after promising it, the Hull City Official Supporters’ Club has released their submission to the FA about the Allams’ doomed attempt to chance City’s name. Let’s charitably call it “unimpressive”.

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  1. Jimmy Weekly
    Jimmy Weekly says:

    Great Monday morning read.
    #3 Dead right. Finishing off the opposition is something that’s been missing for too long. Good to see it back.
    #8 Don’t forget Burnley. They’re our biggest threat this season.

  2. Bosco
    Bosco says:

    Re 10, interesting reading the HCOSC submission and I’m glad I joined to increase the ‘No ‘ vote.

    Really looking forward to the next two away fixtures, tickets arrived.

  3. Ambertigerfan
    Ambertigerfan says:

    From City Supporters’ Trust: interesting reading (no pun intended). 4% of 77 million pounds of debt is 3 million pounds in interest earned by the Allams. Not Bad! A Lloyds Bank bridging loan would cost the club 1.7 million pounds.

    The club is basically at the mercy of Allam and unsellable with this much debt. Of course it is not in the interest (no pun intended again) of Allam to reduce the debt when they are paying themselves so much in interest. You can tell Old Man Allam is an accountant!

  4. gjhdurham
    gjhdurham says:

    Would Lloyds Bank give a footy club a large bridging loan? Doubt it…
    Very satisfactory week from several points…6…of view. Consistency is needed now, and making the KC somewhere clubs are worried to come. Indeed from opposing manager’s comment, this may already be happening…purely from the squad we have. If we can build a better grasp on an automatic promotion spot by Jan, then those thinking of pastures new might think again. (Hope to hang onto Hernandez and Elmo…) After all, a Championship winner’s medal is surely something most footballers would like in their trophy cabinet. (It may be the best some mature squad members can hope for, and a novelty for the youngsters!) This is the carrot SB should be dangling along with a PL contract for next year.
    Worth saying that we’ve gone up via the play offs and second place, but now this squad is good enough to be champions, and complete the set! Shouldn’t settle for less! Make it so SB…

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