Things We Think We Think #200


1. A fine victory at Nottingham Forest. City created chances in the first half, controlled the game smoothly, took a deserved lead and held onto it well. Not quite the complete performance, and there’s still that feeling we have higher gears to click into, but nonetheless this was a very encouraging and enjoyable afternoon.

2. If there’s a gripe, it’s that City had to hold on a little in the closing stages, even against ten men. The Tigers ought to have settled the game earlier and it meant we had to experience an anxious finale.

3. Nonetheless, there was plenty to savour. With Mo Diamé and the excellent Jake Livermore providing him with cover, Tom Huddlestone was able to run the game in a way we’ve seen him do regrettably infrequently. On this occasion, he was a delight. His passing was immaculate, his contribution to the tempo of our play fluid and even his tracking back and tackling were impressive. Where a month ago he wasn’t worth picking, if he can replicate that form more often, he’ll be undroppable.

4. At the back, Dawson and Davies were superb. Forest didn’t create much, but most of what they did floundered on our defensive rocks. They may still harbour Premier League ambitions, but there’s been no evidence of sulking from either -and when things got tough, they didn’t shirk.

5. Who saw Abel Hernández tirelessly leading the line for us this season, then? Another goal, albeit from a distance of approximately 6 microns, another game harassing the opposition defence, he was again terrific. An honourable mention to Sam Clucas too, who sometimes looks as though he’s taking a little while to adjust to playing for a side in the upper reaches of the Championship – increasingly, he looks comfortable doing so.

6. Outside the ground and on the way home, we learned from Nottinghamshire types that our victory was ill-deserved and owed itself to the referee. So now we know. While that does completely spoil our fourth successive victory in a row at an appositely named ground, nothing could spoil the fun that was being had on the terrace and the concourse. Two thousand City fans in fine voice was a reminder that although football seems determined to destroy itself (see next point), it won’t be allowed to go without a fight.

7. Saturday saw the Football Supporters’ Federation’s “Twenty’s Plenty” campaign receive plenty of publicity. The campaign aims to encourage clubs not to charge more than £20 for away tickets, something Forest did, that City routinely do and is commonplace virtually everywhere in the top two divisions.

8. Doubtless, the accounting staff at clubs pore over supply and demand graphs and justify their steepling annual price rises with continued full or mostly full stadia, and secretly dismiss fans as annoying pests intent upon greedily saving themselves a few quid. But that really isn’t the case. Football’s demographic crisis has been written about extensively and the clubs are going to seriously hurt themselves if they don’t stop constantly extorting ever greater sums. The problem is that this damage will occur in the long term, and this is a sport notorious for its short-termism. But City, believe us, for your own good as much as ours, £20 really is enough.

9. Apropos short-termism, it was noted on Twitter that Steve Bruce is now the 8th longest serving manager in the country. Madness.

10. Of all the people who did harm to City in the recent past, it was a surprise to learn that Nick Buchanan was the first to shuffle off this mortal coil. His reign, alongside Stephen Hinchliffe, feels a long time ago now.

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  1. Nigel Nottingham Tiger
    Nigel Nottingham Tiger says:

    As a resident of the fair city of Nottingham and unable as I was to get an away ticket I had to sit with the Forest fans at the other end of the ground (and only got a ticket by employing the good services of a colleague with a record of buying as for ‘security’ reasons I wasn’t allowed to – as you say football will eat itself). Anyway I did get a different view from AN’s correspondent it seems. Hernandez’s hardly immaculate penalty taking – actually pathetically and culpably lackadaisical and Huddlestone? I counted at plenty of missed passes, uninterested attempted tackles and general swanning around to no purpose. Whereas yes to Livermore being a class act and I loved Elmo’s runs down the wing before crossing in an excellent first half. And yes it was fun listening to the whingeing of the locals and the Tigers fans’ “ooohh handball” chant in the second half.

  2. Shuffle
    Shuffle says:

    200 TWTWT’s eh?

    Thankyou for making Mondays a delight and provoking some thought. Good to see City starting to clear the EPL hangover, only to look like they might have a binge again at the trough next season…

  3. Richard Dalziel
    Richard Dalziel says:

    Also worth noting this is your double century. Sometimes provocative, always stimulating. Thanks for 200 interesting Mondays.
    Czech Cityzen

  4. EastmidsTiger
    EastmidsTiger says:

    Unlike Nigel I was able to get a ticket in the away end thanks to 4 of my mates coming down to make my birthday weekend that bit sweeter, we even managed to sneak in a local mate of mine who is actually a Derby fan who took just as much delight as we did at the bemoans of the “Fickles.” Meeting up with some Forrest mates in the fair city’s pubs afterwards we were informed how lucky we where, never a penalty and definitely off side for the goal… how I smirked. On another note I found with interest that many around me in the City crowd sang “Steve Bruce” and “give us a wave” not one I would join in with, but the same people seemed to spend the last 15 mins of the game shouting at Bruce to sort it out, and bemoaned his substitutions, maybe as Hull fans we like the loyalty, but at least I seem to be no longer alone at shaking my head at out tactics, or lack of them. But a win is a win, and I will be wearing City shirts with pride in my local for the next 6 months at least, bring on Derby. As well as the handball chant I loved the “Ronnie Pickering he’s one of our own”… humour prevails.

  5. gjhdurham
    gjhdurham says:

    Interesting difference of opinion from Nigel on Huddlestone. Suppose it illustrates how difficult it is to judge from reports, plus how some players can never do right for some supporters. Meyler seems to fall into this category.
    Glad for the points but still question marks over ability to finish teams off. A clear solid 2/3 goals win would be nice…

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