The Soul of Hull City #12: The Railway Plaque

Keeping Up Appearances


Acquired from LNER B17 class steam locomotive 2860 (later BR 61660), built in Darlington in 1936 and one of a group of locomotives named after football clubs, the elegant black and amber plaque, one of two that adorned the sides of the aforementioned train, enjoyed iconic status above the Boothferry Park tunnel for decades until the dastardly Martin Fish sold it to a collector and replaced it with a tatty plastic replica.

In the grand scheme of things it didn’t seem the most savage action of the Fish era, but it was witless and, thanks to no official club announcement until they were found out, desperately underhand. More than ten years on, and ever aware of a chance to show his caring, sharing side, Paul Duffen managed to find the purchaser and re-acquire it for the club, and it is now tacked resplendently to the very centre of the West Stand at the Circle.

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  1. John from Brid
    John from Brid says:

    there is a rebuild of this class of loco being currently undertaken, although named after Hull City these engines were not in regular service in this area , they were mainly used in East Anglia due to weight and turntable restrictions on the old Great Eastern Railway.

  2. gjhdurham
    gjhdurham says:

    Only saw 2 or 3 of this class of loco of Gresley designed 4-6-0 locos, as they were scrapped fairly early, when East Anglia was first dieselised in the late 50s/early 60s. Typically worked Norwich express trains to London. Once saw 61611 Raynham Hall being towed by a Hull freight loco…the type that regularly put steam across BP….through Beverley Station! Smart green paint….unusual round Hull…so never forgotten. I was going home for dinner from a Primary School visit to the cinema…Conquest of Everest? The duo of locos went up the York Branch I noted, so possibly going to Darlington Works for repair? Strange route to take though. I understand one nameplate is at the KC…but not seen it…while saw the other in the City Museum.
    There are 2 groups trying rebuilds. One to be called Spirit of Sandringham…Sandringham being the name of the first in class, and the other Manchester United…yes, I know! This latter replica by the North British group, as many of the class were built under contract by this Glasgow firm. They already have a complete LNER tender obtained from a scrapyard in Doncaster, where it had been for years! Perhaps we could temporarily rename one for future trip to Wembley. The loco named Sunderland was once sent north for a fans’ special train for Wembley many years ago…
    It is said that Darlington was not on the list for a named loco, but the workers at the loco works cast the plates and put them on anyway…getting away with it!
    Stop boring everyone now…

  3. gjhdurham
    gjhdurham says:

    By the way…the lettering in the phot should be polished brass as that’s what the plates made of! It’s been painted over black. Think the City Museum one’s like that…

  4. Matt Wales
    Matt Wales says:

    You can buy replicas of these nameplates at the NYMR Shop in Grosmont – I’m still trying to persuade the missus that we need one on the front of our house!

    However, I live near Leeds, so I can understand her concern for our windows….

  5. Tiger Pete
    Tiger Pete says:

    Hull City is a rubbish name for a train. It’s too common. Hull Tigers would have been a much better name, it would have been full every journey with passengers paying a premium for the international brand.

    On a serious note, it’s a true icon of the club and glad it’s been back in the stadium.

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