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  1. EastmidsTiger
    EastmidsTiger says:

    On the subject of the overpricing of the English game I thought you may be interested in this relevant Arsenal article;

    There have been many admirable attempts by English fans to highlight the issue of ticket pricing but it is hard to think of a more effective statement than Tuesday night’s protest by the supporters of Bayern Munich. It was not just that a large section of their stand was empty for the first five minutes or the display of a banner which pointed out the £64 cost but the silence of their other supporters at the start.

    The contrast then with all the noise that subsequently emanated from the away end was the clearest illustration imaginable of why it is vibrant and loyal fans who form the very fabric of football. “This kind of a price structure makes a stadium visit impossible for younger and socially disadvantaged fans,” said a Bayern fans’ spokesman. Their message was applauded by the Arsenal fans and, however uncomfortable, cannot have been missed by the club’s directors.

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