Things We Think We Think #199


1. Nine games in, lying fourth in the table, City have made a decent start to 2015/16, yet there remains a nagging feeling that the Tigers are underachieving. Possessing arguably the best side in the division, we are not playing as advertised.

2. The draw against Blackburn was deeply disappointing, and most definitely felt like two points chucked away rather than one gained. Though we created a lot of chances, many were from long range as we failed to break down a packed defence, and despite Blackburn looking distinctly average, we found ourselves barely hanging on late in a game we should have won comfortably.

3.  Steve Bruce is right to say that many players are not playing as well as expected, but the lack of sustained tempo, urgency and purpose combined with a mindset of holding onto a lead rather than trying to increase it is surely down to him.

4. The manager doesn’t yet seem to know what his best eleven is, and we’ve already abandoned the formation that we started the season with. Is it really any wonder that players look equally unsure of what their role is? Saying that we are still a work in progress does not inspire confidence.

5. Colour commentating earlier this season, former ‘keeper Steve Harper confirmed a suspicion that Steve Bruce led training sessions focused almost entirely on defending, when a failure to score goals was the most pressing problem. That doesn’t seem to have changed this year, talented front players seem to be operating entirely using their own initiative rather than being part of a coordinated plan to create chances and score goals.

6. Despite the defence first mindset, we were again undone by a goal conceded from a set piece. Picking up Jordan Rhodes on a corner kick seems quite academic doesn’t it?

7. Never picking Eldin Jakupović for a City first team again also seems quite academic. He is nowhere near the standard required to be a Championship reserve keeper, and at the age of 30, sadly he never will.

8. He was the one low point in an otherwise hugely enjoyable League Cup victory last week. Faced, for the first time at home this season, with a side intent on attacking and capable of retaining possession, City had to play a very different way. We rode our luck, created a few chances, took one and then snuffed out a decent Premier League side. No matter what qualifications you seek to place upon this game, that’s impressive.

9. Leicester at home in the next is as good as we could have hoped for in a tournament whose 2015/16 edition is unhelpfully declining to oust many of the bigger clubs from its list of survivors. We can win that. The League Cup Fifth Round. Imagine that.

10. There can’t be much money to be made from Under 21 games, so the reinstatement of free entry for pass-holders is a laudable move.

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  1. EastmidsTiger
    EastmidsTiger says:

    Interesting how more and more comments are now starting to challenge Bruce Almighty (as still displayed on this page) I thought I had solitary thoughts last season about the “dinosaur” (as per the Sand Dancers) with his tactics, or lack of, apart from do not give the ball away or else, hence sideways and backwards passing. Ok last season it may have been a tactic that could have worked against superior teams, but didn’t, and we could not change it for winnable games, but to still see the same frustrating turn out most weeks is now getting long in the tooth, does this sound familiar.. Hull City have a throw in the opposition half, oh no, the player taking it will now stand there for what seems a week trying to find a target until nearly getting penalised and then he will throw it to someone who is tightly marking the opposition (our throw) and he will lose possession and we are under attack…some Managers bring in “experts” to train in defence, SB needs someone to advice him how goals are created, not scored, created. At a bigger club, or one where the Chairman has a Scooby Bruce would have gone by now, I am not saying that is right or what I want, but time has to be running out, you can not keep blaming the players week in week out

  2. gjhdurham
    gjhdurham says:

    Continuing to bleed points like last season. Dreadful marking from the corner…almost unbelievable at such a time. Were was Captain Dawson organising…?
    Feel that we need to clock up points before Christmas to ensure players want to stay for promotion…or before low PL teams snaffle a few in the Jan window. At the moment, suspect City will just fail to win promotion, and the SB fans will say he’s been unlucky and deserves another chance!
    Deciding to go 4-4-2 this season is a bit odd when our only full back was given the bum’s rush… Of course, can’t play 3 at the back when AB is injured… Looked obvious to play Maloney too…
    Disappointed that the youngsters…who injected zest to the play when brought on…seem to be out of favour now. Townsend looks worth a try but seems out of favour with SB. What’s with Maguire now…
    Are Huddlestone and Diame feeling those injuries again? Have a feeling these may be Bullardesque scenarios…

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