Things We Think We Think #193


1. Well, that was refreshing. Going to support your local team should, regardless of the result, be an enjoyable experience, and on Saturday it actually was. None of the division and rancour that befouled many a matchday last season was evident, the atmosphere was at all times positive and the focus entirely on football and football alone between 3pm and 4.50pm. Brilliant.

2. City did their part too, sending fans home still happy with a resounding 2-0 win. The performance wasn’t at all times convincing against limited opposition, but the Tiger Nation was given reason to believe that Steve Bruce’s men can play much better than they did, and if you can win well when not at your best, that’s a very good sign for the season ahead.

3. Disappointingly, the Allams have managed to create a negative headline or two amidst the joy of winning on the opening day, initially with their decision to boycott matches, and then with their later claim (not made directly by them, but revealed by the manager) that this was due to their property being vandalised by City fans. Notwithstanding the fact that we would condemn any such action, the fact remains that such allegations should go to the police, not to the media, and we have strong cause to suspect they haven’t. Their failure to rebrand the club still haunts them and eats away at them, and still they cannot bring themselves to stop besmirching the good name of their own customers. Shame on them.

4. Irrespective of their reasoning behind the boycott, we can now move on. In their absence, there is less need to call for the owner to do one and more need – indeed, necessity – to unite as supporters in concentrating on singing pro-team songs, as opposed to anti-Allam songs. The “City Till We Die” chant existed long before his signature on the deeds did, and so it should be reclaimed as the exclusively pro-team song it has always been. Re-singing ditties with the words “The Tigers” in should be considered too.

5. It has been a sadly rare occurrence for us to acknowledge a job well done by the club of late, especially if it has any connection with history, but the decision to allow supporters to hurl symbolic oranges on to the pitch before the game, in memory of Ian McKechnie and in homage to the unique way City fans of the late 60s and early 70s used to herald him pre-match, was a truly commendable one. It’s nice to see that someone crucial from the club’s past could be remembered appropriately and quite innovatively, especially in an age where football as a whole has become too sanitised and distant to allow such activity to occur regularly again. Anyone chucking an orange at Allan McGregor would now be arrested and banned, after all.

6. There’s always some medicine with the sugar though. Have you seen how the club have altered the Championship table? Putting ‘The Tigers’ instead of Hull City, while keeping all other surrounding club names intact, smacks of juvenile pettiness. Club nicknames have never appeared on a league table, and that’s what ‘The Tigers’ is – a nickname. The FA said so. If they’d actually doctored it so it was a table entirely full of nicknames, that might have been taken as a decent, if predictable, joke. As it is, those who made this decision just look total buffoons.

7. Accrington Stanley will, hopefully, be such a laugh. Hull City and the League Cup are hardly bosom buddies, and a first round exit feels almost inevitable given the circumstances (and our current regime’s less than exemplary record of respecting cup competitions), but we almost don’t care. It’s a ground tick, it’s a summer night’s trip to the devil’s county and it’s an opportunity to emphasise again, what being a proper City fan is like. We can’t wait.

8. See also Wolves next weekend, which is on Sunday, kicking off early and provides a proper opportunity for a Sabbath on the sauce at a ground which is always an enjoyable awayday.

9. On Thursday night, a group of supporters were invited to the stadium to taste, and opine on a variety of produce supplied by the deservedly much vaunted local firm Hull Pie. The outcome was a decision on which flavour pie would be stocked in limited numbers at stadium food outlets against Huddersfield, and a commitment to increase orders to satisfy demand if they sold well. Everything about this is admirable, it shows that there are people at the club actively engaging supporters to improve the matchday experience (even if the owners don’t like what the fans think) and that efforts are being made to showcase locally made produce and support local businesses. Barbecue pulled pork was the winning pie incidentally, we could have recommended that long before Thursday night having scoffed many, and if you haven’t tried Hull Pies wares, made by long standing City fan Matt Cunnah, you should. (

10. Bloody hell, Channel 5’s Football League highlights show was jenk wasn’t it?

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  1. Baby Chaos
    Baby Chaos says:

    City YouTube had three minutes of highlights available sans commentary/limp wristed analysis soon after. Saves having to endure that malaise each week.

  2. John from Brid
    John from Brid says:

    A very pleasant experience and a victory over somewhat limited opposition, but you can only beat what is put in front of you. Re channel 5 league programme, 3 of us watched for about 10 minutes and checked out, hope for improvement.

  3. Hardly Academical
    Hardly Academical says:

    9 The pie of the tiger?
    10 “Jerk” really doesnt sum up just how toe curlingly bad it was. “Fingernails running down the blackboard of the soul”.
    Bring back Mannish, Cold Play and Liams dad

  4. Bill Baxter
    Bill Baxter says:

    Doesn’t matter how good the pies are, at £4 a pop I won’t be buying any.
    Who thinks up these prices?, they’re not even that big.
    For a couple of quid more you could get a full meal in a nearby pub.

  5. Dr Seuss
    Dr Seuss says:

    Re point 3. yes, I must admit that having been lied to before from this quarter I would like to see the appropriate police crime number before accepting the reality of the occurrence. Of course, and this may be a lesson to us all, if you ascribe a group of people with an identity, shall we say for instance, “hooligans”, then you might just get that. Be careful what you wish for some might say. If it happened then it is regrettable and cannot be condoned. It besmirches all of us who opposed Dr Allam’s futile name-changing escapade and gives him the opportunity to claim some high moral ground.
    As to the match well it was O.K.ish. I don’t think the opposition were that great and we did huff and puff for quite a while. One or two players such as Jela and Emo looked like they’d sooner be elsewhere but I was pleasantly impressed with Clucas. Looked a willing runner and good touch on the ball. The Arsenal lads were good to but unfortantely they’re not our future are they? As to the pies, well I’ve purposely bought nothing from the Allams except the season ticket for quite some time but pulled pork, mmmm. I’ll give that one a go. And thanks for the head-up about Ch 5 football. I’ve recorded it but I’ll wipe it and just live on the golden fragrant memories of the summer’s afternoon at the KC. Oh, and what a good show for Ian McKechnie. I think I may have missed the first couple of minutes of the game as I “had a fly in my eye” so to speak.

  6. Bunkers Bill
    Bunkers Bill says:

    Dismayed by our owner’s petulance in taking his ball home. Perhaps it’s his infantile and spiteful way of getting back at other clubs’ directors for not backing him more in his quixotic name change fools’ errand? Can’t see the logic in boycotting the away games either- does he think a hit man has been assigned to target him at Milton Keynes, Rotherham, Bristol etc?

    I’d like to think a Hull City chairman would come out fighting if these stone throwing tales are true- “No one is going to stop me watching my team- fuck em”. I suspect his ‘boycott’ is more to do with loss of face after name change (are the 24hrs up yet?) and a clumsy attempt to portray himself (and his brow-beaten long suffering family) as the victims of the hate mob and blinkered FA council members.

    Sorry. Not buying it,

  7. gjhdurham
    gjhdurham says:

    Re 4: Tiger chants were some of the best IMO. Can we get back to normal, please…
    Still some chopping and changes to come in the squad I suspect. Hope the team will gel quickly…and that OUR youngsters get some game time. Need some improvement for the next game I think. Season could go either way…still, some hopeful signs. COYH..UTT!

  8. Tyneside Tiger
    Tyneside Tiger says:

    If the Allams are being victimised/intimidating they should report it to the appropriate authorities and allow due legal process to take place. Thay should also attend games as the running of the club/performance of the team is presumably their ultimate responsibility and they should be there to witness what is happening. If they don’t like hearing criticism of their decisions then perhaps consulting with fans before making these decisons might be a way forward.

    Someone needs to beat the words “I’m only answering questions on the team and the game” into Steve Bruce’s head.

  9. Paul
    Paul says:

    Steve Bruce has once again shown that he cares merely about his position as manager, why he needed to talk about non-football matters after a win clearly shows he is a yes man.

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