Things We Think We Think #192


1a. A weekend for unadulterated celebration. The Football Association emphatically rejected Assem and Ehab Allam’s ridiculous Hull Tigers idea, there’s no scope for appeal this time and the margin of 70/30 was even greater than the first application. This stupid, vindictive tiny minded idea has been absolutely dismantled at every stage of its conception by absolutely everyone. Hull Tigers is dead and can never be resurrected.

1b. There’s so much to rejoice in. That the margin of defeat actually increased this time proves that the FA have no appetite for this lunacy, and never will have. Had the scale of the Allams’ defeat been lowering, they’d doubtless have thought “third time lucky”; and indeed, they may still be thinking that anyway. But the governing body’s opposition has only increased.

2. Ehab Allam’s whinge on the official website was every bit as comical as we’d hoped for. There was an attention-seeking bleat about “taking time out” – what, and leave the club rudderless? Isolate Steve Bruce when his squad badly needs reinforcing? How dismally self-obsessed, putting their own hurt feelings above the good of the club. Then there was the laughable contention that it was “important to fight for what you believe in” – as though believing that malovence towards a local authority and the people of Hull is somehow laudable. It isn’t, it’s utterly contemptible.

3. Meanwhile, brickbats for some at the FA. After being unveiled in the Sunday Telegraph as a supporter of the name change and with the insane “League Three” suggestion already on his charge sheet, Greg Dyke is obviously not fit to be the FA Chairman. That’s probably one for the FSF to tackle, but just as troubling was the notion that the professional chairman were also minded to side with the Allams. That should alarm fans up and down the land: your owners would sell you out in the same way ours wanted to, given the chance.

4. Now that the name change is dead, it’s time to reverse the rebranding that has already taken place. The old (and still functioning) official website URL of must be restored. The club’s various social media outlets must be amended to reflect the club’s actual name. Stories, press releases, promotion literature and the suchlike must once more use “Hull City”. The “#hcafc” hashtag must return. The matter is settled, and it’s time to graciously accept it.

5. In the aftermath, lots of calls for unity. It’s a noble idea, but it seems unlikely. There’s no need for the supporters to compromise in any way, for our opposition to the name change was correct, principled and wholly vindicated. If we’re to move forward together, it requires a significant gesture of rapprochement from the Allam family. Frankly, we doubt they have it in them.

6a. All of which makes us wonder what comes next – or perhaps, who comes next. Barring an improbable reconciliation with the present owners, the mutual dislike is only going to fester, inevitably impacting upon everything. They’ve repeatedly said they’ll sell, fondly imagining it to be a threat of unimagineable ghastliness; perhaps it’d be best for all if they now make this a rare instance of a keeping a promise.

6b. Meanwhile, we should pour undiluted praise upon the Hull City Supporters’ Trust for their efforts in fending off this offensive rubbish. Their submission to the FA (read it here) is a stunning document, outlining in forensic detail the multiple follies and falsehoods of the owners and management at Hull City AFC. It is little short of the complete record of this squalid affair, and they deserve the very highest praise. They’ve also made noises about “reversing the rebrand”, as we allude to above. We wish them the very best, and recommend everyeone joins them. Please, do so right here.

6c. Compare and contrast with the OSC, whose silence and equivocation over this matter has been utterly pathetic. There are some decent people within that organisation, but its decision to represent the club to the fans instead of the fans to the club has rendered it terminally irrelevant.

7. Steve Bruce denounced Norwich’s initial bids for Robbie Brady as ’embarrassing’, but it can be argued that Norwich are just being canny, and that it’s actions such as spunking £10M on Abel Hernandez that are truly embarrassing. Is Robbie Brady worth more than the £2M offered? Of course, but player prices are entirely subjective and not fixed, so who can blame Norwich for trying a low bid and seeing if we bite when we’ve failed to move on Huddlestone, Jelavic and N’Doye? We spent £40M last summer, ending up relegated and counting the cost, so it’s hard to fault Norwich for being sensible. Meanwhile, we’d also say there is an embarrassment to attach to City being unable to persuade Stephen Quinn to stay at the club, with the Irishman choosing Reading over a new contract at the Circle, tarnishing Bruce’s man-management reputation further.

8. One thing that the Allams have been wholly praised for is their unequivocal backing of Steve Bruce, they’ve readily supplied transfer funds and previously there has been no suggestion of interference, sensible given a lack of football knowledge, but laudable nonetheless. The sale of Tom Ince, reportedly over Steve Bruce’s objection, may indicate a change in their willingness to indulge Bruce’s every wish, and maybe that’s not a bad thing after a slew of costly failures. Bruce needs to accept the financial reality of wasted money and relegation, and if the Allams overruled him over Ince to balance the books a little having seen the player signed and then almost immediately packed off on loan (only to be deemed crucial upon relegation) then it’s unfair to blast them for it, even if strengthening a Championship rival is unwise.

9. Of course if the Allams vindictively begin a fire sale after a second no from the FA, they’ll deserve all the ire that would generate, though incredibly there are some twisted sorts suggesting that our owners have been given a mandate to do so.  Fancy being a fan of the Allams over being fans of Hull City AFC.

10. Flamingo Land are our new sponsors. Meh. It’s a bit naff and small-time, but it was hardly going to be a gigantic global corporation given our recent relegation and a marketing team inept enough to think a name change was the key to untold riches. We’ve had worse and it really doesn’t seem worth being too annoyed about.

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  1. Craig
    Craig says:

    Bloody “Flamingo Land”….It’s rubbish!

    but against the thankfully avoided disaster that being called “Hull Tigers” would have been,it’s a mere irritation of little consequence.

  2. Paul
    Paul says:

    Great summary guys, just wonder what shite is due from that cancerous, toxic pair? Remove funding from the women’s team maybe? Surely not?

    As far as Ince go for once I agree with Allams as he looked over rated, Bruce clearly didn’t fancy him so why not get back £5m. If Ince is worth £5 though Brady must be worth a lot more.

    A season of averageness awaits.

  3. srhornsea
    srhornsea says:

    Saw Dean Windass in a Willerby restaurant last night; he was wearing a flamingo
    Pink tee shirt! Is this a sign of thinks to come !

  4. JohnK
    JohnK says:

    On the subject of the Tom Ince sale to Derby, am I not right in saying there was a buy out clause that Derby met and therefore the Allam’s nor Bruce had any control over the matter. Ince obviously was minded to make the move, probably understandable given that he wasn’t given what he would consider to be a fair chance.
    Flamingo Land as sponsors. Actually I do think it is worth a rant. For those of us old enough to remember Twydale Turkeys, Flamingo Land has an unwelcome but familiar feel of a small town, small time club. This shirt sponsorship deal seems to demonstrate a lack of ambition or ability to market the club to somebody with a better brand.
    The irony of course is that a rename to Hull Tigers is deemed to be the holy grail of global marketing development and Flamingo Land is a small local seasonal attraction, I’m sure very entertaining and worth a day out if you are in or around the area, but hardly in keeping with all the global marketing hype that has been spouted.
    You heard it here first……I formally withdraw my support for the Allam’s ownership. Supporter/customer relations have been consistently damaged, relegation was a crime that should not have happened, and as owners the buck stops with them. As for Steve Bruce my high opinions of him have been somewhat diluted, he should not have allowed relegation to occur by such a narrow margin. However I believe him to be a very experienced and honorable manager and believe that his personal analysis of his own actions will help take us forward. I just hope he has the tools and the owner’s motivation to help us challenge for a Premier League return.
    While there may be jubilation in the streets over the FA Committee’s decision, make sure it is short lived. I fancy that there are bigger challenges brewing in the coming months.

  5. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    Points 8, 9 & 10 I agree with.
    I just want this whole issue of Hull.Tigers put to bed. The fans united again and totally focussed on team success.
    If Ehsb Allam has gone away for a few days, my advice would be to come back with a clean slate and an olive branch for the fans. New season, fresh start please.

  6. Steve
    Steve says:

    Ince Snr was once touting Tom as good as James Rodriguez ??!! . He’s a championship player at best and looked lightweight at prem level . 5m is a decent return and a fit Snodgrass is far better , keep Robertson and Elmo , ditch the three so called prem strikers , no one is falling over themselves to buy any one of them for obvious reasons . We got relegated cos we never scored enough goals . We need a proven striker at this level , not a foreign gamble . The Allams should sell and stick to marine generators … But they won’t , think if we have an average season both SB and the Allams will go , the first prem sacking will bring speculation about SB’s future as will every subsequent one ….expect an interesting season …

  7. Richard Tock
    Richard Tock says:

    I think Flamingo Land is a great sponsor. Local business, Yorkshire jobs, not massively dodgy.

    Rather them then an Asian online betting company or an horrific pawn shop/pay day loans company preying on people’s poverty.

  8. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    Rottentothecore – If you bothered to read my posts, you’ll see that I was saying the same as today.
    Instead you choose to manipulate my posts to suit your own agenda.
    Ps. I am delighted that you have chosen not to respond to any of my posts. Your drivel is about as pointless as a Sone Aluko strike. :)

  9. East Mids Tiger
    East Mids Tiger says:

    Regarding the Tom Ince affair, Bruce signed him, didn’t rate him and farmed him out to Forrest (8 miles down the road from where I live), Ince did nothing at Forrest and then moved to their bitter rivals “the sheep” (7 miles from where I live) where he suddenly turned into a goal scoring sensation. The 15 mile journey did not transform the lad, it was down to position, team structure and tactics. His manager at Forrest (once a legend there) ended up getting sacked for underachieving (they still think they are a big club, 2 European cups and all that) ) his manager at Derby moved to a bigger club, even after failing to reach the play offs, his manager at Hull was apparently furious that Ince did not want to come back to the man who did not rate him, as for the sale it was legally bound once Derby came up with the cash, to me Bruce is once more making himself look out of touch if he did not know about the buy clause in the loan agreement, I bet they laughed about that in Sunderland where he is still regarded as a dinosaur, and you can’t blame Ince for staying at a club where he has found the net every time he plays at home in front of 30k supporters, if he scores against Forrest he can live on it for the rest of his life, we don’t have that in Ull.
    Are we in a good place to start the 2015/16 season? I can’t help feeling there is something not right behind the closed doors and on the training ground, but hopefully Mr Potato head will prove me wrong, I just wish that I was less worried that my worries are there for a reason…

  10. Ben Burgess
    Ben Burgess says:

    I guess that Steve Bruce because he came out and supported Allam is now public enemy number 2? Guess that it will be Allam out Bruce out next season. That will be something to look forward to; it will be just like the old days. Not heard any criticism yet for the recently departed Rosenior – surely in his open letter to the fans he praised the Allam family. Let’s all boo him when he returns with Reading next season.
    I really don’t know what you guys are trying to achieve. I have read some bollocks on this site but this article plummets new depths. You may ultimately succeed in forcing Allam away and you will no doubt see that as success. I wonder though what will be left behind. I envisage the sale of our key players now- the forwards will go; so what but so will Brady, Chester, Robertson, Elmo. No doubt many would be happy to see the team bumming around in L2 playing in front of 7000 real supporters. That sums up the negative, backward thinking approach that many of the jokers on here have. Thanks for all that you have done!

  11. Ben Burgess
    Ben Burgess says:

    Sorry Brighton before anyone accuses me of being a part timer who knows nothing about anything!

  12. Bunkers Bill
    Bunkers Bill says:

    Kow tow to shit ideas or demotion to the Conference, eh Ben?

    Allam is a vindictive childish bully with a selective memory and no understanding of what makes Hull City tick.

    Shame on all those who accommodate his vision of a Frankenstein monster of our football club.

  13. Bunkers Bill
    Bunkers Bill says:

    Changing the subject, the HCST submission to the FA surely outclassed owt the Allams could knock up in terms of scope, rigour, thoroughness, professionalism, depth of research and logical discourse.

    It’s a depressing thought that the unpaid fans can put together more cogent and convincing documents in their spare time than the full time folk at the football club can. No doubt it was also a factor in the eyes of the Blazers – the fact that the ‘back of a cig packet’ ideas of Assem Allam were blown out the water by the strength of the counter arguments.

    Well done to all involved.

  14. Rottenborough
    Rottenborough says:

    Well said Bunkers Bill.

    Back of a fag packet is spot on.

    Greg Dyke used the words “better research” when suggesting a future name change application might stand a better chance of success. But something can only be improved, made better, if it exists in the first place. The Allams did not carry out any research, so better research is an impossibility. They arrogantly and openly asserted that because they own the club that should be enough for them to obtain permission for a change of name. If, in their excellent business-minded way they had applied their minds to the issue, they would have realised that the rule would not exist if club names can be changed on nothing more than a whim. But no, such logical thinking appears totally beyond them, and they continue to cause division and bitterness on the flimsy basis that they believe they are right, even when on their own admission they thought the chance of success were St lim.
    You could not make it up.
    One more point. The Allams won the arbitration because the chairman of the FSF, a member of the FA Council, failed to declare before the first vote that he had already decided the club’s supporters’ opposition to the name change was well-founded and correct. Note that Greg Dyke, FA Chairman, says after discussing matters with Assem Allam at the Cup Final last year he changed his view and decided to support a name change. Did he declare that to the FA Council,before they voted last Saturday, and if not why not? Sauce for,the goose is sauce for,the gander.
    Thankfully the right-thinking members on the FA Council made the right decision for Hull City AFC and for football.
    That should be the end of all this bollocks.
    Whatever the Allams are about, it ain’t football.

  15. Rottenborough
    Rottenborough says:

    One always knows one’s opponent has lost when he plays the man and not the ball.

  16. Officer Crabtree
    Officer Crabtree says:

    Ben Burgess:
    “I guess that Steve Bruce because he came out and supported Allam is now public enemy number 2? Guess that it will be Allam out Bruce out next season.”

    Have you ever known a manager spend as much money and get relegated as Steve Bruce, and receive so little criticism? If we fall into the lower echelons of the Championship there may be Bruce Out chants, but that will be based on an underwhelming state of affairs on the pitch. Bruce has backed the Allams numerous times but has received nothing but support from the fans.

    “Not heard any criticism yet for the recently departed Rosenior – surely in his open letter to the fans he praised the Allam family. Let’s all boo him when he returns with Reading next season.”

    Rosenior is a player, not a fan. He never pretended otherwise. He got on with the Allams on a personal level. That’s his prerogative. As a non-fan the name change will have held little importance to him. It doesn’t alter the fact that he was a fine servant to our club who will rightly get a warm reception when he returns with Brighton. Grown-ups tend to be able to work that sort of thing out.

    “You may ultimately succeed in forcing Allam away and you will no doubt see that as success. I wonder though what will be left behind. I envisage the sale of our key players now- the forwards will go; so what but so will Brady, Chester, Robertson, Elmo.”

    You envisage a mass sale of high-earning or highly sellable players at a relegated club? Blimey, you’re going out on a limb there, aren’t you? If those players do go – and some of them probably will – then what makes it the fault of those of us ‘forcing Allam away’? This ‘be careful what you wish for’ shtick that the likes of yourself enjoy coming out with really is a load of bollocks. We might get worse than the Allams. But do you just put up with the lies, the abusive, divisive behaviour towards fans, the cultural vandalism, the vile behaviour towards local communities as seen with the Airco shambles, and all of that stuff because ‘someone worse might be out there’? I campaigned to get Fish and Needler out of our club. Worse came along. I campaigned to get them out too. Worse came along. I campaigned to get them out too. Then we got Adam Pearson, a new stadium, a rise through the leagues.

    I always want the best for Hull City. And the Allams are not the best thing for Hull City. Given our debt, the relationship between the club and the fans, the number of long-serving fans who feel no connection with the club any more, and the manner in which fans have been turned against each other, I’d say in many ways the Allams are the worst thing that have happened to Hull City.

    “No doubt many would be happy to see the team bumming around in L2 playing in front of 7000 real supporters.”

    Happy? Not particularly. But I would be one of those 7000 fans. I want success for Hull City, but I don’t need it. That, to me, is what being fan is all about. However, there is no link between Hull City staying Hull City and us plummeting down the leagues as you are hinting at. As has been shown, a well-run Hull City is more than capable of getting into and staying in the Premier League.

    “That sums up the negative, backward thinking approach that many of the jokers on here have.”

    Can you explain to me how changing the name to Hull Tigers is forward thinking? Please.

  17. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    Officer Crabtree – I agree with much of your response to Ben. I was probably one of the first to see through Fish, Cheetham et al and certainly the first with a Fish Out banner. I was often the subject of abuse from our own fans for raising my banner in the West Stand at home games. Fish, Cheetham did Nothing for Hull City. They put nothing in and asset stripped our club. The ground was falling to pieces and the club went down and down.
    One thing we can credit the Allams for is backing the manager in the transfer market. As for the debt, we all want to see some / all of this written off. For if the Allams left the club with a mountain of debt, they would be run out of Town. Surely they realise this and in that respect they will manage the debt for the good of the club and the City of Hull.

  18. Bunkers Bill
    Bunkers Bill says:

    He didn’t really ‘support the Tigers’ you know. He just said he did. Was he at Macclesfied in Lg 2 or Stockport?

    It is alleged he will be honoured at the Huddersfied game.

    Someone tell me that it will be a very distant and third name after McGill and McKechnie please?

  19. Les
    Les says:

    Questioning just how deep his love for the club was is disrespectful is it Bill Carson? You really are a choad.

  20. Officer Crabtree
    Officer Crabtree says:

    My Uncle Arthur died last summer, Bill. He’d been a City fan all his life and never missed more than a handful of home games between the late 1940s until his health deteriorated about six or seven years ago and he couldn’t bike to games. I tried to get a solitary paragraph in the programme to mark his passing, but was refused. This was a man who’d seen thousands of City games through thick and thin. Omar Sharif may be famous, but when it comes to supporting Hull City he was on a different planet to my uncle and countless other City fans whose deaths will have gone unacknowledged by the club over the years. He also made a much less significant mark on the club than the former players listed above and many others whose passing has gone unheralded.

    That, I find disrespectful.

  21. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    Officer Crabtree – Ian McKechnies passing was respected on the club website.
    Yes – those two City legends should also receive a minutes applause.
    Les – I was making the point that irrespective of who they are a City fan has died and it is right that they are respected. I agree that us “mortal fans” should also in an ideal world receive a mention by the club when our time comes.
    Omar Sharif is a fan but is no more or no less important than any other City fan.
    You lot are so quick to turn on fellow fans its untrue.
    It is just like Monty Pythons Life of Brian. Les you would be Reg the Leader of the Peoples Front of Judea.

  22. Bunkers Bill
    Bunkers Bill says:

    It sums up the malaise at our club if the present custodians and their hirelings know Omar Sharif but are ignorant of JM and IM, and deem the thespian’s passing worthy of public grieving.

    Whatever would happen if Sinitta pegged it prematurely in the next few years?

  23. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    Bonkers – Sinita is a lifelong fan, surely you have seen her at…………..The Cup Final? We’d have to play all of her hits for an entire season as a mark of respect.

    I do agree that a minutes applause MUST happen for JM and IM if we are to have one for OS.

    Used to see Paul Heaton at City in the 90’s quite a lot, albeit in his Sheff Utd hat :)

  24. gjhdurham
    gjhdurham says:

    Re 7: Bruce’s man management….mmm? The names Ince, McShane and Quinn drift into mind…without much effort…

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