Things We Think We Think #191


1. There doesn’t seem much need to overly detain ourselves with Ehab Allam’s comical offerings in last Friday’s Hull Daily Mail. The 1700 this, the 1700 that – it’s clear the poor man has got a figure in his head and is going to keep on repeating it whatever, and never mind what those pesky facts actually say.

2. Most illuminating was the tone of his answers. When asked about the name change, the younger Allam sounded downcast about its prospects. Perhaps we know now why. A day after the second part of his interview was published Ian Dennis, the BBC’s senior football correspondent, tweeted that the “FA’s Membership Committee recommend the name Hull City to remain“.

3. For the first application, this was recognised as an important step towards success. With the second application (you know, the one Assem Allam promised he wasn’t going to make) we can only hope this report is true and that it’d carry the same significance. It’d certainly explain Ehab’s entertainingly demoralised demeanour.

4. The first part of his interview dealt with finances and players, and was a little more positive. Though not explicitly mentioned, the club’s debt remains frighteningly high – however if proper contingency plans have been put in place to deal with that and prevent it getting out of control now that our access to Premier League riches is to taper off, then that’s good.

5. City’s initial batch of announced friendlies are a trifle more interesting than usual: Sheffield United away obviously stands out domestically. Wonder if they’ve stopped sulking about the FA Cup semi-final yet?

6. While it’s understandable that these things can sometimes to take a while to organise, it’d be nice if the club could get a wriggle on with announcing where and when we’re going abroad this summer – the logistics of arranging time off, flights, hotels and so on is no small thing and the more notice the better, please.

7. It’s fixture week! However cynical one may affect to be about football, it’s always nice to have the August-May portion of our lives arranged. A tick ground away in the League Cup, at home on the final day and West Yorkshire Police to be banned from rewriting the fixture list would all be nice.

8. News that Celtic have been given permission to introduce safe standing at Parkhead is very encouraging. It may be occuring under another association’s juridisction and we must still wait for permission to be granted to an English club outside the non-leagues, but one of Britain’s biggest clubs forging ahead with this sensible and overdue method of accommodating supporters can only hasten its arrival south of the border.

9. City were of course in favour of its introduction a few years ago. It would be very welcome if the club could reiterate its support for safe standing and continue to push for its introduction here in Hull.

10. RIP Ian McKechnie, who kept goal for City for eight distinguished years between 1966 and 1974. Here at AN we were too young to remember his time at the club, but heard stories of both his fruit appreciation and goalkeeping prowess from those who did see him. Everyone spoke well of him, as a man and a player.

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  1. Ben Burgess
    Ben Burgess says:

    The only debt the club has is to Allamhouse Ltd. Clearly a far preferable position to owing money to the banks. Debt nonetheless but what is the likelihood of AA calling that debt in? His only realistic hope of getting repaid is by selling and even then that is unlikely to see him repaid while we are in the Championship. I would prefer to focus on the prudent financial management under AA’s stewardship with all players having relegation clauses – very different to last time round or perhaps some people have forgotten how the previous regime “raped” the club?

  2. Terry
    Terry says:

    You mean Nick Ben?
    Debt is debt.
    Shame stubbornness with a futile cause attempting to rename our club has cost club a season in the top tier where pennies are awash.
    Still, Allams definitely helped take us there and back down like Nick B.
    I’d be interested who their crazy football advisor with his quick and new ideas is and how much they are paid, to bring stability to grow we need to do it together with communication.

  3. Rob
    Rob says:

    Think its a cert the name change will receive a resounding no from the FA. What is scary is the reaction it gets from the owner, will it be I want my money back now. The club is already up for sale but now in the championship so not as an attractive buy. Is the next step they just accept the best price for any of the team and then sell the club for whatever they can get.

  4. Antonio Fargasm
    Antonio Fargasm says:


    “I don’t go back on my word at any cost. I said I’d walk away in 24 hours, so I had to put club up for sale.”

    ” When I say something, I mean it. I don’t call bluffs, what I say is what you get, exactly.”

    ” I’m a man of my word, I do what I say, I say what I do. There is nothing to me, other than what you see.”

    ” Have I ever said something and went back on it? No”.

    Fingers crossed.

  5. Arthur Dearing
    Arthur Dearing says:

    The debt is all to Allamhouse Ltd, unless they have not paid the the taxes.If they decide to into administration or liquidation they would be lucky to get 10p in the £1 back. It isn’t like Bates putting Leeds Utd into administration then buying the club back for 7p in the £1 as it was the people who were owed the money who lost out and not Bates.
    I hope Safe standing would improve the noise level at City if it allow those who chant to be able to group together easier.
    Ian McKechnie was a favourite of mine from the first time I saw him playing for Southend against City in my first ever away match. He was a real character and I did through some oranges once, but couldn’t afford to every week.

  6. gjhdurham
    gjhdurham says:

    Re 4: The club is better placed than under the horrific Bartlett regime, but I was brought up to avoid debt. The problem now looms large due to relegation…loss of PL cash! You can blame the Allams for this by virtue of their lack of football knowledge, as they should have sacked Bruce at Christmas! Nothing to do with name change arguments though!!
    Have no faith that Bruce will get this summer right. It hasn’t started well with McShane and Rosenior…and probably Quinn too…leaving. Suspect that a number of players will leave with no time left to find replacements. I’ll concede that the Bruce name attracted some players who otherwise wouldn’t have come to Hull…now the test, after a shambles of a season, is to keep some of the better squad members. Time will tell, I suppose…

  7. Bunkers Bill
    Bunkers Bill says:

    10) I wouldn’t describe Ian McKechnie as a legend- he was a decent second tier goalkeeper for us for about 5 years. Certainly deserving remembrance by the club, as was his team mate Jimmy McGill- both seemingly unknown to the know nowt marine generator peddlars and their young lickspittle social media team.

    This is what the Allams have reduced our club too- a business with no past before they took over in 2010. That’s 106 years of uninteresting failure in their eyes, and that’s the view they push in the media. Unfortunately, we have too many PL fans who are happy to swallow this version of events.

    I wonder is David Bond and the Ex Tigers still on the go in some format?

    Ben Burgess”I would prefer to focus on the prudent financial management under AA’s stewardship with all players having relegation clauses – very different to last time round or perhaps some people have forgotten how the previous regime “raped” the club?”

    As opposed to erasing the identity as is currently being perpetrated by Polo Guy and his Dad….

  8. Bunkers Bill
    Bunkers Bill says:

    Thanks for that Muppet Man…..I had no idea there was such a thing as TigersWall.

    You’re right- it is buried away on there among all the new club shop advertising crap.

    ” June 11 at 1:02 PM
    Hull City
    IN MEMORY: McKechnie made 284 appearances for the Tigers in all competitions. Our thoughts are with his family and friends #RIP”

    I welled up a bit reading that heartfelt tribute- whoever penned it obviously knew Ian well and it really comes through in that emotional piece.No really, it does…..

    RIP Ian McKechnie- you deserved better recognition from your former employer. You played the game with a smile on your face, and off the pitch you were humble and friendly. You gave the club good service and will always be remembered as the goalkeeper of one of City’s better teams historically.

  9. Bill Bunkers
    Bill Bunkers says:

    Bunkers Bill – you don’t have to be a great player to become a legend at a football club, Paul McShane is a prime example.
    McKechnie had that rapport with the fans which endeared him to them.

  10. cheshire tiger
    cheshire tiger says:

    And thats NEGATIVE 90million guys/girls!

    We have been fleeced good and proper by the look of it!

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