Things We Think We Think #185


1: A tremendous victory and a stellar performance against Liverpool, and three immeasurably vital points. Even with only a single goal chalked up, the game felt oddly at ease throughout, even allowing for the usual emotional panic that goes with any City victory-in-waiting. The final whistle made a heavenly sound, the reaction to it was composed by the gods.

2: Any suggestion that the back to back wins against Palace and Liverpool were enough to guarantee safety was shot to bits on Saturday with victories for Sunderland, Leicester and Aston Villa. We couldn’t afford to view the Arsenal game as a ‘free hit’ as we might have done had other relegation scrap contestants failed to register points at the weekend, and why should we? The Liverpool game (and West Brom’s Bo Myhill assisted vanquishing of Manchester United) illustrated quite handsomely that we needn’t be defensively minded and shouldn’t be timid against supposed betters.

3: Sadly, City did look timid against Arsenal. Gone was the belief that coursed through the side at Selhurst Park and against Liverpool, and in its place came a severe case of nerves. That was perhaps heightened by awful results at the weekend, and it’s understandable up to a point, however City looked dismayingly easy to beat by Arsenal. Apart from avoid a serious rout, there was very little to take from this game.

4: Individually, a few players who’d recently returned to form had howlers. Huddlestone coughing up possession cheaply was instrumental in bringing about Arsenal’s first goal, and the former Tottenham boy had a poor night all around – as did Jake Livermore, meaning that Stephen Quinn was almost alone in trying valiantly to stem the Arsenal tide.

5: Steve Bruce chose, inexplicably, to major on the anti-Allam protests when offering his post-match thoughts on Tuesday night. He again referred to the £70m the owner has ploughed into the club and questioned whether any other individual has invested quite so much into Hull, and asked the question about if the protests were necessary, worthy, wise, whatever. Again, it falls on the supporters to say, without malice aforethought: Steve, he didn’t give us the money. It was a loan, not a gift. He shoved four per cent interest on to that loan and took a six-figure fee consultancy fee. Whatever he has put in – and the figures vary from source to source – he is expecting to recoup, with interest, with profit, and with the added effect of making the people of East Yorkshire bow and scrape and throw rose petals in his path wherever he goes. We don’t blame the manager for talking up the owner who keeps him in work and transfer funds, but similarly, we’d rather he just didn’t speak on the subject at all, as what he says lends itself to obsequiousness, not to mention inaccuracy.

6: The sound of people (we won’t call them City fans, they aren’t) booing City fans singing a City song at a City game was disgusting.

7: Another thing: why do those who drag out that tired old “get behind the team” nonsense whenever something controversial is happening invariably turn out to be the ones who sit in complete silence all game long?

8: Newcastle have been properly dragged into this relegation scrap with three to go and that could be handy for City. Nobody is in worse form than them, no set of players gives less of a toss than them, it could be that everyone that isn’t QPR or Burnley is now looking at the hapless, useless, joyless Geordies and seeing them as their ticket back into the Premier League’s everywhere city. Newcastle are the favourites, in mind if not maths, for the third relegation spot, and that suits us.

9: There are many reasons to want to stay up, but we’ve just added a new one: we really, really want a weekend in Bournemouth next season. Though if we do stay up, knowing our luck, the Premier League will probably give us a Wednesday night there. Also, we don’t have any real affinity with Watford, but given that we did them in the 2008 play-offs, then did them again on the last day in 2013, we’re sort of glad they’ve made it back up to the Premier League at last. Good day out, Watford.

10: The ‘1966 and all that’ banner hanging in the South Stand has been understandably mocked on social media, as it credits Waggy’s contribution to the 1965/66 promotion campaign to the unfamiliar character ‘Wiggo’. Mistakes happen, only the unrealistic expect absolute perfection at all times, but when mistakes become legion (and social media types have had a lot to highlight in recent weeks) it paints a picture of carelessness about things people care a lot about. Wiggo FFS.

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  1. Rottenborough
    Rottenborough says:

    Can anyone help Bill Carson please?

    He’s desperately in need of a longer stick to stir ever-increasing amounts of shit.

  2. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    James and Ben are right. If we don’t agree 100% with you, you accuse us of being traitors. Yet you sit happily next to people wearing 1/2&1/2 scarves.
    It seems that you have drawn your line in the sand and whatever the Allams do now is bad and wrong.
    Many mentions of sand Rottenborough, are you an Ostrich?
    Can you put your head between your legs?
    Steve Bruce has asked for the protests to be put to one side, do you not respect Steve Bruce’s wishes?
    Protest outside of the West Stand at the end?
    Or after the Man Utd game?

  3. Rottenborough
    Rottenborough says:

    Feeling guilty Bill?

    You used the word traitor.

    I have never done so.

    Longer stick still needed for Bill Carson.

  4. Obadiah
    Obadiah says:

    Assem Allam evicted hundreds of local sportsman, women and children from the Airco Arena to have a go at the Council and get his hands on half a million quid from the Premier league. That is wrong to me. I’m still waiting for somebody to defend that. I don’t want an owner of Hull City that behaves like that.

    So is somebody going to try and persuade me not to sing Allam out on Saturday and against Manchester United?

  5. Les
    Les says:

    The relevance of Allam ostentiously donating to charities is what? It shows he’s a good person? It shows he knows how to seize an opportunity to buy goodwill? No relevance to Hull City whatsoever. If he was donating purely out of the goodness of his heart you’d never have known about it. Besides, no one has said Allam is beyond doing good things, it’s just he’s done a slew of bad things to our club.

  6. Obadiah
    Obadiah says:

    His donations to charity does not excuse him kicking out hundreds of people from the Airco Arena with four weeks notice.

  7. Ben Burgess
    Ben Burgess says:

    The full facts re the Airco Arena situation have yet to emerge and probably never will. I ran a boys football team for many years so totally sympathise with the people giving up their time to run these clubs. However are HCC without blame here? People talk about Allams grudge against HCC but they are just as bad – surely the onus is on them to work with the club after all a successful PL football club does more for the profile of any town or city than anything HCC are likely to do. Surely they would have been better off selling the KC to AA. He would have increased the capacity and developed the whole area around it…….oh hang on though that would have meant Hull Fair would have had to me moved and that could never be allowed to happen. How much does Hull Fair bring into the city? Very little I would suggest.

  8. Obadiah
    Obadiah says:

    Hull City Council offered Assem Allam a joint venture to develop his sports village at the infamous meeting with Geraghty. Assem Allam turned them down. The evidence is in David Conn’s interview with Assem Allam:

    The Council made numerous unofficial offers to talk since, each one has been rebuffed.

    He wanted the freehold as Hull City Council’s contribution to his sporting village business. There were rumours at the time that he’d been offered £60 million for the club if it included the freehold. if true it would explain why he called them cheats recently on Look North.

    The Airco was Plan B after Bishop Burton turned him down.

    There is lots left to come out, you’re right about that.

  9. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    The Guardian article is old news. However it does raise the obvious question of why Allam didn’t fund the extra tier in the East Stand. People will argue and say we wouldn’t fill it but it should allow for chesper tickets, thereby increasing demand, and revenue. A club like ours should have a 35,000 cspacity and season tickets ranging from £300-£400.
    Too many people not talking to each other. Sad state of affairs and I worry what will happen next, especially if we go.down.

  10. Obadiah
    Obadiah says:

    The Guardian article is old news but Assem Allam admits rejecting an offer from Hull City Council to jointly expand the stadium and the land around it. On this the fault doesn’t lie with the Council. A smaller version of the Etihad was in our grasp and Assem Allam rejected it for whatever reason. A similar offer has been on the table ever since.

    Up to the Airco Arena evictions I agreed with you. Both sides should have got together and sorted it out for the benefit of all. But he’s not made like that.

    The evictions are my line in the sand.

  11. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    Obadiah – I sympathise with anyone affected at the Airco. The Council has never inspired me and the only reasin the KC was built was down to the huge windfall the council received ftom rhe privatisation of KC, much of which was squandered. Steve Bruce himself should offer to act as a middleman and chair a series of public meetings to sort out everything connected with the club. Community legacy is a big part of every football club should be in Hull. Beuce himself stated his views on ticket prices, the 6% increase should be replaced with a 10% decrease. Regardless, City staying up is a must for all surely? If we stay up, the City of Hull benefits. The club benefits. The people of Hull should benefit (by community investment). The club is a more attractive proposition to would be buyers. So with that in mind perhaps the protests can be put on hold?

  12. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    Rich – Steve Bruce has appealed for the protests to be put on hold. Any distraction could cost us. Go down and everything could implode. Stay up and either A. Talks take place and things move on. B. The club is sold (hopefully to a fit and proper person). Everyone wins?

  13. Bunkers Bill
    Bunkers Bill says:

    “Dr. Allam has given millions to medical research in Hull and to local Charities.”

    “Sir Jimmy Saville OBE raised millions for Stoke Mandeville Hospital”

    How dare anyone speak out ?

  14. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    Bunkers – You can’t take away what Dr. Allam has done for medical research, cancer care, education in Hull.
    To compare him that vile wretch (and Leeds fan) Saville is not funny.Saville is a sick paedo who should rot in Hell.

  15. Bunkers Bill
    Bunkers Bill says:

    They are very similar, Bill, in the way that people are blinded to their dark side and refuse to see ‘the danger’.

    Having seen the way that Saville was allowed to act for years hiding behind his ‘benefactor’ persona, I’d like to think that even you would have learned to spot the danger signs.

    Don’t let Assem fix it for us.

  16. Bunkers Bill
    Bunkers Bill says:

    “One day you may be grateful for Dr
    Allams donations to medical science.”


    Many thousands of patients at Stoke Mandeville were indebted to Jimmy Saville, Bill.

    Shall we pretend he wasn’t a monster?

  17. Bunkers Bill
    Bunkers Bill says:

    Bill. you truly are a dimbo.

    How many more times must I make the comparison before the penny drops, old chap?

    Get someone less blinkered and more mentally agile to talk it through with you.

    Then we can talk again?

  18. Bunkers Bill
    Bunkers Bill says:

    Don’t hide behind what others think, Bill

    What do YOU think?

    Do you think for example Steve Bruce would rubbish his employer to the assembled journalists?

  19. Rich
    Rich says:

    This is old news from his interview with Burnsy after the Palace game. What didn’t ring true was the fact that he raised the issue of protests so early in the interview barely mentioning the crucial 3 points and excellent performance beforehand. He’d clearly been told by Allam to bring it up.

  20. Bunkers Bill
    Bunkers Bill says:

    If vocal support is so important to the players, you’d think Assem Allam would spend his £200K on sorting some free/subsidised transport to the biggest away game of the season at Spurs.

    But wait…someone might flash an unfortunate flag or sing disrespectful chants.

    Nah….best not risk it, after all It’s more important to spite your enemies than see the team supported by the fans at Spurs.

  21. Rich
    Rich says:

    Exactly. It’s blindingly obvious who is at the root of this fans split. Only one man can stop it. I will protest until he stops or sells up.

  22. magnumpti
    magnumpti says:

    Jimmy Savile raised £40m for charity, doesn’t this outweigh the bad stuff?

  23. Paul
    Paul says:

    I feel like I have lost some of my life reading that lot that I won’t get back. What right does Bruce, Harper or any highly paid club employee have to say about protests that they do not understand, not really care about, they care about their own contracts/salaries, nothing else. Steve Bruce is lucky that he still has a job, £10 million on Hernadez who he is now not playing, explain the “in Bruce we Trust” logic please?

    As someone said if Allam really cared about charity you wouldn’t know about it.

    Other than at a match what point is any protest? As things stand I won’t be there next season such is my distain for the regime and the toxic atmosphere by the booers, I sit in west stand upper and most are good fans but so many moaners who make no noise of encouragement yet justified their booing as people should be supporting the team. If it was Twitter I would block idiots like Bill and Ben (maybe that is Assem and Ehab in disguise?) now go back to your flowers pots!

  24. Obadiah
    Obadiah says:

    Bill, I don’t think the protests have any effect on the team. Personally I don’t think they care who owns the club. They care about playing Premier League football, yes, and will put the effort in to stay up. I think we’ve seen that over the last three games.

    For me Assem Allam has made supporting Hull City feel dirty. There is no excuse or justification for what he’s done at the Airco.

    I have my fingers crossed that he has sold the club and the new owners start repairing the damage he has done.

  25. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    Paul – other than the last paragraph, I actually agree with most of what you have said
    If Bruce does want to get involved then he should commit (at the end of the season) to trying to resolve the situation.
    He himself said ticket prices are an issue and that he likes tradition so theres a starting point.

  26. gjhdurham
    gjhdurham says:

    Re 5: Puzzled by this outburst. I know there are grievances about the Allams’ behaviour, but the funding of the club has been outstanding…be it loans or not. SB has a right to be grateful. Do you expect a global corporation or rich eccentric to appear and literally give millions to Hull City AFC? Perhaps a Russian/Ukrainian, etc oligarch might appear and be prepared to write off cash on a whim. After all, it came easily from the assets of their nations, sold off much as Dave and George did with Royal Mail. Perhaps a Columbian drug dealer might decide football could be his hobby? Yes it’s a loan from the Allams, but at better rates than Bartlett’s bank loans. Who knows…the loans may be converted to shares, as at Stoke? This kind of attack is on poor foundations IMO.

  27. Rottenborough
    Rottenborough says:

    I read No.5 as correcting SB’s incorrect comment. He is saying “lay off the Allams because they’ve given the club a gift and don’t deserve any criticism because of this gift”.

    SB is entitled to his view, but if he wants to persuade others to come around to the same opinion he needs to stop getting his facts wrong. If he can’t do that he should button it – unless he’s been told he HAS to say certain things in public.

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