Things We Think We Think #185


1: A tremendous victory and a stellar performance against Liverpool, and three immeasurably vital points. Even with only a single goal chalked up, the game felt oddly at ease throughout, even allowing for the usual emotional panic that goes with any City victory-in-waiting. The final whistle made a heavenly sound, the reaction to it was composed by the gods.

2: Any suggestion that the back to back wins against Palace and Liverpool were enough to guarantee safety was shot to bits on Saturday with victories for Sunderland, Leicester and Aston Villa. We couldn’t afford to view the Arsenal game as a ‘free hit’ as we might have done had other relegation scrap contestants failed to register points at the weekend, and why should we? The Liverpool game (and West Brom’s Bo Myhill assisted vanquishing of Manchester United) illustrated quite handsomely that we needn’t be defensively minded and shouldn’t be timid against supposed betters.

3: Sadly, City did look timid against Arsenal. Gone was the belief that coursed through the side at Selhurst Park and against Liverpool, and in its place came a severe case of nerves. That was perhaps heightened by awful results at the weekend, and it’s understandable up to a point, however City looked dismayingly easy to beat by Arsenal. Apart from avoid a serious rout, there was very little to take from this game.

4: Individually, a few players who’d recently returned to form had howlers. Huddlestone coughing up possession cheaply was instrumental in bringing about Arsenal’s first goal, and the former Tottenham boy had a poor night all around – as did Jake Livermore, meaning that Stephen Quinn was almost alone in trying valiantly to stem the Arsenal tide.

5: Steve Bruce chose, inexplicably, to major on the anti-Allam protests when offering his post-match thoughts on Tuesday night. He again referred to the £70m the owner has ploughed into the club and questioned whether any other individual has invested quite so much into Hull, and asked the question about if the protests were necessary, worthy, wise, whatever. Again, it falls on the supporters to say, without malice aforethought: Steve, he didn’t give us the money. It was a loan, not a gift. He shoved four per cent interest on to that loan and took a six-figure fee consultancy fee. Whatever he has put in – and the figures vary from source to source – he is expecting to recoup, with interest, with profit, and with the added effect of making the people of East Yorkshire bow and scrape and throw rose petals in his path wherever he goes. We don’t blame the manager for talking up the owner who keeps him in work and transfer funds, but similarly, we’d rather he just didn’t speak on the subject at all, as what he says lends itself to obsequiousness, not to mention inaccuracy.

6: The sound of people (we won’t call them City fans, they aren’t) booing City fans singing a City song at a City game was disgusting.

7: Another thing: why do those who drag out that tired old “get behind the team” nonsense whenever something controversial is happening invariably turn out to be the ones who sit in complete silence all game long?

8: Newcastle have been properly dragged into this relegation scrap with three to go and that could be handy for City. Nobody is in worse form than them, no set of players gives less of a toss than them, it could be that everyone that isn’t QPR or Burnley is now looking at the hapless, useless, joyless Geordies and seeing them as their ticket back into the Premier League’s everywhere city. Newcastle are the favourites, in mind if not maths, for the third relegation spot, and that suits us.

9: There are many reasons to want to stay up, but we’ve just added a new one: we really, really want a weekend in Bournemouth next season. Though if we do stay up, knowing our luck, the Premier League will probably give us a Wednesday night there. Also, we don’t have any real affinity with Watford, but given that we did them in the 2008 play-offs, then did them again on the last day in 2013, we’re sort of glad they’ve made it back up to the Premier League at last. Good day out, Watford.

10: The ‘1966 and all that’ banner hanging in the South Stand has been understandably mocked on social media, as it credits Waggy’s contribution to the 1965/66 promotion campaign to the unfamiliar character ‘Wiggo’. Mistakes happen, only the unrealistic expect absolute perfection at all times, but when mistakes become legion (and social media types have had a lot to highlight in recent weeks) it paints a picture of carelessness about things people care a lot about. Wiggo FFS.

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  1. Antonio Fargasm
    Antonio Fargasm says:

    And still no mention by the club of Jimmy McGill in the programme- even though the death of that Lokeren larker was marked last night, as well as a picture of the Bradford fire commemoration before the Palace game included in the programme.

    Why, it’s almost as if there’s nobody at the club who knows who he is….


  2. Ben Burgess
    Ben Burgess says:

    I think you will find that most business owners “inject” money into their business via “directors loans” and charge a commercial rate of interest. It is standard business practice. Why would he inject his investment as capital it would have made no sense whatsoever in the circumstances.

  3. Muppet Man
    Muppet Man says:

    Re Ben Burgess’ comment- I don’t think anyone is bothered it’s a loan or if that loan’s on commercial terms. It’s the fact that some people don’t seem to understand it’s a LOAN not a gift! Some seem to have him down as some kind of god-like benefactor when he’s not. He’s in it for what he can get out of it for god sake.

  4. Chunder Monkey
    Chunder Monkey says:

    Ben Burgess, I think you’ll find most businessmen don’t say they’re buying the business as a ‘gift to the people of Hull’, if the money invested is actually a loan. This is known as a lie. If he was in it to make money from the start, he shouldn’t have given it the big talk of bringing ticket prices down and wanting to give something back to the local area. The guy is a massive hypocrite.

  5. Ben Burgess
    Ben Burgess says:

    It was a gift on the basis that no one else would have injected the cash needed whether it be by way of loan or capital. He could have sat back and let the club be liquidated and bought it for nothing. To me that is the crucial point. I am no lover of Allam as I have said before and his PR/commuication is abysmal. I also get that he has alienated a section of fans. I think it is in everyones best interests (including his) if he sells in the Summer which I think he will do. As always though be careful what you wish for. There will be no more local “Sugar Daddies” around. The club will without doubt be sold to an overseas investor – no doubt you will cry “Well anyone will be a better owner than Allam” but dont bet on it. Any new owner will see it purely as a means to make money – that will be their only rationale for buying the club. Allam has got plenty right and doesnt deserve to be villified in the way he has been by what is still a small (albeit vociferous) section of fans.
    Furthermore I dont agree with the booing and would never join in that but maybe call a truce for Saturday and a game that will undoubtedly decide the clubs fate.

  6. Obadiah
    Obadiah says:

    Mike Ashley doesn’t charge interest on his loans to Newcastle United. Roman Abramovich doesn’t charge interest either. Two club owners that don’t see Premier League clubs as a way to make money.

    Another rationale for buying a Premier League club is prestige. Very few football clubs make their owners rich.

    Assem Allam evicted hundreds of Hull people from the Airco Arena to try and ensure he gets his half million from the Premier League. Tells me everything I need to know about the man of the community. He had plenty of time to put a bubble pitch on County Road North but decided not to.

  7. Erik
    Erik says:

    No mention of Elmohamady’s idiotic Fallon D’Floor-candidate? I think it’s the third time this season where he’s embarrassed City with his antics.

  8. Les
    Les says:

    I was totally unaware of that until I saw a Vine this morning. I must have been having a piss or summat.

    Another thing not mentioned is the banner for the Lokeren player, because I couldn’t tell if this was a club initiative or a fan initiative. A fan talked about ‘our’ banner and I didn’t know if that was ‘our’ as in the club or ‘our’ as in the chap tweeting had it made up.

    It’s a nice enough gesture if the club did it, and the ‘remembering David Rocastle/Welcome Arsenal’ sign on the away concourse (paid for no doubt by ASI money) was too, but they made me think “other teams get that kind of effort, and we get Wiggo and incorrect numbers and dates”.

  9. Ben Burgess
    Ben Burgess says:

    Allam is a wealthy guy on paper but not in the same league as Ashley/Abramovich. The figures quoted about his wealth relate to the value of Allam Marine and are figures based on a formula linked to annual profits. He might on paper be worth £300m but that is not cash in his back pocket. He cannot afford to write off that kind of money and nor should we expect him to.

  10. Gazza Gazza
    Gazza Gazza says:

    I’m not sure anyone is. What we’re saying is that lending us the money shouldn’t give him the right to do whatever the fuck he wants in our name.

  11. Les
    Les says:

    Hence the reason he is criticised for playing the philanthropist when really he’s getting a reasonable rate of return.

    Similarly he said that he was pleased that fans call it their club as it was their club, and that he was doing all this for the community, a community he thought should have no say in the rebranding of a club known as City for generations, and when questioned it was no longer ‘their club’ but ‘his business’.

    It isn’t necessarily the actions themselves that raise hackles, but the manner in which they are done. The ASI money thing wouldn’t have been such a big issue had the FSG not been repeatedly told the money would be used to subsidise travel, only for the vice-chairman to say that was never a consideration. Nick Thompson peddled the lie that there would be no name change FOR MONTHS until the Allams said there would be.

    No matter how good your original motives or actions, if you keep lying, and lying, and lying, having each lie exposed and then coming out with more, you lose goodwill, and eventually people turn hostile.

    I was told by a former club employee who was there when Allam bought the club that the whole ‘£70M cash injection’ was a fabrication for the purposes of PR, and that the actual amount was nearer to £10M. The £10M of course, is what allowed the club to stave off administration, so was a very good thing, but if the £70M story is a lie, it’s a lie that underpinned all the other lies, because a lot of shitty actions have been forgiven by many on account of the ‘£70M pumped in’.

    The list of lies told and then exposed are legion, but some seem to think ‘As long as we’re in the Premier League, he can do as he pleases’. If City are relegated and find themselves in the Championship with twice the debt the Allams took on, a lot of people’s opinions that the Duffen/Bartlett axis was malevolent but the Allams are benevolent are going to change in an instant.

  12. adamhull
    adamhull says:

    Wiggo’s had a big weekend of being celebrated around Yorkshire, what with the hordes of fans out on the streets for the Tour de Yorkshire. Popular lad he is, and i’m sure this is just City doing their bit to recognise that………!!

  13. Obadiah
    Obadiah says:

    Ben I don’t think its about how wealthy Assem Allam is. You say that new owners would see it as a way of making money. Isn’t that what Assem Allam is doing? If he stays and continues to pay off his debt he’ll make a profit of over £20 million on an investment of £1.

    I don’t expect him to write anything off. Personally I’d feel cleaner if he gets every penny back together with his interest.

  14. richard pearson
    richard pearson says:

    All these posts about Allam. Has anyone noticed we have a huge relegation scrap on? Can we get behind the team and talk about Allam’s adventures after 24th May please!

  15. James
    James says:

    They where booing the Allams out chants. Seems fans are allowed to protest against the owners but any counter protest or differing option you’re labelled a non city fan , plastic or worse. Believe me some of those booing are lifelong city fans who stood in Kempton probably long before most of an , because we are sick of all the negativity at games. If you are going protest have some balls and do it outside front reception. We did it properly in the 80s none of this hiding behind banners and pathetic a4 print outs.

  16. Paul
    Paul says:

    What you mean after the deadline for season ticket renewals before they go up in price even more? Or maybe after the FA have decided whether there will still be a Hull City or not? And where do you think any noticeable protest should take place? So assume the Liverpool fans were wrong last week too? As were the Arsenal fans with their banner last night? Put things into perspective you PL lover!

  17. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    Have to agree with Ben Burgess. I will NEVER boo a protest and my voice is still hoarse from cheering the lads on. However when Steve Bruce has appealed for the protests to be put on ice, can we surely not respect his wishes?
    Sport is all about fine margins and negativity only helps the opposition so please protest after the game vs Burnley and away at Spurs? The 100 or so Allam Out flyers looked cringeworthy. The people around me used them as paper aeroplanes. #One Team Hull City

  18. Obadiah
    Obadiah says:

    The people around me didn’t use them as paper aeroplanes.

    We’ve played 3 matches whilst protesting in the ground. We’ve won 2 and lost one. The one we lost was the one in which supporters booed.

    I have no problem people booing me when I sing. I don’t think they are any less a City fan. I get the impression they don’t want to give me the same consideration though.

  19. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    Completely agree with.James. I know many supporters (lifelong since the 70’s and 80’s) who are sick of the negativity, from the minority. When I protested against Fish and Cheetham in the 80’s I held a banner in the West Stand next to the Directors box!

  20. JohnK
    JohnK says:

    The disappointment of last night’s game against Arsenal was not that we lost but that we lost by at least 2 unforgivable errors by 1 player, Tom Huddleston. This languid style against lesser teams may pay dividends but against top class opposition it is just not appropriate. His first mistake meant Livermore having to take one for the team, with the resulting free kick leading to a goal. Livermore didn’t have a good night but being on a yellow so early on probably dampened his effectiveness. At half time we could easily have been just 1 nil down had Huddleston had his wits about him. How we miss Diame and Snodgrass in midfield even if it’s just compete for places, but certainly their pace, presence and tempo could make a difference. Huddleston has to ask himself why he isn’t still at Spurs or for that matter really in the reckoning for an England place.
    Sone Aluko is another that flatters to deceive. The amount of time he spends on the floor I’m surprised he doesn’t have a mud rash! Why this guy can’t string together a few good games in a row. His first half opportunity was a peach that he just didn’t get. How many times have we seen him do that.
    Both Aluko and Huddleston have the ability to be good championship players and that is where they should go next season, but not with us!
    The second half performance was better and who knows what might have happened if McShane had got his header on target.
    So for Burnley on Saturday. Win this we stay up, don’t and then we will rely on Sunderland losing their very tough remaining games and/or Newcastle continuing to freefall, but they are still a precious point ahead of us.
    Squeaky bum time? Oh yes I think so!

  21. Ben Burgess
    Ben Burgess says:

    Everyone has their opinion and we all want the team to be successful. I agree that we have some PL “groupies” bit it is ridiculous that anyone who isnt anti Allam falls into that category. Our support has grown as we have moved through the leagues which is to be expected. I have been a season ticket holder since 1974 without a break but does that make me a better supporter than my 17 year old son who has only been going for 10 years. He like most youngsters is fairly laid back about the name change.
    My view is that there is little chance of the FA approving the name change so why panic at this stage. I repeat my earlier call for the small minority to put away their Allam Out banners and if he is still here next season and by some miracle he does get his way protest then properly as a previous poster has suggested.

  22. Rottenborough
    Rottenborough says:

    Hull City AFC do not win, or draw, or lose matches because some, or all, of their supporters do or do not sing/chant/shout “City Till I Die” or “Allam Out”, or indeed whether some or all of their supporters sit in stony silence throughout each game.

    Hull City AFC win, draw or lose games because the players perform well, averagely or badly and have/do not have a bit of luck and because the opposition do/do not.

    Performances and results are down to two factors – the players and the manager.

    Those who seek to place ANY responsibility or blame on any section of the supporters for results on the pitch are a) wrong and b) looking for scapegoats.

    Just my opinion, after watching football for over 50 years.

  23. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    So by your logic we may as well all stay at home then Rottenborough?
    Just heard a Leicester fan say that he believes Newcastles problems on the pitch are due to their fans focussing negatively on getting rid of Ashley.

  24. Rottenborough
    Rottenborough says:

    What’s the difference between staying at home and sitting in the stand in silence Bill?

    That Leicester fan is entitled to his view, but he’s talking bullshit.

    The Newcastle fans’ banner last weekend said it all;

    “We don’t demand a team that wins. Just a club that tries”.

  25. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    I don’t sit in silence Rottenborough.
    Our players do give 100% most of the time. So when Allam goes, Bruce goes and we get an Ashley? A Vincent Tan? A board like Arsenal have? What then?

  26. James
    James says:

    The manager has said it , the playets have daid it. A great kc atmosphere on Saturday can well be the spur for victory like against leeds (the beasts header) Watford Cardiff (twice) even Oxford and Luton. Burnley will be out from the blocks we need to be the 12th man from the off for 90 minutes . I note with intetest hull City supporters trust are silent on the matter.

  27. Rottenborough
    Rottenborough says:

    Bill – your last comment does not constitute any reason or argument for not protesting about the behaviour of the Allams. Under any circumstances. Ever.

  28. James
    James says:

    Also question for the Allams out campaigners. Do you want them out at all costs , what if a condition of the sale is the name change or what if the Allams retain the smc. I can’t see them merrily riding off into the sunset. Sometimes better the devil you know!

  29. James
    James says:

    Rottenborough if you want to protest against the Allams do it before or after a game. Not during crucial matches which creates negativity. And don’t spout bullshit about winning matches you sound like a politician.

  30. Rottenborough
    Rottenborough says:

    James and Bill

    What part of your brains interprets “City till I die” as not supporting Hull City AFC?

    What part of your brains interprets Allam’s behaviour as supporting HUll City AFC or its supporters?

    i don’t suppose you have written to the Allams asking them not to continue with their despicable behaviour so as to ensure everyone is behind the team and pulling in the right direction?

    If you haven’t, why?

  31. Rottenborough
    Rottenborough says:

    James – you use the word “negativity”, yet accuse me of sounding like a politician.

    Brilliant. Just brilliant.

    There was no “negativity” at Palace and at home to Liverpool.

    There was no “negativity” last night, apart from those who, disgracefully, booed. If they/you wish to support Allam where are the chants in support of him?

    You have obviously decided that Allam can treat you as he wants provided we stay in the Premier League. That’s your choice.

    It’s not mine.

    You have exercised your choice.

    So do I.

    If you don’t agree, then sing and chant and shout your opinion. You should try it. You never know, you may find it motivates the team

  32. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    Rottenborough – why alienate long standing fans, with condescending remarks like “what part of your brain?”.
    City till I die, was a Bradford song, sung post Bradford fire. We rarely sang it, until recently, when it has been conveniently hijacked.
    I will never boo a protest, because as a paying supporter, it is your choice to protest.
    However when our own manager has asked for this to be put on ice, why can’t you respect this?
    We are in real trouble and need 4 points or we could well go down.
    I’ve watched City in every division, mainly the bottom two and I am enjoying our moment of glory. Without Allams investment / loan we would be in League 1 again and would never have got to the Cup Final. If I won £150M on the lottery, would I give £70M as a gift to Hull City? Of course I wouldn’t. I would loan the club it if the club was desperate for cash and I think 5% is fair, given that £70M could earn far more, invested in property.
    The FA will determine the name change, the ticket price increase was not necessary and should be reversed. The North Stand turnstiles need sorting. The Allams need to communicate and listen to all of the fans, not just a section.

  33. James
    James says:

    Rottenborough I am against the name change and yes at times the allams have been wrong. I was at palace i sang all game apart from allam out. the small group of allam out protesters were hardly a positive effect on the support it divides opinion and creates negativity. Online anyone who does not agree 100% is met with abuse. The allam out protests have tarnished ctid @ 19:04 if it is not linked why are the banners raised then. the caller Paul on rh summed up the mood perfectly most people just want to go to support and watch the team on the pitch and leave all the crap for the summer . The club is up for sale do you think any prospective owners would be encouraged by the protests.

  34. James
    James says:

    i’ve supported city since the age of 6 (1973) passholder since 1977 for the first 30 yeras apart from a couple of seasons we were mainly dogshit. i actually love it Hull city are in the premier lague, with the best manager i have known. i love the fact my kids see hull city as a premier league club, not the fcking skint embarassment i grew up watching. i don’t get the teary eyed romance of boothferry park, yes kempton had it’s days but for the majority BP had less atmosphere than the kc v mk dons. no doubt i’ve sold my soul, but there are many of the now departed tigernation who would love to see us in a FA cup final, beat liverpool twice and eat at the top table. i’m haunted by images of martin fish holding a candle, david lyoyd’s padlock or christopher needler’s garden. long live Hull City in the premier league. get behind your team they need you

  35. Ben Burgess
    Ben Burgess says:

    Rottenborough your attitude says everything about what has been wrong with the CTID/Allam out campaign throughout. You maintain the right of the small minority that support your views to chant Allam put but anyone who (probably out of sheer frustration) boos them is a disgrace. Bill and James like me are lifelong City fans and they put forward reasoned and sensible points of view. Everyone supports the club in different ways and many shout encouragement and support which in itself creates an atmosphere. I sit in the east stand and see very few of these people sat on their hands that you refer to. You choose to chant “we want Allam out” which creates a noise but adds nothing in terms of supporting the team nor does childishly holding up home made Allam out cards. I repeat once again get behind the team on Saturday.

  36. Rich
    Rich says:

    …and don’t protest against the name change until it has gone through. Got that?

  37. James
    James says:

    spot on bill they are completely missing the point.
    like every fan new and old they are entitled to there opinion , who is right and wrong who knows.

  38. James
    James says:

    rich the protest is done, its in the hands of the FA
    do you think they will be swayed by a song!
    the point is the anti allam chants having a negative effect around the kc

  39. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    James – like you, I attended every week in the late 70’s early 80’s hoping for a season in which we might do well and never did. I remember the rust dropping down from the roof in the West Stand at Boothferry Park. I attended but after 30 years of this, I did think why can’t we ever reach the top flight or a Cup Final, when just apart every other club has. I am happy that my son has been to a Cup.Final and seen City beat Liverpool twice and I remind him that this won’t last. We get 100% behind the lads every game. So it really upsets me when people suggest that I’m not a true fan. I was the 1st to.take a Fish Out banner to Boothferry which I held with pride in front of Fish and Co. So let us put aside the Allam Out for the final 3 games, so we have 100% focus on City winning and getting behind Brucie! (As he has asked)

  40. Obadiah
    Obadiah says:

    Its no longer about the name change for me. I want Allam out because he evicted hundreds of amateur sports men, women and children to continue his feud with the Council and to get his hands on half a million quid from the Premier League.

    So why not try and convince me to stop singing Allam out and justify what he’s done?

  41. James
    James says:

    wise words bill.
    at the end of the day we all support the same team.

    what unites us, is greater than what divides us

  42. Bunkers Bill
    Bunkers Bill says:

    Listen you handful of fence sitting ‘lifelong supporter but owt for a quite life’ cunts, Allam is pissing all over our club. Everyone here is a lifelong supporter- my first game was 68, it doesn’t give you bragging rights or bestow special wisdom.

    If Allam/mini Allam wanted a better atmosphere, more backing etc, they could have forked out a chunk of the £200K they have invested in a pyramid scheme to pay for trains to Tottenham in the most important game of the season.

    But they see travelling City fans as an eyesore and an affront to their jurisdiction, so they put their own selfish egotistical interests before those of the players, the club and the fans in staying up.

    I’m tired of Ehab’s embarrassing lies, his deceit, his bluster, his lack of style, his crass PR skills and his ludicrous interviews where he puts his foot in it.

    Polo Guy? Poor Cunt

    Any of you ‘quiet life’ fadges care to hazard a guess on our gates next season if the name change goes through but we get relegated? Clue: it will be 4 figures.

    All the acquiescent nodding dogs who infest the West Stand when we are in the PL will soon jump ship when Rotherham and MK dons are here next season.

    These are Allams crowd: these are the ‘fans’ he has courted. He has sold them top dollar entertainment and they’re not interested in loyalty or second rate. They will scuttle off back to whence they came and he won’t know what’s hit him.

    They’ve already shown with the Ferriby debacle that they have no sense of duty or custodianship. Money to buy kudos and glory- the rest is ‘irrelevant’ and ‘common’.

    Let anyone supporting Allam drown out the CTWD stuff with even louder City chanting, but don’t purse your lips, tut and boo.

    You might just wake the ‘quiet life’ wankers sat around you.

  43. Rottenborough
    Rottenborough says:

    James, Bill and Ben.

    I have already said, clearly, that my line in the sand has been drawn and crossed, many times.

    No one claims a monopoly on being the longest standing or best supporter of our club, but I repeat, have you written to Allam and asked him to stop,his divisive and appalling behaviour? If not, why not?

    Why do you defend his behaviour yet criticise,those who voice their objections to it?

    The reason seems to be that you are willing to put up,with that behaviour provided the team remains in the Premier League.

    Let me ask you another question.

    If we are relegated, and Allam does not sell the club, how much more of his behaviour will you accept? Or are you willing to accept anything he chooses to dish out?

    How many more Aircos are you happy to see?

    I get behind the team at every opportunity. Unlike you, I don’t agree it is necessary for me to kow-tow to the Allams in order to do so. I choose how, when and where to support Hull City AFC. IT’s my club. No one tells me how, when and where to support my club.

    I repeat.,the worst thing The Allams have done is to split the fans. Any objective review of their actions readily reveals where the responsibility lies, and it is not with those who oppose them.

    I held off judging their actions until it became impossible for me to continue doing so. My line in the sand is now way back in the distance and they will never be able to retrieve it.

    I fully accept,that other supporters lines are drawn in different places. Each to his own.

    What I refuse to accept is the myth that voicing opposition to the Allams equates to not supporting the team on the pitch.

    It is for me illuminating that I have to rehearse for you three arguments that are well known and aired on this site for many months, yet you continue to ignore,those,arguments and behave almost as though nothing objectionable has happened to our club over the last five years.

    I,was,at Wembley and cried, just like you. I too never thought I would live to see that day. I too was grateful to Allam for saving our club, but the price he has imposed is for me too high to continue accepting his behaviour.

  44. Ben Burgess
    Ben Burgess says:

    Bill. Hysterical nonsense abusing fellow City fans just because they dont agree with your short sighted view. Now it appears that unless you sit in the North Stand you are a plastic Premier League fan. Absolute joke.

  45. Bunkers Bill
    Bunkers Bill says:

    “And which University did you go to Bunkers Bill?”

    Get with the program……

    I just bunged someone a few quid and got an honorary Doctorate

    Piece of piss- the amount or forelock-tugging and arse-licking it induces is astonishing.

  46. James
    James says:

    why the need to abuse anybody who doesn’t 100% agree with you.

    is that what you accuse the allams of.

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