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  1. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    All was “okay” up until 19 minutes. We looked solid if a little un adventurous, we had a great atmosphere going and then the City Till I Die chants at 19:04 and the atmosphere thereafter seemed to wane. Fans around me tried to get it going again but all it just came from pockets of the crowd. Thereafter the game slowly ebbed away, just like the atmosphere. Bruce picked the wrong team. Robertson, Meyler and Jelavić should all have started in place of Livermore, Chester and Aluko.
    We showed no quality and looked clueless from midfield.
    I believe we can win at Spurs but we now need Sunderland and Newcastle both to fail to win their final games.
    The Allam out chanting seemed to disrupt the excellent atmosphere in the first 20 minutes. So well done chaps, if we go down Allam won’t be able to sell so easily now, so what have you achieved?
    All you had to do was put your protest on hold until at least the end of the game but no, you couldn’t resist could you?

  2. Riley Tiger
    Riley Tiger says:

    Thanks Bill.

    Silly me I thought we lost because City were crap from the start. Must have been at a different game. All this negativity on the name change sapping the atmosphere and demoralising the team.

    You do have an talent for talking bollocks.

  3. Les
    Les says:

    It’s hard not to imagine Bill posting his knowing tripe on here, and then fucking handfuls of his own shit by way of celebration.

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