NEWS: Livermore suspended over failed drugs test

LivermoreJScarcely the sort of news City needed ever, let alone now, but midfielder Jake Livermore has been immediately suspended by the club and the FA after a random drugs test found traces of cocaine.

The midfielder, a regular over the last two seasons at the Circle, was subject to a test after City’s 2-0 win at Crystal Palace last month. He subsequently played in the win over Liverpool and the defeats against Arsenal and Burnley prior to the results being made public yesterday.

Cocaine is not a performance-enhancing drug but comes under the ‘social’ drugs category under the FA’s rules on unlawful substances, and Livermore now faces up to a two-year ban. It is hard to believe, irrespective of how City finish the season, that he will play for the club again.

Livermore, who is 25, joined City on loan in the summer of 2013 after promotion from the Championship and had a fine season; this year he has been less effective and was coming under considerable criticism for his most recent displays. He previously played for Spurs, for whom he was an apprentice, and has one England cap.

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  1. Muppet Man
    Muppet Man says:

    The Dull Daily Fail’s reporting that he was also tested after a subsequent game & passed! Not that that excuses him of course!

  2. Ambertigerfan
    Ambertigerfan says:

    Contrast: Shane Long scores a screamer from 40 yards out giving him 7 goals this season, Abel Hernandez can’t hit a barn door with a banjo.

    Abel Hernandez cost: 10 million pounds

    Shane Long cost: 6.5 million pounds plus 60 million pounds lost due to relegation.

    Who said the Old Dictator Allam was a good businessman?

  3. james abram
    james abram says:

    had great hopes for hull city to liven up drab premier league can’t understand why he bought so many spurs rejects

  4. Tony Pearson
    Tony Pearson says:

    Why would you think the sale of Shane Long was Allam’s doing, that’s a giant assumption without any basis as far as I am aware. I’m all for telling how it is but that is pure conjecture.

  5. Tony Pearson
    Tony Pearson says:

    There’s a world of difference between sanctioning a deal, as a business owner, and organising a deal, as a business manager. As far as I am aware, the owner has not involved himself in any transfers, albeit to give final financial approval. What you are suggesting is that Allam conducted the sale negotiations and sold Long against Bruce’s wishes and/or without his knowledge – surely not!

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