Things We Think We Think #184



1: We threw out the question last week: “When will City give us cause to write a cheerful TWTWT?” The answer is: immediately. Saturday’s win at Crystal Palace had a smattering of everything; great football, individual brilliance, unflinching support, white-hot atmosphere, off-field talking points. And it gave us three points somewhat unexpectedly, given Palace’s resurgence, and in a timely manner too.

2: We’ll cling on to football matters for as long as we can, as for once, it’s worth it. Dame N’Doye was sensational, Tom Huddlestone looking truly interested and back to his pace-dictating best, the defence solidity personified and Sone Aluko showing smatterings of the form and confidence that made him such a superstar when we first got him. Even if he did slip with almost amusing regularity.

3: Our clutching onto those straws of hope is a little stronger than a week ago, and an optimist may note that Crystal Palace’s nothing-to-play-for lethargy could similarly infect some more of our future opponents. Arsenal’s top four place is a secure and there are Cup Final-ruining injuries to be avoided, Burnley could be beyond rescue, Tottenham may be dreaming of summer…

4: How much fun is Liverpool at home going to be now? A packed Circle on a spring Tuesday night, with City seeing their fate in their own hands while the big-name visitors from the unclean end of the M62 have to win to maintain the tiniest hope of a European Cup place. It could prove to be a cracking night. And, dare we say it, it’s a good time to beat Liverpool: out of sorts, out of the FA Cup, with question marks over the future of their manager and star winger, while their strikers can’t score. Kiss of death stuff we are risking, clearly, but we turned them over last season with some ease when they were also not having a great time of it. That they then went on a ridiculous run of form and nearly won the Premier League afterwards is nothing to do with us.

5: If you are a Liverpool supporter based in East Yorkshire, don’t come to the game unless you are in the away end. Liverpool shirts have been more abundant in our parts of the KC than those of any other foe since we first experienced top tier football in 2008, and it is unpleasant and inflammatory to witness them. And if you’re a steward, eject them. No ifs and buts.

6: We referred earlier to a “white hot” atmosphere, and of course much of that heat was directed at the Allam family. It was probably inevitable that their deplorable conduct would eventually see an Allam Out campaign arrive to accompany the thus-far successful No To Hull Tigers campaign, and what was striking at Selhurst Park was how widespread the feeling was. The only minority used to be those in favour of the name change, now it may even be that supporting Assem Allam’s ongoing ownership places you at odds with the majority.

7: This is all placing the local media in an invidious position, and they’re certainly coming in for plenty of criticism. Of course, Assem Allam is rich and powerful, and perfectly willing to exploit that. And we understand that without access to players, listeners will drift away and readers will cease buying newspapers. We wonder if the real reason that the local media continues to sit on its hands over the club’s various misdeeds is because having failed to ask any serious questions at the outset despite repeated warnings, doing so now would make their initial loss of nerve appear even worse. Maybe it would. But it’s better late than never. Perhaps they could start with the missing £200,000?

8: However, to some extent that’s shooting the messenger when the real problem remains the Allam family. It’s hard to see however they can ever regain the goodwill of City fans, principally because they aren’t even trying. Major transgressions vie with minor ones for attention; turfing kids out of the Airco, the club STILL sending out e-mails from Hull Tigers urging us to renew season tickets. Whoever at the club thought that was a good idea would, at a properly run club, be clearing out their desk tomorrow.

9: Apropos of season tickets – if even half of those threatening not to renew next season carry it out, we are going to see huge swathes of empty seats next season. What a sad sight that would be, and how avoidable it all is.

10: Quite what is going on at North Ferriby United is not clear, but several of their players have felt compelled to criticise the Allam family for withdrawing financial support. The value of a club like North Ferriby was made abundantly clear by their recent Wembley win, they edify and uplift their local community. The owners though, seem to miss that point entirely, talking about the financial bottom line as if that alone represents the value of the club, and effectively blaming a village of only a few thousand inhabitants for their expectations of a commercial return being wholly unrealistic. Does this have any relevance to Hull City? It’s hard to say, but Ferriby’s owners (who incidentally removed ‘AFC’ from a revised NFU club crest) are part of Assem Allam’s inner circle, and share a trait of claiming to be community minded while really just looking after themselves. The brainless mindset of “it’s his club, he can do what he likes” rings especially hollow when a club is voluntarily relegated, an act that will upset many people who care and have done so long before the Allams got their mitts on local sides.

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  1. Robo
    Robo says:

    Great as always but for North Ferriby, better a voluntary relegation then go the way of Hereford etc. at least there will still be a club…!

  2. Les
    Les says:

    Yes, of course, but even Ferriby fans magnanimous enough to think that way must also harbour resentment that the club has been treated like a toy by a rich couple who’ve now tossed it aside because it hasn’t met their foolish expectations. We talk about clubs being value to their community in England, but laugh at the idea of clubs being community run, insisting they have to be the property of millionaires or billionaires, despite examples on the continent showing it needn’t be that way.

  3. Cheshire tiger
    Cheshire tiger says:

    Point 5- thank you for mentioning this! At Anfield this season, who the hell wears a joint Liverpool city shirt? Really? Divides loyalty! I loath people whom find it appropriate to support another premier league club just because they were an arm chair supporter when we were in the lower leagues!

  4. Paul
    Paul says:

    I never understood the Ferriby thing. No fan base of any size it was clear to me that it was never going to work commercially, surely the Allams/son-in-law must have known that? I would have been interested in Ferriby living locally but at £12 to go and watch non-league in a Stadium that gives no decent elevation for watching the game has not appealed. That coupled with it being Allam owned of course. How could they ever have expected to break even is beyond me, it’s too close to Hull to have any sort of fan base other than a few hardy souls and those that have a passing interest generally in local football. £500+ a week wages when gates are 300 ish surely would never add up?

    Steve Bruce I gather decided to say something about the Allam out protests on Saturday, why? Waiting until the end of the season will do no good, his boss has put in another name change application, has evicted sports clubs from Airco, sullied the supporters names and increased ticket prices once again, on what planet does he think “waiting” is an option? What people come and protest in an empty stadium or at Allam Marines offices? Despite dreadful PL results for a long time he is still given goodwill by most fans, he needs to remember that almost as much as his gaffers stupid ideas or it will be Bruce out next!

    Great write up and I hope protests will be loud and clear on Tuesday.

  5. Craig
    Craig says:

    I would like an explanation as to why Assem Allam warrants any positive score on Tomb rater???

    What the fuck are the 2 points actually for?

    The cunt deserves running out of town,not two out of ten.

  6. gjhdurham
    gjhdurham says:

    Re4: Would hope the positivity in fans and team carries on to Tues, as it is possible to take another big step forward then. However, judging by MotD, Liverpool played quite well at WBA, and looked very dangerous around the box…just couldn’t score. Not going to be as easy as some seem to think. Still a similar performance to Sat really should get some reward! Worried that we don’t seem consistent when games come quickly. Same team selection, although Aluko doesn’t often impress…too greedy. If you’re going to be like that, then need to score more! Hoping to get a run going! COYH!

  7. batfink's beard crumbs
    batfink's beard crumbs says:


    He got the two point’s for

    A) His services to medicine.
    B) His most bodacious C.V writing skills.

    On a serious note. Despite being a double fistable cunt of a man. He is the reason why were in a position to regain a Premier League place. His action in employing Bruce, and allowing him to invest in the squad deserves kudos.

    Albeit begrudged.

  8. Bunkers Bill
    Bunkers Bill says:

    Please report any LFC ‘supporters’ to the nearest stewards and make sure the steward ejects them. Call his/her supervisor if he/she does not speak English or struggles to comply with stadium regulations. Turf these turds out of our ground, confiscate their tickets and place them on a ‘sex offenders’ type list to stop them attempting to repeat it next season.

  9. James
    James says:

    ref ferriby, unfortunately like a number of non league clubs before them they have been punching above their weight. cost of ground improvements, increase in players payments, etc have far outweighed increase in crowds maxing out around 350. weymouth and histon good examples of clubs getting to the conference and ending up with huge financial problems.long term for ferriby far better to be competive in a lower division and rebuld in good health. will now be intresting to see how much some of the Ferriby players who tweeted they loved the club, will stay for lower money or love the next club to offer them more!

  10. Terry
    Terry says:

    Don’t care if category ‘A’ teams are playing, I want to vocally support my team in the last few games of the season. Perhaps greed for a match and not looking at next £ea£on.
    Attracts part time category A fans to pay for game… 12th man Mr Allan, 12th man!!!
    Thankfully I can afford Burnley at home, I enjoy the football not the opposition.

  11. Bosco
    Bosco says:

    Re point 10 – well said. Also, anyone wearing a half and half scarf should also be ejected and given a clip round the ear for good measure.

  12. Rottenborough
    Rottenborough says:

    Steve Bruce may well be the most successful manager we have had, but he is is not the manager with the most “nous”.

    He needs to realise something.

    Whilst he is indeed fortunate that he is left alone to manage the team, that dos not endow him with the automatic approbation of the supporters to the exclusion of the appalling behaviour of the owners of the club.

    He needs to adapt to the reality of his position.

    He manages Hull City AFC.

    That is a short term job.

    Conversely, many supporters are umbilically linked to the club as a consequence of tradition handed down over many many years, and they and their families have been, are, and will be here for far far longer than his inevitable brief appearance as manager.

    We, not him, or the Allams, are the bedrock of Hull City AFC.

    We have the right, and will exercise it, to make any protest we deem right and proper whenever we see fit. If he does not like it he knows what he can do.

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