NEWS: Supporters’ Trust ballot delivers name change landslide


Having been invited by the FA to submit their views on Hull City AFC’s second application to change their name, the Hull City Supporters’ Trust has this morning announced the results of its recent ballot on the issue.

They’re quite devastating.

99.2% of HCST members who voted said no to Hull Tigers, with just 0.8% in favour.

You can read their full analysis of the result here – and if you haven’t already, why not join them?

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  1. John
    John says:

    having initially been against this name change, now, I’m not so sure. I still don’t think changing the name the Hull Tigers is going to have any effect on market share in the Far East as his is what this is about, but as long as the idiot wants to support Bruce and put his cash in then get on with it I say. Time is short in football and chairmen come and go. Yes I know he is an egotistical idiot but it’s not MY money he is playing with.

    So, if CTID get their way and the FA reject the proposal, my question is, how would you run the club then, because it’s obvious that if he goes then whoever comes in may not give SB the support he is currently getting.

    This to me is far more important!

    What do you want, PL or Championship L1 or end up like Leeds have?

    I’d rather have an idiot putting his money in, name change and PL than going back down to where we came from.

    Serious question, what are YOUR alternatives to this.

  2. Dennis
    Dennis says:

    Hi John,
    Simple answer: Dr Allam is not rich enough to keep us in the top flight forever. He would better sell it to someone who is if that is the only thing you are interested in.

  3. Paul
    Paul says:

    Oh and it’s all loans and he wants his money back, he doesn’t even like football, I don’t think he likes much actually.

  4. Les
    Les says:

    “it’s obvious that if he goes then whoever comes in may not give SB the support he is currently getting.”

    If that is obvious, then it must also be obvious that whoever comes in might well give SB even more support than he’s currently getting, right? Or maybe there is nothing obvious at all when you’re employing nothing but guesswork, such as the thought that only Assem Allam’s money (in the form of loans that ultimately someone is going to have to repay) can get us to and keep us in the Premier League. That may be your thinking John, but it has no basis, at all.

  5. Basel Tiger
    Basel Tiger says:

    Great news. We are a bigger asset to Mr Allam as a Premier League club, so if we stay up & head for a 3rd term of PL status, he can easily find a buyer and keep his promise to move on. If he’s a man of his word, and he takes this as a clear sign, he’ll sell the club and relieve us of this debt burden once and for all. Hull City made it to the PL, and we’ll still be Hull City long after he’s gone. The supporters have spoken & their message is clear – farewell Mr Allam.

  6. George Bell
    George Bell says:

    I notice the article above avoids stating how many people voted. The truth is that HCST is actually The CTWD people so it’s hardly surprising that almost all voted against the name change.
    How many members have HCST got now? Just over a thousand? There are around 18,000 season ticket holders so basically a pretty pointless exercise akin to polling Tory party members as to how they expect to vote in the election.

  7. Matt
    Matt says:

    “obvious …….. may not” – contradiction. Suddenly you’ve gone from unequivocal to possible in the space of nine words, John. Make your mind up.

  8. Ambertigerfan
    Ambertigerfan says:

    It’s unlikely Allam will leave. He’s a businessman and 5% interest on his loans to City is far too profitable to give up. The additional TV money in the pipeline is further incentive for him to stay, regardless of how hated he is.

    Allam simply doesn’t care as long as he’s making money. In the meantime he’s going to squeeze out the working class core of City fans through ticket price hikes and replace them with plastic prawn sandwich eating corporate types. Its laughable now that he once claimed he’d bring the price of tickets down to 10 pounds.

    If he gets his pathetic name change that will further hasten the gentrification of the club. I will not support Hull Tigers, I have only ever supported Hull City AFC. I believe the only thing that will stop Allam is death, or if he starts losing lots of money through owning City. The latter is unlikely as long as City remain in the Premiership.

  9. Robo
    Robo says:

    George Bell, if you go to the HCST news item it does tell you. Why not go there and look? Or are you scared you’ll be forever sullied by visiting the page??

  10. Bill Baxter
    Bill Baxter says:

    George Bell, the season ticket holders weren’t asked to vote though were they?

    Maybe you should read today’s article in the Hull Daily Mail by Allam Jnr. on how the club has spent £200,000 on away fans rather than their own supporters to see what the Allam’s think of us all (& that includes those who backed him because it affects “all” City supporters).

    You’re irrelevant just like the rest of us.

  11. George Bell
    George Bell says:

    Robo, I said THIS ARTICLE. The information is printed on the HCST website but has not been mentioned on this website. I would imagine the reason for that is that the numbers of people who voted are so small and that only 71% of the members bothered to vote. As for being scared of visiting a website???? Go bang your head lad.

    Bill Baxter, season ticket holders have not been polled, you are correct, but that is an issue between the FA Council and the club. It has nothing to do with how the HCST/ CTWD poll is just as biased as the original club poll was last year…..the irony! As for the £200K ASI money, nobody knows as yet what happened there and it is for the Premier League to investigate. I would suggest until they have that you keep your own council as you, like everyone else, have no idea what has gone on.
    Finally, the word ‘irrelevant’ was uttered by Ehab Allam in reference to the roll the fans would have in the process of the appeal against the FA Councils decision, and he was quite correct in what he said. If you wish to distort that in order to make it seem he meant the fans in general are irrelevant, then feel free, but it won’t be a true reflection of what was really said.

  12. Rich
    Rich says:

    George this AN article invites you to read the article in full (via a link) where you can see the numbers. And if you read the HDM article, EA explains what and why they have done with the ASI money. Just read, George. Read.

  13. Officer Crabtree
    Officer Crabtree says:

    George – you write “It has nothing to do with how the HCST/ CTWD poll is just as biased as the original club poll was last year…..the irony!”

    That’s utter horse shit. The wording of the question was quite clearly a straightforward choice regarding the name change with the HCST poll. The wording of the deeply-flawed-in-so-many-ways poll by the club last year tied the poll into the continued ownership of the club by the Allams. You really don’t know what you’re talking about, do you?

  14. George Bell
    George Bell says:

    Rich, I have read, I have read, I have read. What is clear is that the ASI complaisance document is vague in how it defines what should be done with the funding. That is why I said the issue of what has gone on still needs to be addressed by the PL. In truth it would have been much better if the PL had stipulated that the money should be spent BY ALL CLUBS on their facilities for away fans, rather than being frittered away on subsidising away fans ticket or travel costs, which a very short-sighted way of using the money.
    Everybody likes free money, but it does nothing to invest for the lon-term benefit of all.

  15. George Bell
    George Bell says:

    Officer Crabtree, the bias was in the claims that this poll means anything. Only 750 people voted out of 18,000 fans, and yet HCST are claiming some kind of “Landslide” victory. Well, I’m afraid that is far from a landslide, in fact it’s barely a trickle.

  16. Bill Baxter
    Bill Baxter says:

    George we do know what happened to the £200,000, Alam Jnr. has made it quite clear where they have spent the money – on other clubs away fans.
    So we’re the only club’s fans in the Premier League who haven’t benefited from this money.
    Happy with that?

  17. Ben
    Ben says:

    George, if you think the HCST poll is biased against the name change, then why not form the HTSC (that’s Hull Tigers Supporters Club, not Huddersfield Town) and conduct your own poll to balance it out? I’d be interested to see if you can get 1000 people who feel so strongly in favour of the name change to sign up in such a short space of time and vote!

  18. Officer Crabtree
    Officer Crabtree says:

    Just keep moving the goalposts, George. You said the poll was biased, not the announcement of its results. The poll was in no way biased.

    I don’t think the results come as a shock to anyone, but as the FA has requested this information to assist its ruling on the name change, the impact it may well have will probably be greater than you’d imagine. One of the two fan groups asked by the FA to poll its members comes back with 99.2% against. Trickle or otherwise, it’s a strike in favour of those who want to remain Hull City AFC.

  19. Robo
    Robo says:

    George, the HCST poll was very simple. members of the Trust were invited to email the organisation, stating which of the two options you preferred, Hull City or Hull Tigers.

    No question, so therefore no bias.

  20. Paul
    Paul says:

    I despair at someone who could listen to anything either the Allams have said, or read today’s HDM article and STILL support them? They must either be AA/EA or just incredibly stupid. Last season the ASI money was spent on numerous away trips by providing free travel, this boosted away support and in turn surely increased our chances of victory with a bigger support present. To think that spending such a sum of money on the “away supporter experience” at the KC would actually increase numbers is just ridiculous. I have not once thought about what an away teams concourse may be like when deciding whether to go away or not, and neither have ANY of the away sides to visit the KC this season, quite the opposite as Liverpool showed the other night.

    The way the club is ran currently is shambolic and the sooner we have new owners the better, in 2009 I had never heard of the Allams, I wish that was still the case. I would happily take a Portsmouth as opposed to what this family is doing to this club and its fans.

  21. Rottenborough
    Rottenborough says:

    George, some people are gluttons for punishment.

    Are you full yet?

    If you’re not you might like to tell us how much denigration and insult you are willing to accept from the owners of HCAFC before saying enough is enough.

    On the ASI issue Ehab has made it plain the club prefers to give money to other clubs’ fans rather than its’ own, in the face of most other clubs doing the opposite ( Southampton being a notable,exception ). I find that illogical and perverse.

    My views in this regard are reinforced when I read that Ehab sees no justification for treating one section of his own club’s fans ( those who attend away games ) differently to the whole fanbase. He trips,himself up with these comments, as illustrated by;

    1. The restriction of last season’s ballot to,season ticket holders only; and
    2. Giving free T-shirts and flags to fans who attended the away games at Southampton and Palace, but not to those who attend home games; and
    3. Differential,price increase in season tickets for corporate and individual ticket holders.

    You get my drift?

    Being fair to the Allams, I applaud their efforts to attract away fans to the KC. I believe away fans add much to the atmosphere at all games, and the more they enjoy their experience the more they are likely to,return in future. That is good for HCAFC and for the local economy. However, it ignores the fact that most away fans coming to the KC have already been helped by their own clubs, so receiving a double benefit at the expense of HCAFC fans, and wholly contradicts Ehabs’ assertion that fans’ views are irrelevant. Or does he say that only the views of fans of his own club count for nothing?

    Liike you, Ehab dodges, weaves and alters his arguments once challenged with hard facts, in an attempt to dig himself out of his self-dug hole.

    Like you, he fails. Completely.

  22. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    Whether you like it or not, it appears that the Allams may have spent the £200,000 correctly. Like other fans I was hoping for free travel to Spurs, but this was purely for selfish gain, whereas what he has done is allegedly for a greater good.
    Again poor PR as this should have been proposed to the fans at the outset.
    Just as a 6% ticket price increase is wrong.
    The Allams certainly lack PR skills and much of the issues could so easily have been remedied.
    However when Steve Bruce is concerned about the Allam Out chants, surely this can wait, al least until we’re safe?
    Like Burnsie said in an ideal world I’d like to see CTID and The Allams sit down, sort this out and everyone shake hands and move on.
    Both sides have become entrenched and this looks impossible.
    Real shame because these are the greatest days ever for being a City supporter.
    38 points should do it and surely we have all the motivation in the World to stop smug Arsenal!

  23. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    In response to comments above I agree that my decision to travel to an away game is based on 1. Importance of that fixture. 2. Cost including travel. 3. Atmosphere at that ground. 4. Is it a ground I haven’t visited before.
    I have never benefit from discounted travel as A. I never travel with official supporters clubs. B. I live outside of Hull.
    My biggest issue is that my season ticket is now £572!

  24. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    So 764 CTWD supporters voted they prefer Hull City? I’m only surprised 6 voted against.
    Although you did get a larger majority than the party below :-)
    Party Votes % Seats +/–
    National Socialist German Workers Party 17,277,180 43.91 288 +92
    Social Democratic Party of Germany 7,181,629 18.25 120 –1
    Communist Party of Germany 4,848,058 12.32 81 –19
    Centre Party 4,424,905 11.25 73 +3
    Black-White-Red Struggle Front (DNVP)[a] 3,136,760 7.97 52 –1
    Bavarian People’s Party 1,073,552 2.73 19 –1
    German People’s Party 432,312 1.1 2 –9
    Christian Social People’s Service 383,999 0.98 4 –1
    German State Party 334,242 0.85 5 +3
    German Farmers’ Party 114,048 0.29 2 –1
    Agricultural League 83,839 0.21 1 –1
    German-Hanoverian Party 47,743 0.12 0 –1
    Socialist Struggle Community 3,954 0.01 0 New
    Kampfgemeinschaft der Arbeiter und Bauern 1,110 0.00 0 0
    Invalid/blank votes 311,698 – – –
    Total 39,655,029 100 647 +63
    Registered voters/turnout 44,685,764 88.74 – –

  25. Rottenborough
    Rottenborough says:

    Bill’s post at No. 29 is surely some sort of poor attempt to satirise Monty Python’s Philosopher’s sketch.

    Which Philosopher are you Bill?

    Emmanuel Cant?

  26. Riochatemyhouse
    Riochatemyhouse says:

    Is this the right time to say that George Bell and Bill Carson are a pair of mentally deficient rabid thundercunts? Oh look, I just did.

    How much more do they need to do before absolute fucking idiots like yourselves see them for what they are? Set fire to your kids? Bum your pets? They’re slowly removing the reality of Hull City being a football club supported by loyal men and women of this parish, passionate people who kept this club alive through the gloomy days of the 80’s and 90’s, put money in buckets, remained loyal when it was easier to walk away. These very people are being shat on from a height, and are walking away in droves during the most successful period in our history. That, and that alone, should tell you everything about them.

    I can barely disguise my utter hatred for what these 2 have done to this club, and I reserve similar contempt for those who think he shits ice cream cones and can do no wrong. The sooner they leave our great club alone, the better.

    Allam Out.

  27. Wild Bill Hickox..
    Wild Bill Hickox.. says:

    This is about as realistic as that other fixed ballot. Just a question: When papa does fuck off and City get an owner in the Mike Ashley mould. Who do I blame?

  28. Rottenborough
    Rottenborough says:

    He’s not going anywhere.

    He’s making multi-million pound profits on top of a 4% return on his loans plus a salary for him and Ehab of approx £155,000pa together. Nice work when you don’t even like football and think your customers are irrelevant.

    If we stay up,this year he’s rolling in it.

    If we stay up next year he’ll climb up,the ST rich list even more.

    He’s as likely to leave as HCC are to hand over the KC for nothing.

    Why do you think he’s hung around so long?

  29. Chris Stern
    Chris Stern says:

    I was not a member of CTID. I am a member of the supporters trust. I renewed my season ticket on Monday, the first day I could. I voted no because I do not want or see any point in the name change and will be very sad if it should go ahead. If that happens I hope the next owners will change it back.

    Some of the comments by George above are ridiculous.

    It is so sad that at the most amazingly successful time in our history the owners have done so much to spoil the party and clearly show that they look down on the clubs supporters. If this was a purely commercial situation I would tell them what to do with their business. It isn’t, it is our club. a huge part of my life so I can’t do that. Part of me regrets that fact at times.

  30. Wild Bill Hickox
    Wild Bill Hickox says:

    Odd then that Hull City BBC reporter, David ‘Carpet’ Burns reckons he’ll sell in the summer and there are three interested parties…I assume those on the CTWD ‘ego’ trip are not prepared to answer the question….Tells me all I need to know, really.

  31. Les
    Les says:

    Obviously ‘Bill’, you’ll blame fans who want an owner that treats his club better than Mike Ashley and who treats supporters with more respect than Assem Allam, but then you’ve already determined who you’ll blame haven’t you?

    I’m not sure how supporters wanting a say in the running of their club and going about it in the correct manner of establishing a supporters trust are just on an ‘ego’ trip, or quite why the word ego requires inverted commas. Are OSC members on a similar ‘ego’ trip? What is it about supporters being told the owner has bought the club ‘for the community’ but then finding out that the community is expected to have no input other than buying overpriced ticket and clapping like seals as the owner pursues a private vendetta against the council using the community club’s name as collateral and not being too happy with it, that you find puzzling and wrong ‘Bill’?

    Out of interest, ‘Bill’, if City’s next owner backs the manager financially in the manner he’s grown accustomed to and values the club’s identity and supporters, who will you credit?

  32. Officer Crabtree
    Officer Crabtree says:

    Wild Bill Hickox:

    I campaigned against Needler, Fish and Dolan. I was shouted down a criticised by other fans in the South Stand for doing this.

    When we got Lloyd and Hinchliffe/Buchanan, some of those same fans blamed us ‘shouters’ as we’d got rid of the previous regime. I just campaigned against Lloyd and Hinchliffe/Buchanan, too.

    When we got Adam Pearson, those same fans shut up. Had they had their way, we’d have still had Needler pulling the strings and spending every other Saturday watching Nottingham Forest, with Fish trying to keep our head above water and Dolan providing some of the most tedious, tepid football ever seen in Hull on a shoestring budget.

    If an owner or a manager is in the wrong, if they behave in the way that the Allams have behaved these past two years, then I’ll vociferously object to their behaviour. Who comes next doesn’t matter. They might be scumbags like Lloyd or Hinchliffe/Buchanan, and if they are we’ll campaign against those too. Until we get another Adam Pearson. We want the best for Hull City AFC, an entity that the Allams see as lousy and common and want to wipe off the footballing map, preferably from their Melton base.

  33. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    Riochatemyhouse – it is your sort of “agree with everything we say or you’re not a true supporter that has turned me off supporting CTWD CTID or whatever it has now changed to.
    I have supported the Tigers since 1976 and I have stood on the terraces with just 3,000 others. I’ve been away to Barnet, Exeter, Salisbury, Penrith, Bristol Rovers (when it was abandoned 1 hour before kick off) so don’t patronise me!!!
    Given our history with Chairmen (Don Robinson apart) I haven’t trusted any of them.
    I still don’t forgive Adam Pearson for sacking Phil Brown and worse still for appointing that muppet Dowie.
    I am not happy about ticket prices or the lack of communication.
    I am not happy about the turnstile crisis in the North Stand.
    On the pitch I like Steve Bruce and the squad of honest professionals he’s assembled, backed by the Chairman.
    Anyone who has supported this club long enough, should be very wary about who is going to walk through the door next. I don’t want us to become a Chelsea and simply buy success, I want success through gradual improvement and I want cheaper season tickets.

  34. Officer Crabtree
    Officer Crabtree says:

    “I don’t want us to become a Chelsea and simply buy success”

    Yeah, because this current squad – jam-packed as it is with youth team players and £50,000 bargains plucked from the lower leagues – is really delivering on that, isn’t it?

  35. WSM
    WSM says:

    … and what City have which other clubs tend to lack is organisation and focus for protest. CTWD (now HCST) and Amber Nectar (and others I’m sure) have been central to this. Without this organisation the disatisfaction can be deep and widespread but still nothing changes. Allam will not stop – you don’t arrive in the UK with no money and build a fortune unless you are utterly determined. AN and the HCST cannot rest.

  36. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    What started out as a fair and righteous protest has descended into trench warfare.
    There will be no winners only carnage.
    The good things done by The Allams have been distorted and The Allams lack of proactive communication has done nothing to help the situation.
    This whole situation (which could so easily be remedied) is spiralling out of control.
    There are EGo’s within CTWD who are seeking a place in the boardroom.
    Equally the Allams double whammy on season tickets, North Stand fiasco and Ill advised comments have only inflamed the situation.
    I just want everyone fans and Chairman to sit down and thrash this out and move on positively.

  37. Officer Crabtree
    Officer Crabtree says:

    “There are EGo’s within CTWD who are seeking a place in the boardroom.”

    Really? Name them. Or stop making utter bullshit to suit your increasingly bizarre agenda.

    “I just want everyone fans and Chairman to sit down and thrash this out and move on positively.”

    They have sat down. The situation just gets worse when they do. I know for a fact that representatives of fan groups went in to the initial meeting on this 18 months or so ago armed with a compromise of marketing the club as Hull Tigers or Hull City Tigers internationally and retaining the name Hull City in the UK. These appeals were instantly dismissed by the Allams. That wouldn’t hit the city council, you see…

  38. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    Officer Crabtree – Are you an Ostrich?
    Instead of going on the defensive, reacting to isolated comments, read my post in its entirity. I was making the point that this has reached stalemate and looks like ending in disaster.
    I agree with Steve Bruce in that this does need sorting out.
    Neither side has covered themselves in glory here, although it should be the Owners who have the responsibility to offer an olive branch and sort this out.
    They should accept the original proposal to market the club globally as Hull City Tigers and keep the club registered as Hull City AFC.
    Too late now but the 6% increase should be reversed.
    The North Stand needs 2 new turnstiles.
    Regular meetings should be held with supporters groups, 12 people (not a single puppet).

  39. Bosco
    Bosco says:

    CTWD and HCST have handled matters with impeccable dignity and class, something the Allams lack.

    The Allams clearly do not like input from others and will do as only they see fit. I guess they are used to getting their own way and do not appreciate supporters (… or customers to them) having an opinion or input.

    Time for them to go. They’ll get their money back when they sell and have done ok with the interest payments. They’ve had their moment in the sun.

    Allam out.

  40. Rich
    Rich says:

    The club have met with supporters groups reasonably regularly (the FWG), and their representative has taken away issues to be addressed etc… on the major issues (i.e. not the quality of the pies or somesuch) they have come back with the square root of fuck all. The Allams quite clearly don’t listen to anyone.

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