NEWS: Assem Allam makes second name change application


Assem and Ehab Allam have chosen today, All Fools’ Day, to notify the FA of their intent to submit a second application to change Hull City AFC’s name as part of their ongoing obsession with Hull City Council. Last month, while savaging the first application and the accompanying arrogance and incompetence of the Allams, a Football Association Tribunal reaffirmed that we remain Hull City, “set aside” a previous decision and invited the club to make a “new application“. Not a re-evaluation of the first, whose outcome was known. A new, second application.

Here’s Assem Allam promisingly unequivocally that there would be no second application:

Contrast that unambiguous statement with what this increasingly degenerate regime has said today.

We will fight this, and we will win, again. Allam will lose again, and he will lose with the whole world knowing that he is a man without honour whose word means absolutely nothing.


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  1. Mike Suffield
    Mike Suffield says:

    Amen to all of that. At what point does “Tomb Rater” dip into negative territory??

  2. George Bell
    George Bell says:

    Who writes this hysterical rubbish. The FA, in the person of Clark, are the ones who are incompetent for not abiding by their own rules. The the application decision of last year has been set aside, the has been no decision. This is, effectively, not a second application because there has been no decision on the first application.

  3. Bill Baxter
    Bill Baxter says:

    You’d be interesting to see if the likes of Burnsy & Levy will play that video back to him!

    Of course we allk now none of them will.

  4. Les
    Les says:

    You’re not bright are you George?

    The first application was for 2014/15. Whether set aside or not, that was the first application.

    If the club are applying for 2015/16 now, then it’s second application. Even if 2014/15 is just tip-exed out and 2015/16 written over it, it is a second application.

    It was the decision that was set aside, but an application for 2015/16 was necessary regardless. You can argue semantics all you like, but this is a second, fresh application, and Assem Allam has shown himself a liar by making it. I see you calling someone a liar on Not606, but you’re quite happy to swallow Allam lies and say they are truths.

  5. Bill Baxter
    Bill Baxter says:

    Les, you forget Allam has money & that makes a big difference to people like George.

    Some of us have scruples though.

  6. Gaz
    Gaz says:

    Seems a last ditch chance to get the name change.

    I cant see it going down well if he again provides no evidence and another biased ballot. Has Allam spoke with the championship? As much as i dont think we will go down but we are not safe yet.

  7. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    Championship club Bolton’s debt is up to £172.9m after announcing a loss of £9.1m for the 2014 financial year.
    The net figure is an improvement of £41.6m from £50.7m losses revealed during the last set of results.
    Wanderers announced that staff costs have reduced by £9m because of a number of players leaving.
    Bolton, who owe the majority of their debt to owner Eddie Davies, ended an 11-year stay in the Premier League after relegation in May 2012.
    “There’s no doubting that the transition to the Football League has been a challenging one,” said chairman Phil Gartside.
    “Eddie Davies continues to provide a humbling level of support to the football club, and as a wider business we are continuing to develop our non-footballing operations.
    “We continue to move towards a self-sustainable future, demonstrated by the club successfully meeting the Financial Fair Play criteria.”

  8. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    Note the line in Boltons statement “develop non footballing operations”.
    Also note that their debt hasn’t been turned into equity.
    Drop this hysteria about the name change and put your energy into campaigning to reduce season ticket prices.

  9. Les
    Les says:

    What is the relevance of Bolton’s situation?

    Many people have said they won’t buy a pass if the club are Hull Tigers, so the price of a pass would be immaterial in that instance.

  10. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    The relevance is the debt and that Bolton are (were) a similar sized club to ourselves.
    Les if people choose not to renew their season tickets that is their choice.
    Fans are being priced out (at a lot of clubs) now and that is simply wrong.
    I used to go to at least 10 away games a season, every year from Exeter to Gillingham, Brighton to Newcastle.
    This season I’ve been to just 2 away games, purely down to cost.
    If I didn’t have a season ticket, would I have paid £50 to watch a category A game? No.
    Genuine fans should at least be able to afford a season ticket to watch their home town team.

  11. Les
    Les says:

    Fans being priced out is just one of the things simply wrong with football in 2015. Another is genuine fans being told they are irrelevant when it comes to altering club identity, but then you are part of that wrongness, trivialising our name change concern as ‘hysteria’. Pass prices and the name change are part of the same two Allam headed coin.

    I won’t buy a Hull Tigers pass even if they’re reduced to a fiver, so to me the name change is a more immediate worry than next year’s prices.

  12. Baby Chaos
    Baby Chaos says:

    It’s like arguing with people on the Daily Mail comments page.

    “I’m not racist but…”

    It ain’t happening, let’s stick together and get behind the new chairman who’s bound to be a balanced individual as and when they come in.

  13. Bunkers Bill
    Bunkers Bill says:

    Anyone in favour of the name change, or who is unconcerned about it, is a cunt.

  14. Craig
    Craig says:

    I don’t know what would make me happier…The Allams leaving or those saying goodbye to those sycophantic cunts who,despite his lies,deceit,arrogance and plain stupidity continue to blow air up his arse whilst attempting to “argue” with those of sound mind and sound principles who have seen through the old man’s bullshit a long time ago….

    Actually,put them all in a boat and send the fuckers off to sea.

    Then fire a fucking torpedo….


  15. Bunkers Bill
    Bunkers Bill says:

    Sorry if I haven’t been been paying attention to the minutiae of this embarrassing and shameful fiasco, but when would the decision be made on this ‘new’ or resubmitted application?

    I won’t be renewing my pass until this shit is sorted.

    Hopefully, the FA will stop pussyfooting around and indulging Allam’s ego by ordering him to immediately stop his stealthy and underhand campaign to erase our name.

    Specifically he will be ordered to immediately re-instate:-

    – our name above the door of the club offices at the KC
    – our name on the season passes for 2015/2016
    – our name on the cunting club crest
    – our name on the programme cover
    – our name on all social media sites/addresses
    – our name on all public communications

    His sad and embittered ego has been indulged long enough, time he was reigned in for the damage he has done to the club’s standing in the football world .

  16. Rottenborough
    Rottenborough says:

    Re 9 and 10

    What is Bill Carson suggesting? That if Bolton had changed their name to Bolton Engineers or Bolton Elephants they would not have been relegated?

    Using that logic, if the Allams succeed in having the name changed Hull Tigers will win the Premier League and become European Champions – won’t they?

    Give over Bill. Your’e just being bloody daft.

  17. hovetiger
    hovetiger says:

    Anyone really surprised by this news? Battle for the future of the club rejoined and this time it’s loser walks

  18. Andy
    Andy says:

    19. Yes, I rather feel as though a battle to the bitter end is going to be fought now. There can be no reasoning with Allam, he is plainly beyond that.

    He is going to lose, and lose in miserable wretched disgrace.

  19. Bill Carson
    Bill Carson says:

    I agree that the Allams PR advisors need sacking. I have friends on both sides of this debate, long standing supporters who I respect the views of.
    Are the Allams worse than Cheetham? Fish? Chris Needler? Lloyd? Buchanan? Absolutely not.
    If there was a time to stop supporting the club surely it was through one of those regimes?
    But Instead of tearing up my season ticket I travelled up and down the land to voice my opinion from the terraces. Fish Out, Needler Out, Cheetham Out and Lloyd Out.
    The players need our 100% backing right now! the name change will be sorted by the incompetent FA and hopefully we all move on?
    Despite this PR disaster, the Allams have done a lot of positive things for the club which is why I remain on the sidelines with this.
    After listening to Ehab Allam on RH the FA will throw out the name change.

  20. Officer Crabtree
    Officer Crabtree says:

    Bill – the Allams don’t have PR advisors. They simply open their mouths and see what comes out. None of this is the fault of PR men. It is 100% the Allams. People have tried to work with them at the club, advise them, and they have largely failed.

    With regards to previous owners, like you I campaigned against the Fish/Chetham/Needler, Lloyd and Buchanan/Hinchliffe regimes. But in doing so, I felt closer to my club by fighting them. Thanks to the Allams, and the fans that so spinelessly support them because of their money and their desire to see Wayne Rooney and Yaya Toure playing at the KC, I have never felt so detached from my club.

    As a fan, I mattered to the Fish/Needler regime. They needed me. Lloyd did too. Hinchliffe and Buchanan – the only ones of the three groups I would say were worse than the Allams in every way – always just wanted to get as much money as possible from the club and get out. But the Allams make it blatantly clear that they don’t want me, they don’t need me, and in Assem Allam’s case, that I am a hooligan who can go and die. As inept/vile/criminal as those other three regimes were, none of those things happened to me.

    The Allams are my least-favourite owners of Hull City, despite – as you make reference to – the good things they’ve done. No one has done more to split our once impressive fan base. No one has put their own vanity and their own ego above all else when it comes to the club’s history and integrity (and when David Lloyd is among your past owners, that really is saying something). No one else made not want to go to games in the way that the Allams do. What the Allams are doing is wrong, and how they are going about it utterly stinks. I hold them in nothing but contempt, and that contempt extends to those who meekly back them, I’m afraid.

  21. Rich
    Rich says:

    We have a relatively minor Scottish League club taking the piss out of us on this. St Johnstone aka their April Fools alter ego Perth Panthers. Says it all…

    I will not be renewing my season pass without 100% clarity on our name for next season. And I also won’t be putting up with anyone calling me not a proper supporter…”we must all get behind the team”. Fuck off. Hull City is my team and I have always got behind them.

  22. Bunkers Bill
    Bunkers Bill says:

    Looking forward to the day the Allams fuck off and as a club we regain our integrity and stop being regarded as a joke club by the rest of the football world for this cuntish name change idea.

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