The latest Amber Nectar podcast is now available – just click the big embeddy thingy below and hear us bang on about the defeat to Burnley, our hopes for Jimmy Bullard in the jungle and choosing Serie A over the Premier League. We also recall two men who had much to do with the Tigers’ sink into near oblivion in the bad ol’ 90s…

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  1. Clint Naysmith
    Clint Naysmith says:

    Podcast challenge – you have two weeks to prepare. Conduct an entire podcast about football where no questions are answered with the word “absolutely”. Achieving this I s level 2 podcast nirvana.

  2. The Voice of Reason
    The Voice of Reason says:

    A small request please!
    Please could the readers of Amber Nectar vote to make Bullards life in the jungle as “comfortable” as possible.
    Bullard has a phobia if snakes and spiders.
    Some people may think he was an asset to us – you are of course entitled to your opinion.
    I think he was an ass.
    A very expensive £45,000 a week ass.
    So if you can help, please do :-)

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