Things We Think We Think #152


1. A week after the nonsense that is transfer deadline day, and we’re still excited over the on-field aspects of it. The expense is concerning, but it’s been fun to watch the forums and social media attempt to crowbar such a talented squad into a regular XI.

2. We also can’t wait to see how Steve Bruce keeps everyone happy. Or whether he can. Not only are City’s new signings laden with talent, there are also some players with a high estimation of their own abilities who won’t taken kindly to not starting most weeks. It isn’t the worst problem to have, but it’s a consideration.

3. Might it all prompt a few deparatures? Stephen Quinn, David Meyler, Paul McShane and Alex Bruce are likely to experience a sharp drop down the pecking order. They’re a quartet of proper professionals for whom we have high regard and they’re characters who’ll prefer fighting for a place over public sulking…but like any player, they’ll also prefer playing games to not.

4. Of course, with significant outlay and high-profile recruits comes increased expectation. Last season, we’d have all taken 17th. This time, wouldn’t that represent a slight disappointment? We think it may do. Quite what is a fair expectation is difficult to assess, but it’d a shame to see the Allams’ investment result in anything other than a higher finish than last season. And a decent crack in one of the Cups.

5. So, West Ham at home next. Every game matters in every division/competition, but this’d be a nasty one to lose. Four points from four games, all against sides unlikely to trouble the top seven, would be a below-par beginning. Conversely, seven from four is a solid opening.

6. Good to see the club pro-actively trying to drum up support for this game by taking out adverts in the local press, something we’ve wanted for a little time – this was not the first regime to have taken their support in the city of Hull for granted, but at least their are now signs of improvement. Literal signs too, as posters on buses and in shopping centres are now visible. A shame that they still struggle to use the club’s name, but never mind. More of this please, City.

7. Tickets for Hull City v Manchester City are now on sale. At £50 each. That’s fifty pounds. For one City game.

8. Europe is gone, and after the initial anger, all that’s left is sadness. Please take the League Cup seriously, City. There’s a wrong that needs righting.

9. Rumours about the club’s ownership abound. Friday saw an apparent false alarm on Twitter, with whispers about an imminent sale suddenly appearing, and while that came to nothing, plenty seem to expect a statement this week about the future of the Allams at Hull City AFC. Our view is largely unchanged: they’ve done a lot of good, a little bad…and no to Hull Tigers.

10. Apropos of the owners, and rather overshadowed by Europe this, but the micro-spat between City and Hull City Council was fascinating – and for a change, we find ourselves in agreement with Ehab Allam. Councillor Terry Geraghty’s comments about a fans’ park for European fixtures were dismally small-minded (“Hull City are going to get a decent gate for the match so I think it should be up to them to do something.”). Few people have ever mistaken Councillor Geragthy for a man of open-mindedness or vision, and we know he’ll not be reading as we fancy that Gerrumonsard Weekly is more his scene than digital media, but it is deeply worrying as inhabitants of this marvellous city to think of him having any responsibility for Hull 2017. We also know that the club’s hierarchy has little time for him. Might the council usefully find someone better to deal with the club?

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  1. Glenn Milner
    Glenn Milner says:

    Item 10
    I totally agree with the opinion of the local authority been petty minded over the arrival of the lokeren supporters .Nothing was arranged in the city for their arrival ,they were left with wetherspoons and bob carvers on a miserable Thursday morning.Though in Belgium we were treated with great hospitality by our hosts( except the robocops) and made to feel very welcome through the day .Again the local authority comes out of this portrayed as mean spirited and unwelcoming
    God help us if this lot are anywhere near 2017

  2. Bazza
    Bazza says:

    Re 10: You flatter Cllr Geraghty by imagining him reading anything. The spoken word is clearly a struggle for him; the written word totally alien.

  3. Mike
    Mike says:

    Re 4: For me, I’d take 17th this season and next. When we were surprisingly promoted in 2013, I said I’d take 17th in the Premier League for the first 3 years. Although I appreciate what you’re saying here, I’ve seen plenty of teams spend a lot of money and go down (QPR, 2012/13). Having said that, as long as we don’t get too many long term injuries, and Steve Bruce doesn’t consider leaving us, I think we should have a pretty good season.

  4. gjhdurham
    gjhdurham says:

    Re 2: Much more could be said, but are the recruits as injury prone and lacking in consistency as some report…time will tell! However, bit concerned that Dawson’s lack of pace and desire to whack the ball high wide and handsome to no one seems to be true. Just hope SB has the sense to drop him him if it’s not working…! Taking into account the above comments, not currently as over the moon as some on these signings, and really hope it doesn’t disrupt the spirit seen last year. It would be a shame if the talents of Quinn, for example, get overlooked for flash Harrys. All in all looks a sizeable gamble….hope it works. Real problem selecting a team! Also hope Thudd and Jake up their games! COYH.

  5. Harry O
    Harry O says:

    As an expat hullensian I have watched the incredible rise of my boyhood team (still my team) with awe and admiration. At one point last season I was in a British Pub in S. Florida, where I live, to watch City ( we get every game here) and there were more black and amber shirts than red, red and white, sky blue or dark blue. How the city council does not know what the club is doing for the city worldwide is beyond my comprehension. When we have foreign fans come to Hull it would seem to me that the City should do it’s absolute best to make those fans feel welcome if for no other reason than to engender good will for the city, let alone make the occasion both memorable and peaceful. Nobody in Korea or Egypt cares about our petty squabbles, but they do know who Hull City are so to the councilors and the Allams I say, get over it. You are hurting the common good with this behavior .

  6. Andy
    Andy says:

    Notice your attempts at CTID on 19:04 was met with an equally loud chorus of boos against West Ham. This was then followed by chorus’ of “Where were you when we were shit”.

    Looks like the silent majority have finally become more vocal, and now not only are you alienating the best owner we have ever had, but you are starting in fighting with your own clubs fans. Disgraceful.

    You don’t speak for the majority. If you don’t like how the club is being run then why no go and do like the Man Utd fans did.. Form your own AFC of Hull City, then you can dictate how the club is run.

    Now shup up, and let the majority of the fans (myself one for over 30 years and a season ticket holder) enjoy the best times this club has ever had.

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