NEWS: FA confirm Hull City AFC arbitration


And still the madness continues…

The Football Association have this afternoon confirmed that Hull City AFC is seeking “arbitration” over their attempt to rename the club. The original application was rejected on April 9th after several months of acrimony and widespread opposition among City fans and in the game at large; and while the FA possess “absolute discretion” over such a decision and no right of appeal is thought to exist, sadly Assem Allam has declined to take the decision with good grace and is proceeding with his folly.

This “arbitration” will be confidential and is likely to consume at least a couple of wearying months, ensuring that the owner has presented Steve Bruce with an unwelcome distraction for most of the rest of 2014. The issue ought to be settled: the original rejection came after opposition from City fans, the wider footballing world, Supporters Direct, the Football Supporters’ Federation, the East Riding County FA and the FA itself, all of whom said no.

So what part of “no” does the owner of Hull City AFC not get?

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  1. Jeff Whincup
    Jeff Whincup says:

    I’m hoping the FA finally give Assem Allam the all clear to change the name, I watched the Tigers / City since the early 60’s and don’t see what all the fuss is about, the best manager and team we’ve ever had certainly don’t need all this distraction do they.
    I would still talk about “City’s” games and still say I’m going to see “City” play whoever they are playing – it’s the future everyone should be looking to and not back at a mediocre past, tradition or no tradition it is in the past!

  2. Mark Preston
    Mark Preston says:

    You are quite right when you say the manager and the Team don’t need all this distraction. The solution is very simple.. Mr Allam needs to cease with this pathetic, childish attempt to change a name for no reason other than because of his spat with the Council. Nobody wants it, nobody needs it for any true reason, it is an insult to the region and the answer has been given already, it was a resounding NO.
    If you disagree with this you fall into one of two categories a) You are not a fan or b) You are a fan but you need to quite frankly man up and not be bought off so easily and show some respect to the clubs history, name and previous fans, many long since gone who would be revolted by all this.

  3. Nigel hill
    Nigel hill says:

    Surprising how many were there when
    The gates were only 3000.
    I was, have the proof and the memoiris.
    Hull city is for life not just the premier league.
    Allam out.

  4. Tyneside Tiger
    Tyneside Tiger says:

    Jeff – Firstly arbitration will not change the FA decision. Secondly the distraction is caused by one man, who doesn’t understand the meaning of the word “No”.

    Thirdly can you explain, for the future, why changing the name will have any benefit at all.

  5. Gaz Nelson
    Gaz Nelson says:

    Survival in the Premier League added with tv rights brought in 67 million last season.

    Name change would bring in 1 million per season through sponsors.

    Finish a couple of places higher than 16th in the league would bring in enough money to undue all the hard work of changing the name.


  6. Jeff Whincup
    Jeff Whincup says:

    Tyneside TIGER…Can you explain why it won’t have any benefits?
    Also without “that one man” we could well be playing derby match’s against North Ferriby – the man deserves a chance at least!

  7. gjhdurham
    gjhdurham says:

    No he doesn’t. This is about more than just City. The FA said no Allam, the FA said no….

  8. Brid Tiger
    Brid Tiger says:

    I am always surprised at fans like Jeff who have obviously been watching City for a long time through thick and thin. Is the fear of going back to lower league days that great that they will happily sell the traditions of English football?

  9. Antonio Fargasm
    Antonio Fargasm says:

    “I would still talk about “City’s” games and still say I’m going to see “City” play whoever they are playing ”

    That ostrich-like comment always saddens me.

    Once the name went, it’s gone.

    Gone, gone, GONE.

    You can call it what you like but the name would be lost on newer fans within about ten years.

    Get it yet, Jeff?

  10. Bill Baxter
    Bill Baxter says:

    Jeff – it won’t have any benefits because there are no big money sponsors lined up, how simple do you want it?
    The man deserves a chance?, you mean the man who has lied & back-tracked since day one of this whole sorry fiasco?, the man who tried to sneak a name change in on the sly & in secret?, the man who wished those who opposed his ridiculous idea dead?
    Oh yes, let’s give him a chance then.
    Just sit down & think about all what’s gone on Jeff & you just might get it that the only reason he wants to change the name is because of his petty, childish argument with the council because they wouldn’t let him have the ground on the cheap (or even for free) & he’s backed himself into such a corner he doesn’t know how the hell to get out of it.
    Now you tell me (us) how changing the name is going to be of benefit without saying that it’ll bring big money sponsors in, because there aren’t any, so what other reasons can you put forward?

  11. Les
    Les says:

    The subtext of Jeff’s comment is, ‘I just want all this to go away so we can concentrate on the football’, and that’s something I feel too, only I don’t think the FA reversing their decision would see an end to it all, far from it.

    Jeff also says that in the event of a name change he’d still call the club City, which suggests he really doesn’t want the name to change at all, and that he simply doesn’t want to ‘rock the boat’ by opposing a wealthy man who has done good things for the club.

    Money can taint those it touches, and people with big money often start to believe their judgments are always correct and their wisdom infallible, which is of course arrogant nonesense. Assem Allam clearly thinks he should never be challenged, and that attitude rarely has a happy resolution.

    Jeff, if you’d continue calling the club City after the owner removes that appelation, then actually you can see what the fuss is about, so why pretend you can’t? Why capitalise TIGERS when mentioning someones username? Do you think people who wish the club to remain City dislike the club’s nickname? Invariably they don’t, they just want it to remain just that, a nickname.

  12. PAul
    PAul says:

    We are the tigers
    We are Hull city
    But hang on – we are infact Kingston upon the river Hull
    So all you hanging on to your Great grandmothers Knickers
    Should we therefore not be called Kingston City or
    Kingston Tigers
    Go ahead wreck my football club
    But as your name says
    Hull City till we die – hurry up and get on with it and let us move forwards to make a club
    that can compete – more marketable – which means basically it becomes trendy
    Hence more revenue
    Hence richer club (I agree could mean richer owners)
    However Mr Allam has had very good intentions
    He is a business man
    He doesn’t want to destroy our club
    So get behind him and the team and stop destroying the fantastic times at our club

  13. Bunkers Bill
    Bunkers Bill says:

    Jeff Whincup: ” it’s the future everyone should be looking to and not back at a mediocre past, tradition or no tradition it is in the past!”

    So you won’t mind your kids dropping their mediocre Whincup name, and replacing with, say, ‘Kardashian’ then Jeff ?

  14. Bill Baxter
    Bill Baxter says:

    Trendy? Why don’t we go the whole hog & call ourselves Hull Bieber or Hull Kardashian & have the players wear onesies? And when that’s not “trendy” anymore we can just change it to Hull (insert latest X-Factor winner’s name here).
    Trendy? For fuck’s sake!
    Paul, instead of just trotting out Allam’s nonsensical spiel why don’t you tell us in your own words how it would make us more marketable & how much money it’s going to generate? Go on, we’re all waiting because if you can you’re doing a better job than Allam has because he hasn’t managed to tell us.
    Until you can why don’t you just fuck off?
    I’m also guessing that when the F.A. tell Allam “no” again you won’t be going to watch them again as the name won’t be trendy enough for you?
    I’m also hoping that no one ever tells me to my face to “get behind the team” because (although I’m not the biggest guy in the world) I think I’d seriously rip their face off as I’m fucking pissed off with Allam’s arse lickers thinking that all we do is sing a song at 19:04 and never sing,cheer or support the team in any way before or after.

  15. Tyneside Tiger
    Tyneside Tiger says:

    Yes Jeff, I have the word Tiger in my username. Stone me, that must automatically mean I should support the name change, never realised that, quick must return my CTWD membership and burn my scarf.

    My username existed long before Mr Allam appeared, I like it because it represents our utterly fantastic nickname (which I would quite happily see the club market to death) and because it’s alliterative and hey I like alliteration. However I like the name Hull City a whole lot more. Oh and you should see my E-Mail address that would really confuse you.

    It won’t have any benefits (other than satisfying Mr Allam’s ego) because potential sponsors, investors and supporters do not buy into a sporting team just beause of it’s name. They invest in potential and success, both of which can be achieved just as effectively under our current name. Which, and I’ve lost count of how may times I’ve made this point, is linked to the CITY that the club represents.

    To suggest that Mr Allam somehow kept us from non league football is blatantly inaccurate, a generalisation of the highest order and frankly insulting to those people who, a number of years ago, did actually stop us dropping out of the Football League.

    Give him do what…..Satisfy his own whims and fantasies without a thought for his “customers”………. remove the very essence of what the club stands for just because he’s had a tiff with the council…………….continue to make the club a laughing stock…… Great ideas.

    Oh and PAul ” he doesn’t want to destroy our club” no but he’s quite happy to rip the heart, soul, history and tradition away without a monkey’s toss for what anyone else thinks. Interesting that you use the word “our”, not sure Mr Allam would.

    If remaining as Hull City means playing North Ferriby then I’ll see you both at Church Road. Or presumably not….

  16. Bunkers Bill
    Bunkers Bill says:

    PAul (sic) comment 12:

    “However Mr Allam has had very good intentions
    He is a business man
    He doesn’t want to destroy our club.”

    He has gone on record as saying our history is nothing, our name is ‘common and lousy’ and its supporters ‘can die as soon as they want’.

    That sounds to me like someone who wants to destroy our club, or at the very best has no interest in it.

    He seems to be creating a club that appeals to Premiership ‘consumers’ who will soon disappear (like in 2010) when we get relegated. He is already losing the people who are disillusioned with his blundering and bullying style.

    If he got his way, what would be left when we got relegated?

    A pariah club with a joke name with no more than 10,000 fans as the other 12,000 don’t want to know about non Premiership football.

  17. Officer Crabtree
    Officer Crabtree says:

    Point 12 is ace. When you read it as a poem it’s even acer.

    I love the ‘he’s a businessman’ argument. It’s perfect. Totally infallible. Businessmen never get anything wrong do they? Businessmen such as Christopher Needler, David Lloyd, Stephen Hinchliffe, Nick Buchanan, Paul Duffen and Russell Bartlett should never have been questioned. George Reynolds was a businessman. So was Geoffrey Richmond, Ken Richardson, etc… etc… But yeah, Assem Allam being a businessman means we shouldn’t question him,

  18. Baby Chaos
    Baby Chaos says:

    We all know these accounts are parodies.

    Let’s appeal to those who overindulged during the second summer of love.

    And call ourselves “Hull Spackfucked”.

  19. Cayman Tiger
    Cayman Tiger says:

    When I work out what “alliterative” means I think I’ll agree with Tyneside Tiger as I believe it applies to me too. Sometimes I honestly believe some of these Allam arselickers are simply wind up merchants because surely nobody could be that thick or naive, or both, surely? I think I know the answer however and its fucking sad. I just wish Allam would fuck off now, I don’t see how he can repair the damage he’s done. His son might stand a chance but AA can truly and deeply fuck right off.

  20. Bill Baxter
    Bill Baxter says:

    I think it speaks volumes that none of these cunts ever come back on here & answer any of the questions put to them but I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised as Allam doesn’t have any answers either.

  21. HempholmeTigers
    HempholmeTigers says:

    Allam’s at it again – why doesn’t the bitter, twisted, stubborn, vindictive old tw*t just do one now instead of unsettling SB, the team and us yet again with his incoherent stupid pronouncements. he is intent on destroying the success we’ve had because of his selfish, unfounded whim, like a spoilt kid.
    He sets such great store by stating that he always does what he says, as if that is such a heroic attribute. It’s actually the sign of a much better man to admit when you’re wrong and change your mind. Donald Trump said so, and I believe he’s a pretty successful businessman too, Mr Allam?
    COYH tomorrow, we need a win. Forget all the crap going on.

  22. Bill Baxter
    Bill Baxter says:

    I wonder if his childish, pettiness will continue tomorrow & take the clock off the scoreboard at 18 minutes like he did last week?

  23. Truth seeker
    Truth seeker says:

    I see Andy Dalton is quoted on the BBC football web page….saying that fans are not troubled by Allams latest utterings…Fair do’s to him for getting his name of the page. But I beg to diffe. Plus A. Dalton does not speak for all City fans..Not the ones I know …

  24. Bosco
    Bosco says:

    Well Andy Dalton’s views are shard by the majority of readers and contributors to this site, so perhaps you should jog on to the Hull Tigers fanzine sites or join the half wits and assorted Allam apologists on the HDM site.

  25. hertford tiger
    hertford tiger says:

    After watching the coverage of last weekend’s game I do kind of understand the view of Assem Allam. It really does piss me off that the “experts” and commentators refer to Manchester City as “City” during games against ourselves (or other Cities). If I owned a club I think I would want it to have a unique identity.
    I don’t know if it will bring millions of pounds of revenue but I can’t see it will harm our commercial position.
    I have been watching the Tigers since May 1969 and I think I would feel worse if someone had proposed to change our colours and therefore the nickname. I have always referred to the team as the Tigers and would feel the loss of that identity more than the City name.

  26. Barney Gumble
    Barney Gumble says:

    Hull City is already a unique name and The Tigers is an excellent nickname. Nobody is trying to stop Allam market The Tigers to gain commercial revenue. Maybe that small fact hasn’t reached Hertford?

  27. Truth Seeker
    Truth Seeker says:

    27…Not all City fans read the views expressed on a web site or in a newspaper..If you want to imply that the views written on a web site, reflect the views and opinions of all City fans, then you are very much mistaken. It is like saying that everyone who reads the Guardian is a wine tasting, lefty, liberal do-gooder.There is no basis of fact in either of these statements, implied or other. End off….

  28. Bunkers Bill
    Bunkers Bill says:

    ‘It is like saying that everyone who reads the Guardian is a wine tasting, lefty, liberal do-gooder.’

    They are.

  29. Truth Seeker
    Truth Seeker says:

    31….Point taken….Bad example….I agree….Fucking tree hugging, apologist wimps. Bring back the birch asap…

  30. Les
    Les says:

    Hilarious to call yourself Truth Seeker while willingly swallowing obvious lies from the owners.

    We’ve never claimed to speak for anyone but ourselves, never posited ourselves as a voice of the fans, we just provide a platform for a plurality of views.

    If you want to chastise the BBC for how they editorialise a headline, then you ought to take it up with them and not us.

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