NEWS: City up for sale if name change “appeal” fails


The FA having rejected his dotty scheme to rename Hull City AFC on April 9th, Assem Allam yesterday gave a bizarre press conference promising to appeal the decision, or sell the club.

His hopes rest with the Court of Arbitration for Sport, who he evidently believes have the authority or inclination to overturn the FA’s decision, a decision made after widespread consultation throughout the game and greeted with delight by a thumping majority of City fans.

Allam claims to have already launched this appeal, though both the FA and Court have said they are unaware of it. The owner further said that should it prove unsuccessful, he will then sell City.

Reaction to the press conference was swift. On Twitter, David Conn dismantled some of Allam’s odder claims. Hull City Council again denied that an offer had ever been made to buy the football stadium. It was a strange, incoherent affair that did neither the owner nor the office of Hull City chairman any great credit.

There is next to no chance of an appeal being successful, so a sale seems imminent. Quite when that will be is unclear. Selling a Premier League football club is no easy task, particularly not one freighted with a debt approaching £100m. Nonetheless, the direction of travel is clear. A shame that it’s ending with the owner consumed by anger, and still refusing to listen to or respect the supporters.

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  1. Canty
    Canty says:


    Nonetheless, the direction of travel is clear. A shame that it’s ending with the supporters consumed by anger, and still refusing to listen to or respect the owners.

  2. richard pearson
    richard pearson says:

    Mr Allam is no doubt a very successful businessman and we owe him a debt of thanks for his generous bequests to Hull in more ways than simply football. However, after his press conference he appears to be a disaster when it comes to public relations. Why did he choose to meet the press at this time simply to reiterate his former argument? Just when Steve Bruce, with a hard season ahead, needs all the focus he can get on and off the field. Why has Mr Allam reopened this can of worms before any so called arbitration has got under way? If the club is for sale how come he says he “might” stay; is the club for sale or not? Hardly an ideal situation for any potential buyer. Surely the time to declare his intentions would be after his appeal has been decided – if it is in fact an appeal.
    Mr Allam’s comments regarding Hull city councillors was nothing short of disgraceful. He is entitled to his private opinion of the city’s representatives but to bad mouth them in public shows his lack of tact. Mr Allam’s resentment towards the council’s attitude to his plans only serve to alienate. Just because one is a very wealthy and powerful man does not excuse petulance of this sort.
    I have no more idea than the rest of us as to how this affair will end. Mr Allam holds all the cards and he knows it, but whatever happens Hull City will continue as a football club because no man, player or owner is bigger than the club. Our previous benefactor Mr Needler was noted for his tact, modestly and generosity as well as his passion for Hull City – I don’t recall him ever dividing City’s fans in the way we have today. A period of silence from the boardroom please and more noise from the terraces might be for the best right now.

  3. HempholmeTigers
    HempholmeTigers says:

    He embarrassed himself, and by association, our club once again. Hugely grateful of course for his timely rescue of the club and the support for Steve Bruce but…
    Mr Allam may be (have been?) a very successful businessman in his time, but what he has signally failed to understand, or wilfully refused to, is that a football club is not an ordinary business, its fans are not ordinary customers. The loyalty and passions of fans for their club is more akin to tribal loyalty – which is something someone from a middle eastern background should appreciate more than most.
    Ehab, please don’t let the old man out in public again – you’ll only have to be wheeled out for the damage limitation afterwards.
    Steve Bruce – please hang on in there!

  4. JohnK
    JohnK says:

    “thumping majority of City fans” ……is that statement based on your own polling or just from chatting to your mates?
    Anyway enough of that, it is clear there are many who are against the name change, many that don’t care and many that are supportive. It has divided the support, which is not a good thing.
    Allam is in urgent need of a PR consultant, I love ambition but does anybody really think we could finish top 5 in the next 3 years?
    I wouldn’t take for granted an outcome from the Court of Arbitration either. Firstly if they decide in Allam’s favour then the FA will have to abide by it, and secondly they will not have the same self serving parochial attitude that the FA are famous for.

  5. Truth seeker
    Truth seeker says:

    Not wishing to piss on your cornflakes, but the words ‘thumping majority of City fans’ a bit like saying Vadimir Putin is loved by a thumping majority of Russians…You have no evidence to base this on. The CTWD crew couldn’t win that ballot thing….Majority?? Whatever…

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